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8 DVD Storage Ideas to Help You Find Your DVDs Faster 2023

DVD Storage Ideas

8 DVD Storage Ideas to Help Your Find Your DVDs Faster

We have collected precious moments at some point in our lives and kept them through CDs and DVDs. We also gather our favorite movies and watch them repeatedly through the years. As they piled up, we tend to find it challenging to look for a suitable place or storage to keep them. It becomes hard to look for a particular movie, too, if they aren’t organized alphabetically. How about you? Where do you keep yours?

We compiled here some of the best storage you can use to organize your well-kept DVDs. It makes a lot of difference to see them clean and scratch-free inside these organizers. Also, it would be great to preserve their quality so your children or grandchildren may enjoy them soon. Of course, we must consider the quality of the storage we are going to purchase. Keep reading to see the list of DVD storage we prepared for you.

  1. Nylon DVD Binder Case

The nylon binder case may seem simple, but its material is high-quality – Nylon and PU leather. It is suitable for storing your CDs as the binder is zippered to keep them from dirt. This binder has a separate sleeve to put each DVD. Even if you keep on adding discs inside, there are no scratches as they are safely placed in each sleeve. Great for long-term use and could keep 400 DVDs inside! 

  1. DVD Storage Bags

You can buy these DVD storage bags in 4s. Each pack may contain 40 movies, and you may include the case of each CD in the bag. They can fit under the bed or stack in the closet for better storage. The material of each bag is of good quality, has transparent PVC and polyester for a better vision of the title you are looking for. Handles are durable as they have double stitches, so your collection is safe.

  1. CD/DVD Wallet

Good-to-go DVD wallet that lets you carry your precious CDs with you everywhere you go. It has nylon padded outer material, durable, and resists heat, moisture build-up, and tearing. You can put in 92 favorites, and it has a Fast File that allows you to put 8 of your favorite discs for faster access. The sleeves inside the wallet keep the CDs from dirt and scratches. It lays flat to store the discs and gives a clear view while choosing what to watch. You may choose between small or larger sizes, depending on your needs.

  1. Collapsible DVD Storage Box

Choose this box with sleek chrome highlights for a fashionable way to store your collections. It has a leather-like finish that makes it water-resistant, such a perfect accessory to your room while keeping discs organized. This box snaps together and folds down easily if not used. The box’s dimensions when assembled are 6” x 8.25” x 16.5”. It can hold 26 DVDs to avoid cluttering your cherished pieces. You can also label them through its chrome cardholder to find what you are looking for easily.

  1. DVD Aluminum Hard Case

If you are looking for storage to occupy your growing collection, this DVD aluminum hard case is for you. It is large enough to keep 1000 discs. There are 500 sleeves, and each sleeve can hold two discs. Imagine the capacity! For additional security, it has two key locks and two sets of keys. Its durable body has chrome metal corners and extra strips. It also has metal handles on both sides, which are solid chrome metal. Dimensions of this DVD aluminum case are 24 ¼” x 16 ½” x 7 ½”.

  1. DVD Shelf

One way of putting your discs organized that look pretty at home is by using this fashionable disc organizing shelf. Made from Faux Leather, it gives off convenience and functionality while maintaining style at the same time. You can put it on library shelves or on top of your entertainment area to add more classic decor. It can hold 28 discs, DVDs, or Blu-rays with an interlocking design to stack the storage. The handles have a powerful magnetic opening that is easy to use. 

  1. DVD Storage Bin

Decluttering has never been easy but with this clear DVD storage bin, organizing becomes fast. Since it has a clear view of the titles, it is easier to access your disc choice. It doesn’t just put your discs in order, you can also use it to store your game and video consoles or even your headsets. An all-around organizer! What sets it apart is that you can grab what you need quickly inside because its top is open. It is stackable so space is not an issue with this storage. The built-in handles keep it easy to transport wherever you want to place it in your home. It’s BPA and Chlorine free so it’s very safe to use.

  1. Multimedia Cabinet

Having a wide collection of movies, music, and video discs requires a bigger storage such as cabinets. Not only does it cover all the collections, it also acts as a good decor to your home. Classic and elegant, it defines your taste for good interior design. Aside from that, cabinets are stable and offer a broader space to store your DVDs. You can even put your favorite books to it because it’s multi-purpose. The shelves inside are adjustable too to give you enough space for each multimedia stuff.  

Final Thoughts

We want to keep our homes clean and organized. Part of the things that might clutter our area is our DVD collections. As they continue to grow in number, it might be difficult to keep them orderly, clean, and scratch-free. With the help of these DVD storage organizers, you get to set up your home clean and adorned with the different designs you might choose. Of course, we’d like to bring some of them outside sometimes, that’s why we have choices of handy disc carriers. 

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