How do I write a Cursive S in Capital?

Cursive S

How do I write a Cursive S in Capital?

Cursive known as the script is any style of calligraphy in which certain characters are written together in a fluid manner, usually for the purpose of making writing faster, in contrast, in all caps.

Cursive writing is very functional and is intended for use in everyday writing. In addition, it is also used in art and handwritten calligraphy.

Formal cursive is usually attached, but occasional cursive is a combination of joins and stylus lifts. The writing style can be divided into “loop”, “italic” or “connected”.

How do I write a Cursive S in Capital?

Sometimes it happens that we want to write in cursive but cannot write it correctly. Through this article, you will learn the lines used in the curse. So that you write in cursive with speed, clarity, and more skill and mastery of handwriting.

Try to understand the letters written in cursive

First, learn the rotation of the letters. Try to learn how the lines are inserted. There is a form of writing small and large letters. All of those things that you can successfully learn in any online writing course or textbook.

Practice writing

After you have learned the lines used in cursive, practice writing them. Start with a word, then write several lines. You can also get help online to learn more about them.

Type Alphabetical Order

Now you should try writing in small and uppercase letters from A to Z. Use different letters using alphabet letters so that you can understand and write lines more efficiently.

Write A Few Sentences

Try short and then gradually write long sentences. Just type the words of a song or the words you hear every day and your name in the cursive.

  • Rather than writing the letters of the entire alphabet in small and large shapes, write a phrase like “Da Quick Brown Fox Jumps on the Lazy Dog” in a cursive. It contains all the letters of the alphabet.
  • Even a little while writing, it will erase your writing.
  • If you have a journal or a planner, practice writing in it.
  • To practice, you can also use the nursery books available in the market, in which points will be made. You can also learn more about the exact angle and interval from these books.
  • View and learn articles written by others in cursive. With this, you will be able to tell the difference between yourself and other people’s writing.
  • Get help from a friend or from someone who comes to write in cursive. They can tell you about the lines in detail.

Does a cursive capital S connect?

With the exception of the letters P, V, W, and X, uppercase letters can be written so that the pen or pencil does not have to be lifted to write the next letter in a word. The letters, F, H, and K require a pencil lift, but these letters can connect to the next letter.

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Is Russian cursive real?

I stopped writing cursive for moral reasons by the time I finished school and I envy everyone doing it. I don’t even remember how – if someone asked me to write in cursive they would laugh at my attempt because my hand doesn’t remember it.

Everyone writes in cursive because school teachers force students to do so. They won’t accept your notepad if you start writing in print.

At school, they teach you to write in cursive from the first days. Each letter should be separated by a hook, they teach you how to connect different letters and so on.

If you follow all the writing rules, the cursive is completely readable, because all the letters are separated. When the student is between 6 and 9 years old, their notebook writing is perfect as teachers monitor your handwriting and the way you connect the letters. Basically, for the first three years of school, you write perfect letters every day.

As the student gets older, the disorder begins. Teachers now only need legible handwriting – if they can understand the word, that’s fine. Thus, children no longer try to separate the letters perfectly, because they know that it is enough if the words are visibly understandable.

But the letters themselves aren’t – if you cut the words out with scissors, in most cases you can’t say for sure which letters are there. But nobody cares, as long as you can logically understand the word. Writing therefore becomes more of an enigma.

When people graduate their handwriting gets even worse, because no one checks their handwriting anymore, they now write mostly for themselves, and usually they do it so fast and so badly that no one else can understand their handwriting. . Sometimes people can’t understand their own handwriting if they can’t remember the context.

The problem is that the letters “e и ш м л т” (and Ukrainian and Belarusian “i”) in cursive look almost the same, so without brackets they cannot be visually separated. So many times you look at handwriting trying to figure out “is this и or м / л / ш / e / т?”.

This is my friend’s college notebook.

We used to laugh about it. When we asked him if he could understand what he wrote himself, he replied “sometimes”.

But it would be funny if it weren’t so sad. There is a meme in the former USSR on “the doctor’s handwriting”. Doctors are known for their handwriting that is completely impossible to read because they have to write a lot every day. This is what any paper doctors give you looks like:

He’s not just a crazy doctor – they all write like that. Ask anyone from the former USSR.

I have my children’s hospital card, where different doctors wrote from my childhood until I was 18. Even if I hired a team of copywriters, I think they couldn’t extract more than 30% of all data. Maybe up to 50% if they also had a doctor. It’s hardly understandable.

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Usually it is explained as almost a doctor’s conspiracy – the idea is that they do it on purpose so that the patient cannot understand the handwriting and therefore does not become paranoid and hypochondriac. I’m just explaining it – they don’t care and everyone accepts it. But I find it rude and disrespectful of them to write that way. It would actually be better if they just crumpled up the paper and threw it at me, but wrote normally.

I stop writing in cursive because I respect other people and I don’t want them to suffer while trying to read my writing. I started to hate cursive so much that I started writing print letters when I was a teenager, simply because I didn’t want to be like everyone around me.

Is cursive writing acceptable in UPSC?

Of course, it is acceptable.

Just 2–3 points to consider.

  1. It should not be much flowery, which may indicate that your content is weak.
  2. The professor must be able to read it with ease, if he has to put effort to understand your words, believe me, he will not put it.
  3. Good-looking handwriting may actually fetch extra marks but are you sure it won’t hamper the time limit.? I doubt that coz UPSC has become a marathon of writing so try to answer all questions with average writing rather than answering only 60% of questions with marvelous writing..


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How do I write a Cursive S in Capital?
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