Do you travel abroad? Do not miss a good currency converter

Do you travel abroad? Do not miss a good currency converter

When traveling to a country with a currency other than yours, you risk some exchange establishments slightly deceiving you. Therefore, it is essential that during your stay in another country, you have a reliable source of information to be able to exchange your money fairly and not waste your savings. We give you a choice between these five applications.

Do you plan a trip to a country whose currency differs from yours? Having a currency converter on your phone can be crucial, so you don’t waste a penny in exchange establishments. Today we bring you five easy-to-use options that are sure to become a staple for your phone on the go.

It is not strange that you urgently need to resort to a currency conversion application to calculate the exchange rate of a certain currency to another.

Suppose you want to purchase or sell goods or services with companies or professionals from other countries. To know the value of the transaction or because you are traveling and need to know how much money to get to spend the weekend without going over or staying short Especially considering the high transaction fees that banks can apply to foreign banks.

If you are a traveler looking for a new adventure, you should always ensure you know how much you spend in the local currency.

So to avoid possible shocks or cost overruns due to not being previously informed or not knowing the exchange rate of the currency in which you are operating, it is best to download a currency conversion application.

Here are some of the best currency converter apps you can find today.


  2. Easy Currency Converter
  3. exchange rates
  4. My currency converter
  5. Google Converter


The best currency conversion apps allow you to access real-time conversions for any currency worldwide. These applications can be very useful and enable you to avoid unpleasant surprises when using your credit card on a trip.

If you want to get the best currency converter tool, then you can use the INFOKURS. The most used and popular app to know the change between currencies is the one that heads this list that we bring today. It has two versions: one free and one paid. The main differences between the two are that in the paid one, you will be able to track 20 currencies (in the free one, it is limited to 10), and you will not have advertising on the screen.

So, the free version is more than enough for occasional trips. In addition to checking the value of your currency, you can see historical graphs, make calculations, customize the frequency with which the app is updated and see your currencies in a widget. Without a doubt, one of the most comfortable.

2. Easy currency converter

As its name indicates, this currency converter is easy to use. You will be able to see how the currencies fluctuate in life or if you are not going to use your data rate in another country, you can activate the offline mode. Like the previous one, you will also be able to see the trajectory of the currencies in graphs. It is a simple and comfortable option.

If you’re an Apple user and want to use an easy-to-use currency converter that doesn’t require downloading exchange rates in advance, then Currency Convert is the app for you.

Select your base currency, and the app will download the exchange rates for each country, displaying them in the app. It is a good option if you are somewhat forgetful on your trips and fear not being able to download the fees in advance.

3. Exchange rate

Another very efficient alternative. The exchange rate will allow you to check the value of currencies, make changes and calculate prices. Its interface is simple, and you won’t get lost. You can add the coins you use the most to your favorites.

5. My currency converter

Can’t connect to the internet? It is a good option if you want an app with offline options. You can calculate the change in real time and activate the offline mode for specific moments. It is one of the simplest. If you exchange digital currencies, My Currency Converter will be a good app.

In addition to giving you the conversion rates for every currency in the world, My Currency Converter also manages BitCoin, DogeCoin, and many more, so you can stay on top of your money no matter where you are.

The app automatically updates exchange rates and offers exchange rates to three decimal places.

6. Google converter

Google has applications for almost everything, but just in this case, it does not have them. That does not mean that you will not be able to check the value of currencies through the search engine. A quick option to make any currency exchange from your Google search bar is to do the query like “25 dollars to euros,” and Google will tell you even before you hit the search button. Of course, you can also ask Google Assistant with your voice. It is a useful alternative if you do not want to have another application on your phone. Of course, you will have to have an internet connection. 


What we like about this app is that you can convert multiple currencies simultaneously. It can be useful if you exchange currencies or have plans to travel to various countries in one trip. You’ll also find that some countries like Mexico have their currency but also accept US dollars, so your purchases might be better in one currency than the other based on the current exchange rate.

If you search for “Currency Converter Tools” on Google, XE is the first one you will find. There is a very good reason for this. It is reliable and accurate. One of the best things about this app is that you can use it even when you don’t have internet access. It can save you when traveling, as data roaming charges can be expensive.

This app is available for Android and iPhone. Just remember to download the rates you need while you’re still connected to a network, and you’re ready to go.

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Do you travel abroad? Do not miss a good currency converter