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Essential Items to Put in Your Airbnb Bathroom

Essential Items to Put in Your Airbnb Bathroom

Essential Items to Put in Your Airbnb Bathroom

There are two sorts of Airbnb guests: those who notice that you’ve prepared the bathroom with all of the Airbnb amenities for them and those who just expect these goods to be there. As a professional Airbnb host, it is your responsibility to ensure that both sorts of visitors have access to all of the Airbnb necessities.

If you’re unsure how to design your bathroom to ensure your visitors’ comfort, here’s a cheat sheet of the nine Airbnb basics that every property’s bathroom should contain. Including these things in your bathroom can significantly improve how visitors perceive your house.

1. Appropriate Shower Fixtures

Rather than using traditional shower fittings, consider upgrading your bathroom with an adjustable water pressure showerhead and shower hose. This is an excellent method to make your bathroom seem more comfortable without spending a fortune. With these enhancements, guests will enjoy the option to take a lengthy bath or shower during their leisure. Even if you do not update to these items, ensure that your showerhead has enough water pressure and is clear of limescale, which may ruin your shower experience.

2. Shelves and Hooks

Another one of the must-have Airbnb bathroom accessories, you can never have too many hooks. Install hooks on the back of the door to allow your Airbnb guests to dry their clothing and towels. Additionally, you may install hooks alongside the shower cabin to assist visitors in reaching for their towels after a shower.

Typically, guests bring their loofahs and washcloths to the shower cabin. Ascertain that you have enough shelves to store them. These little elements become critical when you’re unable to store your possessions.

3. Toiletries and Soap in Extra-Large Size

Toiletries such as shampoo, hand soap, and body wash are a must for the bathroom. Choose neutral smells or unscented soaps to prevent causing complications for your Airbnb visitors who may have chemical sensitivities. Additionally, this guarantees that visitors of both genders may use the soaps and other Airbnb basics located in the bathroom.

By buying toiletries in bulk for your home, you’ll ensure that you have plenty of these Airbnb basics on hand when they run out. Additionally, larger size toiletries need less frequent refilling, which is one less duty for your cleaning service. Additionally, visitors are less inclined to carry away your amenities when they go if the containers are too large for the aircraft flight home. Essential Items to Put in Your Airbnb Bathroom

4. Trash Bin 

Incorporate a trash bin into a bathroom to make it easier for individuals to discard leftover toiletries while showering. Additionally, remind visitors to empty this trash can if the house rules state that they are responsible for garbage disposal while staying at your property.

5. Towel Holders

While a single towel rack may sufficient for your requirements, if you have frequent Airbnb visitors staying at your house, you need to install several towel racks to ensure that everyone has a place to store their wet goods. This will prevent visitors from dropping wet towels on the floor due to a lack of available hanging space in the bathroom.

6. A Set of Clean Towels

Each visitor should be provided with a fresh pair of towels without exception. If your property has a pool, spa, or fitness center, store extra towels in the linen closet to ensure that there are enough towels for bathing and taking along to these recreational activities.

Additionally, inform your visitors where to put used towels so that the cleaning staff may readily identify them. This can assist you to avoid hiding moldy towels in cupboards where they will go unnoticed for days, if not weeks.

Above important, ensure that your visitors are aware that these Airbnb necessities are available. Occasionally, visitors believe that goods in the bathroom were left there by the host and should not be utilized.

By demonstrating that you’ve taken the time to attend to these minor elements of hospitality, you may use these Airbnb necessities to enhance your chances of getting a wonderful Airbnb review.

7. Bath Mats or Towels for the Feet

Add bath mats to all damp surfaces in the bathroom to create a non-slip surface. By putting down bath mats, you can reduce slip incidents while also protecting your flooring from excess dampness.

Bath mats are also beneficial since they assist keep your floors clean while also providing a pleasant area for your visitors to stand on when using the bathroom. To avoid the growth of mold and germs on the bath mats, ensure that they are cleaned after each visitor departs.

If you want to provide a greater experience for your visitors, the foot towel in the bathroom is the way to go. Guests will immediately notice that the foot towel has been freshly laundered and readied for their use. Additionally, you may choose to consider an underfloor heating solution if you have a premium apartment and wish to provide your visitors with a wonderful bathing experience.

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8. Blow Dryer

A hairdryer is one of the must-have Airbnb bathroom accessories. Purchase a hair drier to assist your visitors in quickly drying their hair after a shower. You may also seek a wall-mounted hairdryer to replicate the experience your visitors would have at a hotel.

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Essential Items to Put in Your Airbnb Bathroom