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Get Long and Dark eyelashes using Careprost?

Get Long and Dark eyelash using Careprost?

Diminishing Eyelashes? Give Careprost a Try!

It may or may not be an age related problem but losing eyelashes is an issue that warrants immediate attention at the drop of a hat! We experience hair fall of all types and all across our body, since it is a natural thing to shed off old and unwanted hair by our body’s automatic control systems! However, when you lose hair when it should not be shed, is what is a major concern!  Just like your hair on your head’s scalp, or facial, or skin hair found on arms and legs, your eyelashes too are the same type of hair strands like them all! Your body’s growth cycle, sees to it that your eyelashes are new and functional all the time, since their primary function is to protect your eyes from anything from entering your eye suddenly, which may or may not damage it!

Your eyelashes grow a certain period of the time, after which the body stops growing them. Beyond this period, your body sheds the older eyelashes, to make way for newer strands of eyelashes hair! These are comprised of 3 stages beginning form the growth to the shedding of hair strands by the human body. 

These 3 phases are as under:

A] The Anagen Phase (or commonly called as the Growth phase) is active for 4 to 10 weeks during the initial periods. In this phase, each strand of eyelash hair grows between 0.12 and 0.14 millimetres every day!

B] The Catagen Phase (or the Degradation phase), during which the growth of the eyelash decreases or is brought to a halt, as it has reached its peak growth size or length. During this phase, the hair follicle of a person begins diminishing in size.

C] In this last phase, called the Telogen Phase (or the Resting phase), the eyelash falls or detaches itself from the skin or the root follicle, making way for newer eyelashes, during the next Anagen Phase.

In some people, these 3 phases undergo unnatural changes or development, due to which the eyelashes either fall off earlier than usual, or suddenly start detaching from the eyelids in the middle of the cycle. Some lose their eyelashes due to certain diseases or conditions such as Alopecia, or Blepharitis. In some treatments processes of cancer, a patient may lose their eyebrows and eyelashes as well! Thus, how does one get their eyelashes back to their original state or size, or prevent the body from shedding unnecessarily or frequently than normal?

Enter Careprost!

Careprost eyelash growth serum has Bimatoprost 0.03% as its active ingredient, an eye drops solution for controlling the hair follicles of your eyelashes. This eyelash growth serum, which helps the body grow fuller, denser, and darker lashes, in a more natural way! Using Careprost, which is a Sun Pharma product, you experience visibly fuller and longer eyelashes! Sun Pharma’s قطرة careprost enhancer serum is a miracle solution, which is also a very pocket-friendly medicine that brings you results at significantly lesser costs!

How Does Careprost Best Eyelash Serum Work?

Careprost through Bimatoprost 0.03%, stimulates the hair follicles in the eyelids, into extending the Anagen or Growth phase, bringing expeditiously increasing number of hair growth on your eyelids! Through the Careprost eye serum solution products available in the market, you get a fuller eyelash look, without having to use fake mascaras, or fake eyelashes ever again!

How To Get Long and Dark Eyelashes Using Careporost?

With an applicator brush, use a Single Drop of Careprost ophthalmic solution, which you must carefully smear or spread this drop across the skin on the edge of the upper eyelid only! Since the first day of application, after 4 weeks have passed, you will experience the first visible effects of Careprost by having, growing fuller and longer eyelashes on your eyelids! Careprost (Bimatoprost) eyelash serum after being applied, will display visible, peak results only 12 to 16 weeks after application of Careprost Eye Serum! If you can use it or apply Careprost during the night, before bed time or before sleeping, that is when your eyes are taking rest, and the serum solution gets better time to take effect, deep within the follicles on your eyelids, Careprost will bring better results! If after the initial 4 weeks or 16 weeks of applying Careprost, you wish to keep growing longer, fuller eyelashes, you may continue applying Careprost 2 or 3 times every week, for as long as you wish to keep such longer, fuller eyelashes growing naturally! Only you must be careful, to never use Careprost ophthalmic solution on the lower edges of your eyelid! Buy careprost قطرة from , weefselpharma is the most trustable expoter in all over the word