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Global Collaboration Set to Bring New Tech Opportunities to Abu Dhabi

Global Collaboration Set to Bring New Tech Opportunities to Abu Dhabi

Global Collaboration Set to Bring New Tech Opportunities to Abu Dhabi

An exciting new initiative has recently been launched in Abu Dhabi. It is set to reshape the future of work in the city and beyond. The project will be a huge boost to workers through the development of training, upskilling, and internship opportunities in multiple sectors, including IT. The project will also bring major employers to Abu Dhabi, providing excellent employment options.

Read on to find out about the leading international companies involved, how the project will work, and what exactly it can offer you.   

What is the project all about?

The project will bring two globally renowned companies to Abu Dhabi to head up new innovation centres. The aim is to fuel growth and innovation in key areas of the Abu Dhabi economy by providing workforce solutions and tech teams for leading enterprises. 

Investments will total AED 2 billion (USD 545 million) with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) providing both financial and non-financial incentives to attract these two esteemed international companies to set up and grow hubs in Abu Dhabi. 

These two businesses will, in turn, help create research and development centres that will attract world-class talent and further global enterprises to Abu Dhabi. 

Who is part of the project? 

The project is a government collaboration between Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) and two recruitment companies: Talent500 and ANSR. ADIO will oversee the initiative and connect Talent500 and ANSR with a network of local and international training institutes and higher education providers. 

ADIO is the government’s hub, committed to growing Abu Dhabi’s private sector to create a flourishing, diverse innovation ecosystem. They champion investors and companies small and large by providing personalised guidance and support and facilitating and incentivising investment in Abu Dhabi. ADIO has selected Talent500 and ANSR because of their commitment to innovation and technology which puts them in line with ADIO’s vision for the future of Abu Dhabi.

Talent500 is an AI-powered worldwide recruitment platform that aims to connect fast-growing businesses with the best global talent. They describe their mission as one of creating the world’s largest global remote workforce. They have already built various talent hubs around the world and have connections in over 50 countries. Talent500 has secured roles for more than 300,000 professionals to date. 

ANSR empowers businesses in their global talent search, describing themselves as start-up accelerators and providers of cutting-edge business solutions. ANSR operates in regions with an excellent talent pool, such as India, Southeast Asia, Central Europe, and South America. The company also operates technology and innovation centres for dozens of learning companies, helping businesses with IT-related strategic capabilities in areas such as artificial intelligence. To date, ANSR has placed more than 85,000 professionals in leading companies. 

How the project will work

ANSR will set up regional headquarters in Abu Dhabi that will lead their operations in the Middle East as well as Africa and Europe. They will then set up The Global Technology Hub, a facility that can be utilised by businesses looking to focus their efforts on innovative technology. 

It is anticipated that ANSR will invest more than USD 100 million into the project over the next five years. They expect The Global Technology Hub to create hundreds of jobs in the IT industry, including those in artificial intelligence, data analytics, machine learning, cloud technology, and product engineering.

Simultaneously, Talent500 will be creating a further product development and innovation center in Abu Dhabi. This unit will include research and development and technology teams that will continue to innovate the company’s area of expertise, AI-enabled workforce solutions. 

Both Talent500 and ANSR will be partnering with local universities, such as the Mohammed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence, and globally renowned colleges to create new opportunities to study relevant tech subjects such as AI and data engineering. 

Together, these endeavours are expected to attract major global employers to Abu Dhabi, bringing with them a wealth of new opportunities for professionals. Both ANSR and Talent500 will be on hand to help set up new tech teams for these businesses. 

Why run this project here and now? 

Abu Dhabi is already home to people of more than 200 nationalities and is a welcoming, open destination for businesses looking to develop business in the MENA region as well as professionals looking for an ex-pat role. Abu Dhabi’s economic initiatives and business regulations are supportive and there is a progressive outlook, making it appealing to tech companies from around the world.

What are the experts saying?

Eng. Abdulla Abdul Aziz Al Shamsi of ADIO said: “With talent and teams increasingly mobile and global, organizations need new technologies and solutions to maintain a successful workforce. Being home to 200 nationalities and a dynamic innovation ecosystem, Abu Dhabi understands that the future of work is being rapidly reshaped and is equipped to enable workforce transformation. ANSR and Talent500 are aligned with Abu Dhabi’s vision of using innovation to address global challenges, and we are excited to support their growth through the Innovation Programme, which will enable us to drive meaningful progress in the global talent market.” 

Vikram Ahuja, chief executive officer of Talent500 and managing director at ANSR, said: “We believe that this one-of-a-kind partnership between ADIO and ANSR-Talent500, will result in giant strides for attracting top global talent, upskilling local workforce, and creating a vibrant deep tech ecosystem in Abu Dhabi.”

Lalit Ahuja, CEO of ANSR, added, “With the rapidly changing global ecosystem, we’re committed to contributing to the transformation of Abu Dhabi as a progressive and technology-led global technology location. We look forward to working closely with our portfolio of leading global businesses to set up their regional technology headquarters in Abu Dhabi in support of the emirate’s vision of becoming a leading global technology hub.”

The project looks set to propel Abu Dhabi further into becoming an economic powerhouse. If you are a tech professional or aspiring to become one, then look out for the opportunities this project will bring once the innovation centers are up and running, Global Collaboration Set to Bring New Tech Opportunities to Abu Dhabi.

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Global Collaboration Set to Bring New Tech Opportunities to Abu Dhabi