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How to Battle Procrastination When You’re a College Student

How to Battle Procrastination When You’re a College Student

How to Battle Procrastination When You’re a College Student

A Guide to Dealing with Procrastination in College: You get an essay to write and two weeks to do all the necessary research, preparation, writing, editing, and proofreading. There is plenty of time to do everything in time without undue hurry. Yet, somehow you still find yourself pulling an all-nighter the day before it is due, just like you always do. Does it sound familiar?

For most students, it does. Many of them are pretty inventive when it comes to thinking of reasons for such behavior. Some tell themselves that they work better when under pressure. Others just need to have everything one hundred percent ready. Still, others cannot work until they have a huge enough chunk of uninterrupted time ahead of them.

However, whatever you say to yourself and others, the truth is that you simply procrastinate. And whatever pretext you use, it harms the results of your work. The ability to deal with procrastination of probably one of the most useful tricks a student may have do my thesis.

So how do you do it? The team at has put together some tips to help you overcome procrastination. This company provides assistance to students who struggle with writing assignments, so they know a thing or two about not putting off work. Let’s study a few approaches.

1. Make Distractions Difficult

Procrastination is a curious thing. The things we do in order to avoid doing our work are usually things we don’t do just for their own sake. Do you really find an hour spent checking Facebook all that captivating? Are all these cat videos really that interesting? Would you spend your time this way if it were not for that computer technology essay waiting for your attention?

The problem with these sorts of distractions is that they are too easy. The Internet may be the greatest invention ever in the field of computer technology, but it sure makes distracting ourselves way too easy. Everything is always just a click away, and you can act upon a temptation as soon as it appears. So, in order to battle it, you have to make it difficult. Turn your router off. Put your smartphone in a different room. Install one of many apps that monitor your operating system and prevent you from visiting distracting websites and running distracting programs (e.g., videogames) during the time allotted for work.

2. Break Your Tasks into Small and Manageable Segments

Writing a research paper that you vaguely expect to be dealing with computers may look like an overwhelming and unmanageable task. You do not know where to start, how much time it will take, and what you are supposed to do. Anything looks like a better option to do right now, from reading random articles on Wikipedia to servicing your bicycle (after all, it is high time you pump up your tires).

However, once you break it down into smaller tasks you can get your mind around, starting to work on it immediately becomes easier. Analyze potential topics. Run a database search on related keywords. Pick a topic. Write a thesis statement. Do one small thing at a time, and you will reach your destination. How to Battle Procrastination When You’re a College Student

3. Identify Your Productive Periods

Everybody has his/her own period of top productivity in the course of a day. Some work best immediately after getting up and get sluggish and easily distracted by evening. Others are most alert after midnight. Still, others find themselves most productive after lunch. Experiment and look for the periods when you feel the least resistance to work.

4. Start with a Tiny Step

One of the reasons why we procrastinate is that we feel that we have to commit to something big as long as we start working on something. Tell yourself that you are not obliged to write an entire chapter of your paper in one sitting. Set a goal of writing for five minutes – surely you can do this? Chances are, once you start writing and spend a few minutes doing it, continuing will be much easier. How to Battle Procrastination When You’re a College Student

5. Start with the Worst or the Best Part of Your Work

Some students find it easier to start working on their homework (which is usually the hardest part of the entire business) if they choose an easy, enjoyable, or familiar assignment to begin their study session. Others, on the contrary, like the idea of getting the most difficult and boring part of the work out of the way before proceeding to other tasks. Find which of the two works for you.

6. Establish a Routine

If you sit down to do your homework at the same time every day, after you repeat it for a few weeks it will get much easier to do it. You will no longer have to force yourself – it will simply be something you do as a habit.

Procrastination is, undeniably, one of the most common reasons students do not achieve their full potential in high school and college. You should apply as much time and effort as possible to find effective ways of dealing with it – otherwise, even your natural talent and knowledge may turn out to be insufficient to achieve academic success.

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How to Battle Procrastination When You’re a College Student