The best IT jobs in online casinos

The best IT jobs in online casinos

Information technology is the backbone of online e-commerce sites, especially online casinos which handle tons of information and transactions every day. There are several IT-related jobs that you can apply for at online casinos and this varies depending on your speciality. In this article, we will discuss the top IT jobs at online casinos.

Information Security Specialist

Online casinos are always hiring information security specialists, especially newly launched casinos. This is because players are constantly looking for new online casinos to sign up with since they are known to offer impressive bonuses. With this influx, the security of players’ data and finances is crucial. The information security specialist is a great position if you have an IT-related degree. 

Some of the responsibilities you can expect include developing a concrete plan on how to handle security threats. You will also be required to deploy servers and applications to help manage the casino’s security. Other tasks include maintaining firewalls, establishing and maintaining VPN access and assisting developers in creating secure applications. Since casinos have varying security measures and needs, these job descriptions may vary. 

Education/Experience/Skill requirements

Most job postings require a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems, Information Technology or Computer Science. Due to the complexity and technicality of this job position, experience is often needed, although it does not have to be casino-related. Ideally, you will have experience in analyzing high volumes of logs and network data such as FPC and Netflow.

PC/LAN Technician

The main purpose of this position is to install, maintain and upgrade computer hardware, software and peripherals. You will also be required to provide end-user assistance. Experience with audio-video support for interactive displays, cameras and other related equipment are some of the basic requirements. As a LAN technician, you are expected to collect data that will help the casino managers evaluate network performance, establish system requirements and define user necessities. 

Education/Experience/Skill requirements

Education requirements will vary from one online casino to the next, but in most cases a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Systems is necessary. Notably, a bachelor’s degree is essential if you are applying for a higher-level position. For an entry-level technician, an associate’s degree will be just fine. Some IT casino jobs will require certification from recognized platforms such as Microsoft or Cisco. The casino experience is an additional bonus. 

IT Systems Analyst

With this job position, you are likely to be working with the Head of IT in the casino. Your role will mainly revolve around analyses of the casino’s requirements, business process design, system testing and documentation. You will also liaise with contractors and third-party suppliers and will be working with diverse business clients, especially in Finance and Operations. Here, your mandate will be to ensure that their applications meet the current and future requirements. You will also be tasked with reviewing IT and business processes to help identify and suggest areas that need improvement. As an IT Systems Analyst, it is your duty to create, supervise and document test schedules to ensure the delivery of high-quality services to online casino players. 

Education/Experience/Skill requirements

Most casino job postings for IT Systems Analyst requires a degree. It is also necessary to have comprehensive and extensive functional knowledge of casino business processes and reporting systems. Working knowledge of SAP or other ERP is a crucial aspect, especially when applying for a senior position. Strong written and verbal communication skills are one of the basic requirements. 

Information Technology Auditor

As an information technology auditor, there are various tasks that you can undertake in an online casino. These include internal gaming IT general controls assessments, management information system (MIS) testing and IT regulatory audits for state and tribal gaming compliance. This is an excellent job position if you have a great interest in assessing IT controls for casinos and sports gambling. You will be working with engagement managers or heads of product to help develop and set engagement, audit or project budgets. 

Education/Experience/Skill requirements

Some of the crucial experience requirements include the ability to test gaming systems, gaming ecosystems (casino management, slots, sports gaming, sports betting) and gaming networks. Experience in implementing sports gaming applications and casino accounting is necessary. Other basic IT auditor skills that are crucial include excellent communication and the ability to manage multiple projects. To apply for this job position, you need a degree (major or minor) in Information Systems, Accounting, Computer Science or any related area.

IT Support Analyst

This is another recommendable IT position where you will be working with the casino’s customer support team to help solve players’ problems. You will also be tasked with providing technical support for incoming queries related to the system, networks, hardware and software. In other cases, you might be required to follow up with users to make sure that issues have been resolved. 

Education/Experience/Skill requirements

An IT degree is one of the main educational requirements if you are applying for a senior position. However, you can still apply if you have relevant certifications. Other basic requirements include impeccable written and spoken communication skills. The ability to solve and troubleshoot issues within a busy environment is necessary when applying for a position in online casinos that operate 24/7. 

IT Technician

This is one of the most common IT jobs at online casinos. In most job descriptions, your main responsibility as an IT technician is to keep all computer systems operated and maintained.  You will also be required to maintain a safe and hazard-free working environment. 

Education/Experience/Skill requirements

A degree or IT-related certification is one of the key education requirements. In terms of experience, it helps if you have experience with internet networks and various Windows operating systems.  Excellent diagnostic and troubleshooting skills are also necessary, while good written and communication skills are a great add-on. 

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The best IT jobs in online casinos