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USPS regional destination facility

USPS regional destination facility

USPS regional destination facility

When you open your USPS tracking page you will receive this status message ”Arrived at USPS regional destination facility”. This means that your mail has reached regional distribution facility and that it will be forwarded to another, then to a local post office for delivery.

What does it mean if my package is at the USPS regional destination facility will I get my package tomorrow the distribution center says it’s an hour and a half away from my house?

In this case, you will receive a message on your USPS tracking page saying, “arrived at USPS regional destination facility.” This means your package is received by the distribution center. You will receive another text when the package departs from there.

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Can I pick it up from the USPS destination facility?

The answer is yes; you can pick up the parcel from U.S.P.S before delivery but for a different area, location, and post office the condition may vary. One can pick the package before the scheduled delivery time if they have a valid reason for doing so.

At USPS mail is transported to the local post office in the early morning for delivery that day. A smaller amount of mail is transported in the afternoon and the trucks delivering that will return to the distribution center with mail sent that day.

USPS regional destination facility
USPS regional destination facility

If mail is delivered to a National Distribution Center (NDC) prior to 16:00, the Service Standard is 1-5 days from that date. SCF Mail delivered prior to 16:00 on a Friday or Saturday has a Service Standard of 1-4 days. And SCF mail delivered prior to 16:00 any other day of the week has a Service Standard of 1-3 days.

How long does a package stay at a regional distribution center?

Answer: 24 hours

How long does Priority Mail stay at USPS regional facility?

Answer: Usually less than 24 hours. It gets loaded into a truck for transportation within 24 hours of arriving at the USPS regional facility.

Shipment at local distribution center

Means your parcel is now at the post office according to the Zipcode (postal code). You can go to your local post office once you receive the invoice, just make sure you got your passport (id) on you.

All mail is sorted with automated equipment at processing and distribution centers, according to the USPS. … Mail goes to the distribution center for processing and then is dispatched by various means of transportation depending on how far it has to travel to its intended destination.

What does it mean when I am notified that a package arrived at the USPS regional destination facility?

It means that it has reached the post office that is going to be delivering it, not that it has been delivered. The tracking of a parcel requires that it be scanned every time it passes from one stop to its destination until it ultimately reaches your house. As you track an item there will be several scans.

USPS regional destination facility
USPS regional destination facility

In short, the item has arrived at the final post office. It is this office that will send a carrier out with your item to deliver it to you.

A destination Sectional Center Facility (SCF) is a Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC) of the USPS that serves a designated geographical area defined by one or more three-digit ZIP Code prefixes. A Sectional Center Facility routes mail between local post offices and to and from Network Distribution Centers.

When a package arrives at the P&DC it will be routed to the post office serving your particular zip code. You should get a Departed USPS Destination Facility message, then an Arrived at Post Office message, and then an Available for Pickup or Out for Delivery message depending on whether your package was to be delivered to an address or picked up at the office.

if you mean by “notified” that this message appeared in tracking then “Destination facility” is the Distribution Center that serves your local post office. It arrived there and was run through the machines that sort parcels, where tracking data is collected. On the next delivery day, you should get your package. Overnight it will be sent to your local post office for delivery.

If “notified” means you got a note in your mail that the delivery had been attempted at your address, then it is at the local post office waiting for you to come. two reasons for such a notice would be 1. that it needs a signature or 2. the Letter Carrier/Rural Carrier decided it was not secure to leave it at your address.

How long after leaving the regional distribution facility will my package arrive?

Usually that day. A semi takes all the mail for a certain area to one post office. Staff there moves it to smaller trucks and those trucks take it to individual post offices. For example in my area all mail for the 677 zip code goes by semi from North Platte, NE to Colby, KS, arriving approx 5 AM. Colby sorts it to 5 (?) smaller trucks.

The smaller truck that brings the mail to my post office also takes it to three other post offices. I’m his last stop and always, barring weather or truck mechanical problems, have my mail before 8:30 and I’m required to have all mail delivered to the po boxes before 10:30.

In most cases, the same day. At USPS mail is transported to local post office in the early morning for delivery that day. A smaller amount of mail is transported in the afternoon and the trucks delivering that will return to the distribution center with mail sent that day.

It depends on a number of factors – most important factor is what kind of shipping you purchased. Overnight shipping/next day shipping/ two day shipping are some examples of shipping options which will determine when your package gets delivered to you. When I choose no rush shipping, I can track a package sitting at a post office less than couple of miles from my home for 2 days!

So in case you need something delivered in timely fashion, please pay attention to the shipping options or have the person shipping something to you made aware of your preferences. There are other factors like weather, time of the year(holiday season), which will also affect delivery schedule. If the package is being shipped internationally, it needs to clear customs and that can take its own sweet time.

Invariably all carriers have online tracking enabled which will help you track the package as it moves through the system and also provides an estimated time of delivery.

If you are ordering goods online, many major retailers provide a ‘Promise Date’ – date by which the package will be delivered. Regardless of when an item reaches the distribution center, the retailers usually make every effort to meet the ‘promise date’ on your order, even speeding up the package delivery on their own dime. Happy mailing/shopping!

Final Words: I suppose it depends on how far you are from the distribution facility. In Southern Ontario, where I live, regardless of the firm used (UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post) I get the package the same day, it leaves the regional distribution facility

I got a notification this morning that my package arrived at the USPS regional destination facility but it supposedly arrives today. How long will it take to get to my house?

It depends on the time it arrived at the facility. If it can be processed before the truck leaves for the delivery unit, and the truck arrives there to allow sorting before the carriers leave for their routes, you should receive today.

Not coming today, but you know that by now. Trump’s new Postmaster General says no overtime, and since USPS is short staffed, you won’t be getting mail late, maybe tomorrow, maybe not. Postal people want to help, but they are not able to. Forget about any Expected Delivery Date. That will not be when it arrives. November election is barely 100 days away.

USPS website states that deliveries are delayed at this time, so be patient.

What does it mean if my package has departed the USPS destination facility?

Just that. The letter/package has left the facility (aka sort center, aka post office location). The destination facility is your local post office main site. Note that there are often other satellite locations that do not operate delivery vehicles and thus it might not refer to the closest branch location.

As such you can expect delivery that day. It means that your package has left the distribution center and is either on its way to you or, depending on the location, is headed to its next destination.

These distribution centers are the main hubs for any delivery service and are responsible for the checking and sorting of packages/mail before sending them to their final destination (either you or the person you’re sending the package to).

When your package or mail parcel has departed the USPS destination facility it means that the package or mail parcel has been sent to the closest local USPS.

Your package or mail parcel is then sent to the “Hub”, which is where your local mailman will pick up the package or mail parcel and deliver it to the final destination.

Shipping in Times of Coronavirus

As we all continue to adjust to the “new normal” recent changes at the United States Postal Service (USPS), have caused the U.S. postal system to experience major disruptions and delays in mail processing and delivery. While these delays have become a hindrance to the U.S. population as a whole, small businesses have been hit with particular severity.

Small businesses have long relied on USPS for their shipping needs, and with an increase in online shopping, those needs have only increased. To help you navigate these unprecedented times, we’re answering the most common questions you have asked about shipping.

How Have Mail Delivery Services Been Affected by Coronavirus?

As the Coronavirus pandemic has seeped into every aspect of the world, it has affected mail delivery services as well. With the health and protection of the population as the number one importance, mail delivery services, such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx, have instituted best practices to protect against the spread of infection. This also means that they have decreased their delivery capacities and transportation capabilities.

While mail delivery times have experienced delays, these postal services have worked to minimize the disruptions and deliver mail and packages as close to the expected delivery dates as possible. They have prioritized delivery of top priority packages, such as medicine and express orders, and ensured these deliveries arrive by the exact expected date.

What is USPS Doing in Response to COVID-19 and Delivery Times?

A few months ago, USPS released an update about expected delivery changes in light of Coronavirus. Such changes include temporary delays in deliveries of Postal Service Priority Mail products and First-Class packages due to limited transportation availability as a result of the pandemic. The expected delivery times were extended by two to three days for Priority Mail and First-Class Package Service. However, USPS ensured that delivery of Priority Mail Express (overnight deliveries) would not change and that delivery of medication would remain a top priority in all parts of the delivery process. They have also identified adjustments to their delivery locations and alterations to Global Express Guaranteed Services, which can be found here.

What is UPS Doing in Response to COVID-19 and Delivery Times?

UPS made similar adjustments as USPS due to the pandemic. While they announced that the majority of their services will continue to be delivered within the expected timeframes, they have suspended their Service Guarantee to account for possible complications and delays caused by Coronavirus uncertainties. Additionally, UPS has taken measures to protect against the spread of infection by following the guidance provided on COVID-19 best practices.

UPS continues to maintain its delivery operations, except in locations that are limited by government restrictions. Country-specific UPS service impacts can be found here.

What is FedEx Doing in Response to COVID-19 and Delivery Times?

FedEx has announced its continued commitment to making sure everyone receives the items they need when they need them. This applies to items needed for health reasons, home necessities, and business resources.

USPS regional destination facility
USPS regional destination facility

However, delays are inevitable and as such, FedEx released an update that FedEx Ground services can expect delays in various parts of the U.S. Due to government restrictions around the globe, FedEx has also suspended its money-back guarantee for all Express, Ground, Freight, and Office services.

In an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible, FedEx has also suspended signature requirements for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground deliveries to both commercial and residential customers in the U.S. and Canada. FedEx provides a full list of service adjustments and the areas they apply to here.

To combat such issues, we recommend that you scan your mail first so you can obtain a digital copy of your mail before shipping it to yourself. VirtualPostMail provides mail scanning services that can help you do just that.

What is the USPS network distribution center, How long does a package stay there?

In logistics, a distribution center, also called a ‘Hub’ is the place your stuff goes to be shipped further.

Let’s say I buy something from Dublin, Ireland and I live in Sacramento, California. If the item is the size of your average amazon package it’ll likely ship by air. It’ll head from the seller by truck to a local postal office, be loaded onto another truck, be driven to a hub, then be loaded onto a different truck and driven to the air cargo terminal used by the postal service or shipper in the area.

It’ll then be flown to JFK International or other USPS Depot, be X-rayed, then be loaded onto another airplane or truck and shipped across the country to one or more different hubs, then once it reaches the distribution center nearest to you (in this case Sacramento, CA) it’ll be loaded onto a delivery truck and be dropped at your house on the truck’s route.

The purpose of these distribution centers is to consolidate packages coming from a variety of places and ship them together efficiently and cheaply in order to keep costs down and improve shipping speeds.

Also, if the item is significantly larger or heavier than an average amazon package, let’s say it’s a cargo container full of children’s toys, then it’ll be loaded at the shipper’s loading bays, trucked to a train terminal, and carried to a port or be driven directly to a port.

At this point, the container would be picked up from the trailer chassis and craned into a storage stack until it is craned onto its awaiting ship. It’ll then sail the several days or weeks to reach a port nearer to the delivery point, be offloaded, processed by customs, loaded onto a truck or into a train terminal, then shipped to a hub, then shipped to the delivery location.


The computer reads the image and sends it to that destination. Your article must have a return address that is easier to read than the destination address. Or, there is an extra address on the back and causing it to be rejected as postage due.

delivery scan
USPS regional destination facility

The way to stop it is to ask for the parcel sorter supervisor at the local GMF after 18:00. They can find the needle in a haystack. Done it many times myself. Remember, always use very legible printed letters in the destination address and always use the Zip plus four zip code.

Several reasons come to mind as a possibility:

  1. Your package has an incorrect label on it….causing it to loop.
  2. Your package has two DIFFERENT labels on it….causing it to loop (usually from a recycled/reused box)
  3. Your address is not properly formatted or is incorrect in some way.
  4. Your package is damaged (not a normal case)
  5. Your package doesn’t have proper postage to continue the trip (not normal)

Simply means that it received an “arrival scan” coming into the facility responsible for delivery (i.e. the Post Office where your route’s carrier starts his day). If it’s early enough to get sorted to your route before he departs, you can expect it to be delivered that day.

USPS now offers an “Informed Delivery” service you can sign up for, whereby an e-mail is sent to you each morning to advise you of the mail/packages you can expect to receive that day. Informed Delivery

Final Words: It means that your parcel has arrived at the USPS regional destination facility for delivery, to be delivered as the carrier delivers his/her mail route.

USPS regional destination facility