What is a travel concierge service?

New circumstances call for new solutions. The issue of improving service and increasing the number of subsequent calls is faced by travel agents around the world, and they solve this problem in different ways. Given the events of recent years, many predict an increase in the popularity of travel concierge services.

Travel concierge service Luxury World Key Concierge is your personal guide during your trip. Our work does not end with the sale of tickets, tours, or visas. We will be happy to continue consultations and respond to any of your requests. We will advise a guide, book a restaurant, plan an event or offer a car for rent. We take care of all your travel needs.

Service pluses:

  • VIP meeting without queues at the airport
  • private transfer, restaurant reservations
  • private excursions and the ability to maintain complete confidentiality if necessary.

The advantage is that the client receives an individual approach.

A travel concierge is a personal travel assistant who designs and organizes customized trips that are unique to the client. Its tasks also include online accompaniment of tourists before, during, and after the trip.

These are services for accompanying tourists by a company, or rather, booking various individual travel services for customers for a fee.

This type of work of travel companies has been practiced for a long time. Thus, the travel agent relieves himself of a huge number of risks, and the tourist saves time and nerves while receiving the service of the level he needs. Concierge service includes knowledge of the intricacies of travel and the provision of 24/7 support during a leisure or business trip.

Services usually provided by a concierge service:

  • Consultations and selection of tours or services;
  • Booking air and railway tickets;
  • Visa support;
  • Booking hotels, apartments, and other types of accommodation;
  • Booking tickets for events;
  • Booking excursions or guides;
  • Reservation of conference rooms, VIP services, or services for people with disabilities;
  • Booking vehicles and transfers.


Clients’ wishes can vary from luxurious villas to suites in private hotels, from all-inclusive cruises to a private jet or luxury car rentals. Clients may have traditional requests as well as extravagant ones that were previously considered unfeasible. No requirement is too difficult or impossible for a luxury concierge company. That is why only experienced people work in this particular field, who enjoy great prestige in the field of management and tourism.