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Hide Identities with Proxies

Hide Identities with Proxies

Going incognito does not hide information from advertisers, internet service providers, and websites. The user’s IP address is still displayed while browsing in incognito! Conceal identifying factors and personal information better by purchasing a proxy server that hides your IP address. Proxy servers exist as a medium between a user and a host, like a website, so data cannot be tracked back to the user. Forward proxies are notorious for being the best at hiding identity and IP addresses, but SOCKS5 proxies are even better, and YiLu Proxy offers more than 90 million rotating residential IP addresses!

Forward Proxy

The most common proxy server is those that have forward proxies where data protection, shadow IT discovery, and threat prevention are three of its most prominent features. First, a forward proxy server will scan the integrity and qualification of a host or website to determine if the information request is valid. If an error is detected, the information request is blocked or rerouted. By rejecting or rerouting requests from isolated or private networks and the user, a user’s server is neither identified nor overwhelmed, and serving data from the cache is not easily obtainable. Otherwise, a virtual content exchange can occur if the viewed website traffic is deemed safe.

SOCKS5 Proxy

Even better than forward proxies are SOCKS5 proxies that are deemed the alternative to VPNs! On top of the features offered by forward proxies, SOCKS5 proxies have more phenomenal authentication methods, including GSS-API, null, and username and password. The highest level of security is GSS-API authentication, where both the proxy server and user must verify their identity to use the operating system. In contrast, username and password authentication only require the user to provide login details to connect to a proxy. Null authentication does not require coordination or information to connect the proxy, which may be convenient, but not the most secure option.

Once connected or logged into a SOCKS5 proxy, the server randomly generates an arbitrary IP address on a User Datagram Protocol (UDP) or Transmission Control (TCP) connection. TPC is typically more reliable than UDP, as it is more dependable with data packet deliveries to a web server. Nonetheless, the more significant benefits of using even a SOCKS proxy are that it helps a user get around internet blocks and restrictions (i.e., backlisting). Faster internet can also be experienced, but typically with a UDP connection, as data packets are not converted. Mislabeling and misrouting data are minimized, which may improve connection and download performances since SOCKS proxies use smaller data packets.

A secure and trusted public proxy client software that provides highly-quality new IP addresses on a SOCKS5 proxy is YiLu Proxy. Since 2020, this provider has assisted the growth of data-driven initiatives with software that supports advertising, online retailing (eCommerce), social media account engagement, and website testing. Tutorials on its website are readily available to help users start and maintain network settings that run off Chrome, global, Lalicat, VMLogin browsers and proxies.

Test their SOCKS5 proxy through the Download and Try option, or for $0.10 per IP address, get 24 hours of online access with unlimited bandwidth, requests, and traffic attributes! YiLu Proxy is sure to impress all users with its average 10-millisecond latency speeds and 99.99% proxy stability that always come with timely technical support.