What does RTC connecting mean on Discord, and how can I fix it?

RTC connecting means on Discord

It means your connecting to the voice call. try waiting a bit, if that doesn’t work switch your server region.

If that doesn’t work, try turning off your electronics. If that still doesn’t work, go file a bug report in the appropriate discord server.

Restart your Modem+Router+Computer – You’d be surprised how often the “turn it off and turn it back on again” trick works

Check your Firewall/Anti Virus and make sure that Discord is whitelisted/temporarily disabled

Friends, Check your VPN (Discord only works on VPNs that have UDP)

RTC connecting mean on Discord

Check with your network admin – If you’re on a work/school network, Discord could be blocked!

Change the voice region – If you’re the admin, try a different voice region in Server Settings -> Server region

  • You’re also able to change a voice region in private voice calls

Disable QoS – Head over to User Settings -> Voice & Video and turn off “Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority”

Head over to WebRTC Troubleshooter and see if any errors pop up.

RTC is the Real-Time Chat service that Discord uses to provide chat functionality, so if your RTC is stuck connecting, it generally means you won’t be able to join the voice chat (so won’t be able to speak to or listen to other users on the server).

This can be achieved using custom CSS, facilitated by user-built tools such as https://betterdiscord.net/home/

 – although they are not officially supported.

Either you can make your custom CSS and install it using the better discord client or you can try themes provided by better discord.


What does RTC connecting mean on Discord

Discord, or any other 3rd party voips that allow ‘conference calling’ (the ability to have more than 2 people in a conversation) and are free …. appealing!

These 3rd party voice servers are separate from the games voice chat, meaning gamers can keep in contact with other gamers, whilst playing different games (the communication will not be restricted to 1 game).

This keeps communities of gamers together … if you need help or advice from someone who happens to be playing a different game .. ask.

Another benefit is that the chat server is separate … if there is an issue with the game, you can still chat … let people know you got dc, see if they got dc too … discuss going to play another game together whilst the original game is down.

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I clicked to add two cents to the question “Why does discord exist?” The better question would be, Can existence be experienced without discord?

which gets us back to the source of discord and the age-old human recognition of duality for its role as the dynamic force of life.

As to the question of “why do people use Discord?” it is simply the consequence of a stage in human evolution in which duality has been recognized for being the source of discord.

Human evolution at some point gave people the realization that discord can be cleverly exploited for purposes of dominance by individuals and groups.

Life, at least carbon-based life, may have a default primary driving force of predation with secondarily driven exploitation strategies that ride on the principles of duality.

People are just magnitudes better at being able to manipulate and exploit discord that is continually propagated from the ambient condition of duality that defines our environment if not the universe itself.

What does RTC connecting mean on Discord

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