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What are some Pokemon that look like Dogs?

What are some Pokemon that look like Dogs?

What are some Pokemon that look like Dogs?

Like most of the rest of the planet, I’ve spent the last few weeks aimlessly wandering the streets looking for cool new Pokémon to add to my Pokédex.

My dog Baby, who normally walks around 3 miles a day, has been running almost 4-5 miles since the game’s debut. Baby is a bloodhound, so he loves to stop at random intervals to check on every interesting scent.

She has been a bit confused lately, as I am the one who repeatedly stops me, either to acquire the content of the PokéStops in the park, or to throw a Poké Ball at a wild Pokémon. “Wait baby,” I’ll say, “Sit down for a minute! I have to catch this Poliwag!”

What are some Pokemon that look like Dogs?

With all the games and expansions, there are now over 700 different creatures to catch and develop in the official Pokémon universe.

Twenty years after the Pokémon phenomenon, the official Pokédex lists a total of 720 existing pocket monsters, some based on animals, plants, mushrooms, and a variety of household items, while others are purely fantastic in conception. Depending on the source you read, there are up to 726 Pokémon in total. There must be some dog-type Pokémon, right?

At the time of writing, the ever-expanding Pokémon universe features a total of 34 creatures that are, at least in part, inspired by animals in the Canidae family.

The family includes not just dogs, but species as diverse as jackals, dingoes, wolves, and foxes. However, don’t get too excited; you won’t be able to “catch them all” in Pokémon Go, as the franchise’s compulsive line implores its players.

Pokémon Go operates on the original database of 151, which includes only eight of the 34 canid Pokémon in total. Here’s a list of the dog Pokémon available in the new mobile game, by name and Pokédex number:

  1. Vulpix (#37) – A fox-inspired Pokémon of Fire type.
  2. Ninetales (#38) – The evolution of Vulpix. In the picture, these first two have curly tails.
  3. Growlithe (#58) – A dog-inspired Pokémon of Fire type.
  4. Arcanine (#59) – The evolution of Growlithe. These have tiger-esque markings.
  5. Eeevee (#133) – A baby fox-inspired Pokémon of Normal type. The largest one in the picture.
  6. Vaporeon (#134) – An evolved Eevee of Water type.
  7. Jolteon (#135) – An evolved Eevee of Electric type.
  8. Flareon (#136) – An evolved Eevee of Fire type.

The “types” mentioned in the descriptions refer to their elemental powers, which are useful during the most belligerent aspects of the game. One way to train Pokémon is to pit them against each other in battle arenas. Water-type Pokémon are more effective against Fire-type, for example.

Which shiny Pokémon looks the coolest?

1. Magikarp

How many shiny Pokémon actually have a golden color? Okay, I just looked and there are quite a few. But none of them pull it off as arrogantly as Magikarp does!

Despite being the most pathetic, weak, and idiotic Pokémon to ever exist, Magikarp holds a special place in the hearts of all Pokémon players. Who can forget that moment when your karp evolved in Gyarados? When you didn’t know what to expect, if it evolved. Golden Magikarp had to make the list!

2. Tyrantrum

Maybe Tyrantrum is on the list because it’s a huge dinosaur, not just because of its shiny form. This form provides a massive color change, producing what could be seen as a Water type Pokemon. Maybe even a Ghost or Ice type, there’s lots of ways you can interpret this color change.

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3. Greninja

Shiny Greninja looks like a proper ninja, the normal colors are fine but this version fits the theme a whole lot more. Greninja looks a lot darker and sneakier with this form, ninjas love wielding shadows to their advantage and the shiny version of Greninja fits this description.

4. Espeon

In terms of raw cuteness, Espeon is right up there with the Pikachus and Hoppipps. But if you make Espeon a bright green color, the result is so cute it had to make the list. I believe a shiny Eevee isn’t the most difficult to obtain so if I managed to figure out how to actually evolve one into Espeon, I’d make getting this shiny Pokemon a priority.

5. Gigalith

Personally, this is one of my favorite Pokémon (the base form). Even though it’s a bunch of rocks with crystals coming out of it, Gigalith has an amazing name with an intimidating appearance. The shiny version is much better, which makes the crystals brighter and the colors blend much more smoothly.

6. Trevenant

There is something about a shiny Trevenant that looks so good. Don’t get me wrong, the regular Trevenant looks great too, but the glossy version expands on the Pokemon theme and look a lot more.

7. Ho-Oh

Lets be honest, the base colors of Ho-Oh make it look like a giant chicken. The shiny version on the other hand, makes it look like a true legendary bird. As is expected of a shiny legendary Pokemon, you’ll probably never ever obtain a shiny Ho-Oh, which is fine as such exclusivity should be earned!

8. Giratina

Just me, who prefers glitter to the basic Giratina version? The colors fit very well with Giratina’s body and theme, producing an eerie vibe that is reminiscent of a true Ghost-type Pokémon. I have never owned a Giratina in my life, I have tried very hard, but it is very rare to get it.

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9. Metagross

Metagross already looks absolutely amazing, the giant X on his face combined with those massive legs is amazing. So what happens when you paint Metagross Silver and Gold? You get this beauty, Shiny Metagross is definitely one of the best Shiny Pokémon.

10. Charizard

It had to be Charizard, this Pokémon is scary enough in its normal colors but turns it black? Yes, easily the best shiny Pokémon. Good luck getting a shiny Charizard though, you’ll have to replay over and over again and getting a Charizard in the first place can be difficult in newer games.

Which Pokémon out of the original 151 would make the best pet?

I thought about this. I immediately ruled out all water types, electric types and fire types. They would just be potentially too damaging.

I then thought about height. I can understand the appeal of having an Ekans but not a 2 metre fully grown one. I wouldn’t want a pet stealing my dreams so Drowsee was eliminated. Oddish buries itself during the day so it isn’t ideal either. I used a few other eliminating methods after this to get a shortlist of these.

  • Eevee
  • Chansey
  • Sandshrew
  • Farfetch’d
  • Clefairy
  • Jigglypuff
  • Pidgey
  • Tangela

Then I eliminated Pidgey and Eevee because it wouldn’t stop a pet from evolving and both could be problematic. I eliminated Clefairy because I don’t live near the mountains. Sandslash sheds thorns that could be a problem. Tangela would be interesting, but I can’t see him as a pet.

So, I stick with Jigglypuff, Farfetch’d, and Chansey. All of which I feel like it could be tamed and I wouldn’t accidentally hurt you. I would consider any of these as a pet.

However, I have to choose one so my choice is Chansey. For the eggs.

What Pokemon looks like a wolf?


What are some Pokemon that look like Dogs?

We’ll definitely get into Lycanroc in a bit, but for now, let’s give a little love to little but terrible Rockruff. For some reason, while Lycanroc looks a lot like a wolf, Rockruff looks like a cute cub. In fact, he actually looks more like a cross between a Japanese dog and a fox, except perhaps for his brown fur.

But anyway, he’s this high up in the ranks mainly due to two things: first, he’s the initial Pokemon for Lycanroc. I mean, without Rockruff, you can’t get the epic Lycanroc. And second, he’s just so, so cute that we’d want to adopt him ASAP!

What are some Pokemon that look like Dogs?


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