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Things to Know When Moving in Dubai With Your Pet

Things to Know When Moving in Dubai With Your Pet

Things to Know When Moving in Dubai With Your Pet

Moving to a new country is always a serious and very painstaking business. Especially if you decide to move with your pet. This can be a hassle if you don’t know the rules and regulations governing the transport of animals.

To avoid the huge number of problems that can arise when transporting an animal to Dubai, it’s highly recommended to use a professional pet transport service. If you are in doubt or can’t find a suitable service that you would entrust your pet to, read this article to the end to find out how to do it yourself. And most importantly, safe and in compliance with all the rules and regulations for the transportation of animals.

Find out about the pet import permit

The first thing you should take care of is to familiarize yourself with the rules for importing animals into another country. According to UAE law, all pets that visit the country must have an import permission confirmed by the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water before entering the country.

To obtain an import permit, you must visit the official MOEW website, fill out an electronic form and pay the fee. You will then receive an electronic import permit. Registration of an import permit will take from 3 to 5 working days and will take only 30 days. During this time, you can bring your pet into the UAE. According to UAE federal law, all pets are imported into the country exclusively as a declared cargo.

So, to bring an animal into the UAE, you need to have a copy of your and pet’s passport, a valid resident visa or a copy of the UAE ID, a pet’s vaccination passport, and a copy of a blood test.

Assess your pet’s health

Make sure your pet is microchipped before starting a regulatory-approved vaccination schedule (it includes rabies vaccination). The microchip must have ISO standardization as AVID standardization isn’t accepted. Your pet must have a passport (with marks about vaccinations, date of birth, microchip number, the name of the drugs, and vaccines taken).

The pet must also be accompanied by a health certificate issued by an accredited veterinary authority in the country of export. This certificate must contain the full designation of the type of animal, microchip number, all types of vaccinations, and drugs used.

The health certificate must clearly state that the animal was examined by a veterinarian authorized to issue such a certificate within 48 hours before departure and that during such an examination the animal was healthy and didn’t show any symptoms. diseases.

Within 10 days before departure, the animal must undergo procedures against external and internal parasites. The health certificate must contain detailed information about the drugs used, the names of the active ingredients, and their doses.

Dog Breed Restrictions

Before packing your bags, it’ll be great if you study what dogs’ breeds are prohibited from moving to the UAE. These are Japanese, Brazilian, and Argentine fighting dogs, hybrid breeds of dogs and wolves, American Staffordshire terrier, and all types of pit bull terriers. Things to Know When Moving in Dubai With Your Pet

Also, you should consider an important point: when buying air tickets it’s important to remember that many airlines have restrictions regarding the transportation of animals. It’s highly recommended that you agree on this issue before purchasing tickets.

Living with pets in the UAE

All animals must be registered with the Veterinary Services Section of Dubai Municipality. This rule isn’t strictly controlled by local authorities, as a result of which many people don’t do. To carry out such registration, you must bring your pet to the Municipality Clinic, where the pet will be quickly checked and registered.

After registration, a pet owner receives a special tag that must be attached to the pet’s collar. This registration should be updated regularly when the pet is vaccinated annually. Many veterinarians offer this registration on behalf of the animal’s owner.

As for public places, in Dubai, mainly, pets, especially dogs, aren’t allowed on public beaches and parks, but wherever these rules apply, signposts are posted. Dogs aren’t allowed to enter shops and restaurants. For instance, deciding on a sports car for rent in Dubai, there may also be difficulties in taking a dog. Some rental companies may agree to have a small pet in the cabin. But if it’s a pit bull or any large dog, you may be denied travel in a rented car with the dog.

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Things to Know When Moving in Dubai With Your Pet