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Water Sports Activities You should not Miss in Dubai

Water Sports Activities You should not Miss in Dubai

Water Sports Activities You should not Miss in Dubai

Dubai, the land of tourists, is famous for a lot of things. But beaches are one feature that gets unnoticed every time we think about Dubai. The clean splashing washes gushing against the white sand paint a picturesque view worth capturing. And what makes the experience even more fun is if you indulge in sports activities.

Dubai is a hub of water sports and attracts enthusiasts from across the globe. All you need is good instructors, some safety instruments, and a mind to enjoy these exhilarating rides. Some of the rides are available in the backgrounds of Burj Khalifa or other attractive spots, making the rounded experience valuable. 

Choose if you would like to go for individual rides or group ones and accordingly make a plan. And trust us, the experience will be just amazing. 

Water Sports Activities You should not Miss in Dubai

There are plenty of sports activities that can be tried in Dubai. Enlisted are a few which are a must-try on your visit to Dubai. 

Jet Skiing

Jet Ski Dubai is by far the most popular activity as touted by the tourists here. Jet Skiing at Jet Ski Dubai is a relatively safe and simple activity that can be enjoyed individually or in a couple of formats. In Dubai, there is an option for Jet Ski tours of Dubai- Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, Dubai Marina, Palm & Burj Khalifa as you drift swiftly over the waters.

Beginners can easily pick it up, as the ride is simple enough and tour guides are there to support you in case you want that. There are also options for taking pictures and videos as you sway your way through the white wafts of water. 

Yacht Rental:

These yachts allow you to explore the magnificent beauty and culture of Dubai listening to the soothing sounds of water in the sea. 

Yacht rental Dubai Marina offers various types of Yachts from economic to luxury available in different sizes. You can book a yacht for the required time according to your preference. A good communicating team will make your yacht experience even more fantastic and hassle-free. 


Another thrilling water sports activity that is a must-try, is parasailing. And when done on the beaches of Dubai, creates a more exhilarating experience. So here, you are towed behind a jet boat, which is attached to a parachute that is designed to stay in the air for some time.

Generally, it is a 10-15 minutes ride. And what makes it special, is the frequent dips in water that one can take as the boat drifts in speed. So, you get the experience of hovering 200 meters above the sea and then taking dips in water in between. In Dubai, there are many options to try parasailing and it can be done alone or in a couple of formats. 

Speed boating

Speed boating is a water activity that is fun and can be enjoyed in groups. In Dubai, a variety of options are available to enjoy speed boating. One is the ninety minutes Speedboat Tour that takes you through different destinations like Dubai Marina, Atlantis, Palm, and Burj Al Arab.

A guided evening speedboat cruise is also available for those who love to see the sunset. Speed boats come with experts and life vests for the travelers, ensuring complete safety in the water. Speed boating generally is enjoyed in groups and hence is an ideal choice to spend time with family and friends while enjoying the water. 

Fly Fishing

A unique way of fishing, fly fishing can be easily done from the shore or even sitting on a boat. Generally, it is recommended to have fly fishing equipment and gears to help you execute the fishing experience in its full fervor. Dubai offers plenty of choices to choose your fly fishing options. Some of them also give an accommodation option while proposing fly fishing activities in the morning.

Choose the one that befits you. And if you are a beginner, we suggest taking a few demo lessons before you get into the business, so that you enjoy this sport to the fullest. 

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Flyboarding for about 25-30 minutes is available in Dubai where you can enjoy a jump of about 19 feet above the surface of the water. A rib-tickling experience of a lifetime, Flyboarding is guided by experts with safety instructions included.

Choose from a range of morning departures and give yourself a cherished gift. In Dubai, you can choose Flyboarding against the backdrop of high-rise buildings and scenic views to amplify your ride. Just ensure to have all the safety equipment in place along with the appropriate dress for an enriched experience. Flyboarding prices start from one hundred and twenty dollars and might vary. 

Water Sports Activities You should not Miss in Dubai