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How Ladies Can Have a Great Carefree Time at the Global Village

How Ladies Can Have a Great Carefree Time at the Global Village

How Ladies Can Have a Great Carefree Time at the Global Village

With the exception of public holidays, Mondays at the Global Village are exclusively for ladies and families. Go alone, take your friends, or take your children to this amazing magical place, without a care in the world. If you are visiting with kids, you can even register for the wristbands that will help you reunite with your kids more easily, if they run off or if you are separated by any other cause. 

When you consider all the attractions and multiple activities you get to be a part of, the ticket price for Global Village does not seem so high. With the pandemic, the Global Village has been very thoughtful of the safety and health of everyone who goes there to have a nice time. If you want to hang out with your friends or want to spend some fun time with your kids or maybe you like exploring on your own, Mondays at the Global Village are perfect for all that. 

How Ladies Can Have a Great Carefree Time at the Global Village?

The place is packed with multiple attractions that will have you jumping from one place to another like a kid. With so much to do in such little time, here are five things you do not want to miss at the Global Village.

  1. Ride around the world

One of the most amazing attractions of the Global Village is its representation of various countries. Bringing together the different cultures of almost 90 countries from around the world generates respect for these different cultures. 

From east to west and from north to south, the mini version of the world sits on about 10 pavilions. Try to visit as many pavilions as you can and you basically get to see the whole world. It is beautiful to see how every country is represented at its best. Try out the different foods and buy souvenirs from different countries.

2. Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

The Middle East’s first of its kind, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! is a fun and trippy place. The museum is full of strange artifacts and the mind-blowing American franchise of the same name is the inspiration behind it. You get to see various unbelievable things like the bones of shrunken heads, various strange statues, vehicles made out of unusual parts and so much more. 

There is much to explore in the museum and the mirror maze will double the fun. Try to find your way out as you see multiple versions of you staring back at you. It is a place that both kids and adults will enjoy.

3. Mesmerizing fireworks

Although this one does not occur on Monday, the amazing fireworks show at the Global Village is not to be missed. On weekends, in the evening, eight incredible fireworks shows and celebrations take place. So, do not fear if you miss out on one. 

The musical fireworks shows are everyone’s favorite as they brighten up the sky with their colorful sparks which you can never get enough of. But thanks to the eight shows and celebrations, you will be satisfied. The spectacular fireworks performances are mesmerizing to watch and if you want to get a great view, head out to the fireworks arena and witness one of the best fireworks displays.

4. Delicious cuisines

As you walk through the colorful lanes of the pavilions, exploring different countries, you would see food stalls everywhere. So many choices are available that you may end up wishing your stomach was bigger so you could taste everything. 

From sweet to savory, from Indian food to Turkish or American, the unlimited amount of food options will keep you coming back for more. From cakes and custards to rainbow burgers, from sweet and savory dumplings to chicken and lamb. Whatever your heart desires, you would find it in Global Village. 

Try out new recipes that you never even heard of before and expand your food palette.

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5. Live performances

With over 4000 shows every season, the Global Village is always entertaining its guests. Major celebrities join the celebrations, as they perform live for their die-hard fans. With the world’s most popular and talented performers being a part of the shows, you can only expect the best from the live performances at the Global Village. 

Even the performances at the Circus are performed by top-notch acrobats that will keep you at the edge of your seat, the whole time.

How Ladies Can Have a Great Carefree Time at the Global Village