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What does the phrase ‘subject to change’ mean in 2023

Subject To Change

What does the phrase ‘subject to change’ mean in 3

So this means that there is uncertainty as to whether or not the dates could change. These dates are subject to change. Indicates that you know the dates could change, and that they might.

Subject to change means the conditions set are prone to or likely to be affected by change. This usually goes for schedules, prices, some specific policy set before. It means the one who made the rules, the schedule, the price, or some specific policy, is allowing himself or the organization some leeway as conditions might dictate a change. This expression can be widely used in any school assignment, essay, in different texts, papers and even dissertations.

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  • Example 1, Company Schedule
    • “The schedule for Transport Ship D, going to south of the country is MWF, 7 a.m. subject to change.”
    • Ship D was still loading cargoes and passengers at 7 a.m. on a Monday. Ship D was only able to leave at 10 a.m. No one can make demands about why Ship D left later than the schedule which is MWF, 7 a.m. because of the subject to change clause. At other times, the ship may leave exactly at 7 a.m. if it is free from other concerns.

What does the phrase ‘subject to change’ mean in 2022

  • Example 2, Company Notice.
    • “The price of tickets for the charity concert at FloorA is $50, subject to change.”
    • This floor is special because it is only an added space for that event. The other Floors have normal rates. Two days before the event, the ticket price of FloorA rose up to $100. Because of the subject to change clause that was placed on the tickets for FloorA, the sale was considered valid and legitimate.

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The clause, stc is used mostly in business but cannot be abused.

  • The reasons must be fair and understood that the conditions are unavoidable and if adjustments were not allowed, someone is going to be unfairly compromised – as people in business.

The customer is, therefore, warned to take precautions because of unavoidable changes.

With due respect it is stated that I am (student name…), student of A/O-Levels/Department; Section-….; in this institution. Sir I have chosen (current subject), Geography and Literature (write your current subjects) as my elective subjects. I regret to say that I am not able to continue with literature as it does not suit my personality. I do not consider it as an ideal subject for me, and even if study it I won’t be able to achieve well.

I request you to kindly, allow me to change my subject from (current subject to interesting subject). It would be a better chance and I will be able to score more by this. I hope you will allow me and I shall be grateful to you.

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What the Phrase “Subject to Change” Means

The phrase “subject to change” is composed of a phrasal verb, “subject to,” and a noun, “change.” A phrasal verb is a phrase that acts as a verb made up of a regular verb and either a preposition, an adverb, or both. The phrasal verb “subject to” means to bring under the control of something else

In British English, they define “subject to” as an adjective, but it still has the same basic meaning of conditional or dependent upon something “Change” in a sentence can be a verb or a singular noun, but in the phrase “subject to change,” the word functions as a noun, meaning the act of becoming different.

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To be “subject to change,” then, is to be contingent on some new set of circumstances. It can also imply there is a high degree of likelihood that change or some form of alteration will occur When using “subject to” in a sentence, “subject to” must always come before the noun in the same way that it does in the phrase “subject to change.”

Some examples of “subject to” in a sentence:

  1. This medication leaves you subject to drowsiness.
  2. Timmy is subject to time-outs when he misbehaves.
  3. Long-term isolation leaves you subject to insanity.
  4. Some dog breeds are subject to obesity according to their genetics.

What is the meaning of “subject to”?

It is basically another way of saying “IF”

It’s a conditional If which implies a precondition/dependency/basis to an event, situation or circumstance…

Dictionary Def:: affected by or possibly affected by / likely to do, have, or suffer from / dependent on something else to happen or be true

What does the phrase “awareness is subjective” mean?

Did you ever watch a good debate? The first debater comes on and makes excellent points that seem perfectly logical and he/she seems indisputably “aware.” The opponent steps up and follows with counterpoints that seem incontrovertible…until the first debater comes back to the lecture…and so on.

Both have done their homework, both make convincing points based on evidence that they cherry-picked. Yet they are on opposite sides of the argument. This is a microcosm of life, why it is so easy for individuals or groups, each claiming to be aware, can be so polarized. Facts can be disputed or seen through different filters. Reality is shaped by the person who observes it. This is called subjectivity.

Why does the subject change when you change a personalized phrase (with up) in Italian?

Are you saying that when you make a phrase reflexive (sometimes the case in English), why does the subject change? An example or two would be very helpful in understanding your question, which I am then sure I or many others could answer.

What’s a word for subject to change?

On this page, you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for subject to change, like: not carved in stone, not firmed up, tentative, uncertain, conditional, and proposed.

Is subject to change in a sentence?

The draft was circulated privately Tuesday afternoon and was subject to change. Because this is the record industry, all dates are subject to change. They cannot be uniform objectives that are not subject to change. The draft was circulated privately on Tuesday and was subject to change.

Is it subject to change or subjected to change?

The expression is “subject to (change/decay/etc.),” as you understand. However, “subjected to” means something else entirely: He was subjected to corporal punishment. She was subjected to verbal insults.

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What does it mean if you are subject to something?

1 : affected by or possibly affected by (something) The firm is subject to state law. … 2 : likely to do, have, or suffer from (something) My cousin is subject to panic attacks. I‘d rather not live in an area that is subject to flooding.

Was subject or was subjected?

The adjective subject to implies that the job applicants must undergo scrutiny, whereas the verb form subjected to more strongly emphasizes the fact that the job applicants were the direct objects of intensive interviews, background checks, and assessments because the verb more clearly expresses an action that is …

How do you change the subject of an application?

I request you to kindly, allow me to change my subject from (current subject to interesting subject). It would be a better chance and I will be able to score more by this. I hope you will allow me and I shall be grateful to you.

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