What is Stugots when translated from Italian to English 2023

What is Stugots when translated from Italian to English 2023

Students are Italian mob slang lingo – Italian term that refers to the male genitalia. It is used to describe an idiot or a jerk. Stugots is also the name of Tony Soprano’s boat on the HBO series The Sopranos.

Stugots is a translitteration to English spelling of the Neapolitan pronunciation of the Italian vulgar slang expression “sto cazzo”, literally meaning “my cock”, with the conversion of C to G adding a further layer of uncouthness to the one of vulgarity.
It is used as equivalent to the “suck my dick” comeback, but if in plural form “sti cazzi” (“these cocks”), basically means “who cares “ in South-Central Italy, or “Awesome!” in Northern Italy

What does “stugots” mean in Italian?

Ehm… stugots?

Did you mean “sto cazzo”? If so, is an Italian slang (sometimes we use “sti cazzi*) very inappropriate in formal context; I mean, I would never ever use that with adults, teachers or at work.
I think you’ve heard the word and trying to reproduce the sound, you’ve mispronounced it.

However, literally is “this dick”, since “sto” is the contracted form of questo (this) and cazzo means dick. It’s mostly used with friends for 1) dumb joking, 2) to reply a dumb question and 3) to express incredulity:

  1. Marco: Hey dude, guess who told me to say hi to you?
    Paolo: Who?
    Marco: Sto cazzo! (Nobody).
  2. Marco e Chiara live together.
    Chiara: Do you know who ate my cookies?
    Marco: Sto cazzo! (they are the only 2 people living the house, so in this particular case is “who the fuck you think it would be other than me, this dick?
  3. Marco: Yesterday I graduated with honours.
    Paolo: Sti cazzi!! (You’re a genius).

What is Stugots when translated from Italian to English 2021

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*sti cazzi it is originated in Rome so the actual meaning is “I don’t care”, but in the rest of Italy it’s used also as in the 3rd point.

Sto cazzo is generally (not in the 3rd case) followed by the gesture of indicating the genitals area with the hands, making a V, from the face to the groin:

What does ‘stugotts’ mean in Italian and how is it used in a sentence?

This had me laughing. I googled a bit about this “stugotts” word and came out this is a quote from “The Sopranos” series, in which it seems to be used frequently. It’s actually a goofy English-orthography rendition of stu cazz, which means “this dick” (implicitly “my dick”) in many regional languages from southern Italy (often accompanied by a very explicit hand weaving towards the crotch).

Stu cazz (or even just u cazz, “the dick”) is used to express vehement negation in many contexts.

A: Can you help me?

BStu cazz! You never help me when I ask you, so you can fuck yourself now.

The rational behind such an expression is:

  1. Trash talking adds an aggressive touch of emphasis.
  2. It implicitly means “My answer is no, but you still can try asking him *hands pointing towards the crotch*”.

What does “marone” mean in Italian? Is it slang?

I am assuming you live in the States, in the northeast, where you have heard Italian Americans say this word as an exclamation of shock or maybe wonderment. If my assumption is correct, and with all due respect to replies from Italy, then what you are actually hearing is a corrupted pronunciation of the word “Madonna,” in English, the Holy Virgin. The sound of a flipped R in place of the D is actually a feature of Neapolitan dialect spoken by many Italian immigrants in the northeastern U.S., and your spelling of that word reflects that feature.

Italians in Italy also use this word the same way, to take the name of the Holy Virgin in vain. In Tuscany, the curse is sometimes paired with words that mean pig, whore, and even lesbian. Needless to say, this is not only slang, but is considered extremely impolite, on the same level of vulgarity as the C word, referring to a woman’s vagina in English, more offensive than the F bomb which, these days, is used for emphasis similarly to the word “cazzo” in Italian.

What is Stugots when translated from Italian to English 2023

On this side of the Atlantic, when Italian Americans make this exclamation, it doesn’t have any real impact because of people like yourself who don’t know what it means. Usually, in fact, Italian Americans are not aware that they are swearing, much less cursing the Holy Mother. Most of them are observant Catholics and are using the exclamation to tout their heritage. In reality, their use of a curse of whose meaning they are unaware just reveals their ignorance of that heritage.

Next time you hear someone say that word, ask them if they know what they are saying. If they were born in the States, they probably don’t. They are probably the same people who think words like ricotta and prosciutto end with silent vowels.

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The following extremely funny video will give you and all the Italians in Italy who answered your question incorrectly the basic idea. It is indeed hilarious that the non-Italian, Kelly’s husband Mark, is the only one who knows the others, all Italian Americans, are wrong:59.8K viewsView 41 upvotes

What does Stugotz mean in English?

According to Lingo2word.com, Stugotz could be derived from the Italian word ‘Stugats’ which means testicles. According to my producer Jerry P, his Italian Mom used to say “don’t be a Stugotz” which meant quit being a ding dong.

What does Fangool mean in Italian?

Short reply: Va fangool (va fangul’) is the Neapoletan/Sicilian form of the italian vaffanculo. VA FANGOOL=FUCK OFF. … vaffanculo [vaffaŋˈkuːlo] : fuck you, fuck off, bugger off. It’s a contraction of “vai a fare in culo”, literally “go do it in the ass”.

What does Stugots mean in Cree?

to. Stugots = Crazy. “tickie-1 @home.com (The Fist)” wrote in message.

What does Maron mean in Italian?

Marone – (Southern Italian dialect) – literally “Madonna” (i.e. – the Blessed Virgin Mary, not the pop star), generally used as “damn” or “damn it”. Sometimes pronounced “ma don”. Literally this means “This cock” or “This dick”. This expression tresses doubt, disbelief and nothingness. Unlike some translations available on the net, Stugots can’t ..Stugots” isn’t an Italian word itself, but it comes from the Italian phrase “Sto Cazzo”. And “Sto Cazzo” means “this cock”.Stugots is a transliteration to English spelling of the Neapolitan pronunciation of the Italian vulgar slang expression “sto cazzo”, literally meaning “my cock”, with …

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