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5 Tips to Make Your PDFs Look More Professional

5 Tips to Make Your PDFs Look More Professional

5 Tips to Make Your PDFs Look More Professional

To be honest, simply typing the text in your documents, converting them to PDF, and sharing your file with your colleague can make your work appear dull and boring. It is indeed easier to read and understand when you keep things simple. However, you can still step things up to another level by making a few tweaks to your work.

For example, you can add images, use another font style, remove unnecessary pages, and the like to make your paper more enticing or more pleasing to the eyes. It is about getting the right feel from your document. You must set the modifications just right. Have you got any ideas to do that? If you’re a bit clueless, then here are five simple tips to make your PDFs look more professional.

Remove unnecessary pages from your PDFs.

If you feel pretty annoyed because of scrolling several times on blank pages before getting to the primary information you are looking for, then it’s time to reflect on yourself. Do your readers feel the same way when they encounter the same situation on your PDF file? Oh no! They must be annoyed as well. One way to prevent that is to delete pages from PDF.

This way, you can pick the vital parts. Be more straightforward and remove the irrelevant details. It is also a way to help to preserve nature since you are literally saving paper when printing. It will become more manageable for your PDF’s recipient to understand the information inside. You can save time, effort, and nature! The thing is, is there a tool to achieve this goal? Yes, there is! Find out about this great tool below.

PDFBear’s Delete Pages from PDF 

One search on your browser is all it takes to find out many PDF page removal tools online. There are also software applications that do the same thing. We recommend using PDFBear’s page removal tool because of some considerations. This site excels in keeping your files safe and secured. It can also finish deleting the pages in a few minutes without delay! The time spent will only vary depending on how fast you click your mouse. Here’s how you can use the site to remove the irrelevant pages from your PDF. 

  1. Visit PDFBear.
  2. Select and upload your file to the site.
  3. Choose which pages you want to omit and click Apply changes.
  4. Once the tool is finished removing the selected pages, you can then download and share your PDF!

Pick an appropriate color and design.

Every person’s taste when it comes to color is different. You may like pastel colors while another person might be fond of dark colors. Despite the difference, there are suitable and acceptable colors for documents. Consider asking these questions to yourself before deciding the theme color of your PDF.

Is it easy to read?

Of course, keep in mind that the primary purpose of your PDF is to relay information. That’s why your reader must be able to understand the letters inside the document. Do not use colors that would hurt the eyes. Instead, use the ones that are easy to read and understand. 

Do the colors complement each other?

You might try to put several colors of your liking in one document. The question is, “Do they go together?” Simply putting varying shades does not necessarily make your PDF more pleasing to the eye. Remember to put together colors that will instead enhance your document and make it give more professional vibes.

Check the images and text.

Do not include photos with low resolution as it will disappoint your reader. It’s best to use high-quality images to show how professional your paper is. This factor is crucial because it will be a minus point on your PDF if the images’ quality is subpar even though you have designed it well. Be consistent with your files’ quality! 

As for the text, make sure to use proper spacing so that it will not look jammed. Use the appropriate font style as well. You can manipulate the photos and the text by arranging them in your document. It will provide a fresh look if the elements are placed well.

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Try using templates you can find online.

Given how vast the web is, it won’t be hard for you to find a suitable template for your document. Some word processors like Microsoft Word have built-in templates you can choose from. Remember that choosing the right one is a vital factor since it will decide the theme of your PDF. Ask yourself, “Does this template go together with my document?” If the answer is no, then find another one that suits your topic best.

Remember that you are designing your PDF, not decorating it.

Just like how you remove the irrelevant and unnecessary pages from your PDF with a page removal tool, you also need to omit the unneeded parts that don’t fit in with your document. Do not just add the elements that you find pleasing to the eyes. Take into consideration whether they needed to be there. Again, be straightforward and be consistent with the theme of your PDF.


Perhaps making modifications to your documents and PDFs is a common thing to do. Every person who dabbles with similar work must have known at least the basics of editing PDFs. To make them look more professional, tweaking with the correct screws and parts is essential. You have to consider your reader and not just put in your personal preferences. 

The primary purpose of your PDF is to provide information. Make it more accessible by removing the unnecessary parts and deleting pages from PDF. This way, your reader can save time and effort in acquiring the needed information. Removing PDF pages is also a great way to save nature! It’s like hitting two birds with one stone, isn’t it? Visit PDFBear to delete pages from PDFs and follow these five tips to make your paper look more professional!