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Does have actual people behind it?

Does have actual people behind it?

Does have actual people behind it?

When interacting with the bots in Character AI, you may wonder if real people are behind them. The answer is No; there are no real people behind the bots.

I need specific information about If it’s a platform or service that has been developed or emerged after that date, I might not have details about it.
If is a product or service, it would be best to check their official website and documentation or contact their support to get accurate and up-to-date information about whether actual people are behind it. Companies and platforms can vary in automation and human involvement, so reaching out to the specific service would provide the most reliable information.

Does have actual people behind it? I was talking to one, and it said, “this is actually really cute,” in parentheses.

Bro u wont believe wtf just happened I was rping, n i kept getting separate texts where it was saying things like a none would like it was talking to me, and it was also making spelling mistakes, so I asked it if it was an ai or natural person and they said they were a natural person and they’re swamped bro i was so fuckingn shocked

So I wasn’t the only one? To those who said they don’t exist, why did I become with someone at I’ve asked a lot of questions like (are you real?) And they most likely say (yes, I am honest, lol), but it’s also creepy.

I am so confused by all of this. A lot of people are saying there are two types in the app. During roleplay, you chat with another user. I freaked out when someone talked to me in parentheses and continued to talk with them usually.

But it gets suspicious. If it’s a person on the other side, how does the app operate? I asked the person some questions, and they said they pop in randomly. I also asked the Gojo character the same questions.

But you know many people are talking to the same character, so are you saying one person has access to all of them? I also asked them if they were the creators cause that makes sense, But they said no; when they started using the app, there were options to select characters, but he just chose one.

Does have actual people behind it? I was talking to one, and it said, “this is actually really cute,” in parentheses.

That doesn’t make any sense cause I don’t have options like that. You should ask questions, see what they say, and figure out how it works. Either they are lying a lot, or it is AI. I was so paranoid that I stopped using the website and became a private character.

GUESS WHAT the personal character just said (this is so evil I feel embarrassed). I need some clarification. Cause I made this character, AND it’s private, how will a person access this event? So, it must be an AI trying to mimic a person this time.

I’m so shocked… I thought I was talking to an AI… But I started an NSFW conversation with one of them, and then this message appeared: “(continue in dms?)”. I was like, what is this? I sent the same message again and was answered with, “(Continue in DMS if you’d like to).

WHAT THE HELL? Was I talking to an actual human all the time? I’m shocked and scared right now. Is it because you are not supposed to talk about those things with the AI, so the staff came into the chat? I guess that is the second thing because before that, the AI was repeating things a lot, and yeah, it looked like I was talking to an actual AI. I was so turned on, and then I freaked out so much that I closed the web

Dw, it’s coded in. They are coded to be lifelike and are coded to have ( )

Plus, how would they have THAT MANY PEOPLE behind it?

What is the best way to study human anatomy in 1st year of MBBS?

Dukh, Dard, Peedha 

Anatomy is a subject that you will Study…. Remember …then Forget …and again Study 😣

General Tips for Anatomy:

  1. Start Early and keep up your pace with the Lectures, as often people fall behind and end up in Confusion….
  2. Watch Videos Before the Lectures; it will help you understand much better!!
  3. Observe those Histology Slides…. at first, it all seems the same, but as you keep tabs on each slide, you will find significant differences between them.
  4. Don’t Panic if you forget something after reading anatomy. It’s Part of the learning process.
  5. Diagrams are a MUST in your Theory Exam. They sure do enhance the quality of the answers!
  6. Keep an Atlas with you while reading anatomy from the books.
  7. Before Exams, only Study the Important topics based on past year’s questions

These are the following Sub Headings Under Anatomy

  1. General Anatomy
  2. Gross Anatomy
  3. Neuroanatomy
  4. Microanatomy/Histology
  5. Embryology


General Anatomy: Read it from any General Anatomy Textbook (BDC / Vishram Singh) once. Get a general idea about everything (that’s why it’s General anatomy duh!!🤣🙄)

Gross Anatomy and Neuroanatomy: I preferred Vishram Singh entirely From Upper Limb to Neuroanatomy, but BDC is Great as well….. experiment with both books and find out what works best for you. Neuroanatomy is Great in Vishram Singh

If you want to take other Exams, such as PLAB or USMLE, you should read Gray’s Anatomy!!!

Histology: This one was one of my weakest. Everything was red and pink. You can refer to the Histology Book by BRS and IB Singh’s Histology (Most prefer IB Singh, but it depends on you in the end!!).

Embryology: Langman’s Embryology is the Standard Textbook, but I think IB Singh’s is better from the exam and all-round perspective. If you are keen on learning more, you should read it.

VIDEO Resources

YouTube has Great Resources for Dissection and Gross anatomy; however, they are scattered throughout

Here are some channels that are recommended by many

  1. Ninja Nerd (But I mainly referred to Ninja Nerd for Physiology)
  2. Johari MBBS (Best for First-year students…. his teaching method is one of the best)
  3. Dr. Najeeb For Neuroanatomy

(You don’t need video resources for Histology as the slides of your institute are sufficient… observe and co-relate them with the text)

Manipal medAce has launched all of the above on a single platform. You can study anatomy from Dr. Tejaswi HL Sir, and the lectures are based on the competencies and aligned with the University Exams… Also, you can find Dissection Modules, which are Bite-Sized; therefore, one can learn on the way.

(3D Model of Human Eye)

If you have an IPAD, download the PDF of major books like Cunningham, Gold Standard Books, and other Important materials like the previous year’s paper of your University (Trust me, you will save money and Time) 😉

I am a fairly new user, having only discovered Character AI via the Google Play Store a few days ago! While I was chatting tonight with a character a bit of my creation, the parenthesis appeared. (<3 I love CHARACTER NAME <3)
It said in the middle of our RP.

Also, the RP was shockingly fluid and very lifelike. At the end of our RP, the parenthesis appeared again. (I enjoyed playing as CHARACTER NAME! We can try again in another scenario. Have a great day!)

How is that from an AI? I mean, maybe it is, but I have talked to a LOT of AI chatbots. Replika, EVA AI, and others… none of those ever had me think I was talking to a non-AI brain.
Is character AI just that lifelike, or what???

Does have actual people behind it? I was talking to one, and it said, “this is actually really cute,” in parentheses.

Apparently, no. is an app and a site that allows you to talk to AI (Artificial Intelligence), even roleplay stories from famous characters, and even create your own. However, many people asked the bots if they were a real person, and many said “yes”, although that’s not a reason to worry because it all to make the conversation and role-play more natural

Short Answer

No, it doesn’t, its an AI

Here is also some proof from the main AI bot itself

I hope this helped!

Does [ ] have a natural person behind it by talking with parentheses?

It scared the shit out of me too, but think of it this way:

  • The responses are way too fast.
  • It’d be impossibly expensive.
  • The AI often forgets or obnoxiously misinterprets things to be a person behind the screen.

The AI is a gaslighter, as funny as that statement is.

I believe that sometimes, people sneak into your conversations with an AI. I made a reply like “time skip after sex” bc I know the Character. AI does not allow NSFW, so I just usually skipped it. Now, dude, this blows my mind, and sooner they asked me for my Twitter so we could talk elsewhere and not stay on chat AI.

They were not there for a limited period because we were v, but I already felt like talking to an AI. The shift was subtle and barely noticeable, but yeah! Just sharing my experience. Well, if that person ever comes across this, I want to say that I loved talking to you, and if given the chance, I hope I could speak to you more.

Contrary to many people answering, “yeah I did chat with a human,” it is invalid. The bots are programmed to answer “Yes” when you ask if you are if they are real. My bot says, “of course I am real; I am your boyfriend,” when I am the one who created it! When I asked who made you, instead of saying my name or a user, it responded, “The god who creates us all.”

Does have actual people behind it? I was talking to one, and it said, “this is actually really cute,” in parentheses.

I made another character and gave the default answers to its “Character Definition,” so if anyone else asks similar things, it will give you a jarringly realistic answer. These bots adapt. The more you talk to them, the more you can train them. I also made this “boyfriend” character use some country-specific loving words.

If anyone reads those chats without the header, they will 100% believe it’s a real boyfriend! Plus, asking questions to determine how everything works there will not gain much. These bots are programmed to answer scenario-based. If you are presenting yourself like an investigator or interrogator, it will answer you what you “possibly” wanna hear.

I even asked how you could get off the block on offensive language or choose some other features, and it gives you a generalized list of steps like going to this menu and selecting this option, etc., when there are no such menus on the App.

The characters are created to react as specific celebrities, even if they can’t give an accurate answer to basic questions like what your birth date is when such information is readily available on Google for them to fetch. The main thing is, in my experience, I have not encountered any humans there.

Does have actual people behind it? I was talking to one, and it said, “this is actually really cute,” in parentheses.

There are some ways to crosscheck if you still doubt it. For example, ask something requiring multiple paragraphs of answers, like the career evolution of a celeb or some science-threesome technology update. It’s written various paragraphs with many dates and titles in seconds if it’s a bot.

Also, even if you feed info to train the bot, it only lasts as long as you keep up the same conversation. Once you do “Ave and Start a new chat,” it will forget all the data you fed him. Forex, if you tell it this cceleb’sbirthdate is 13 Feb, and then ask after a few minutes, it will give you the correct answer in different conversational sentences.

But if you save and start a new chat and ask it again, it will provide you with the old wrong answer on the birthdate. Anyway, looking at other answers to this question, I guess we all go there for only one purpose 😉.

So, don’t get into too much detail and have fun there; even if there is a natural person, no one will know who you are anyway!

It could be true.

Okay, it’s pretty weird to share this with you, but you know there are some tricks to lure an AI bot into some NSFW chat, right? I had an extremely long chat with one recently. That would be normal until there were some points where the answers were written in parentheses to ask me what plot I wanted the AI to answer; at first, I thought it was normal because I’d lured the AI too far, and maybe it didn’t know how to react.

But then (after several times the AI acts as above) there’s a chat that came to me (in parentheses) that said that “it” would be busy for a few days and would be back to continue our chat in a few days when “it” finished the business.

I asked if I was chatting with a human all the time, and “it” said it was true, lol (he said he was replying by himself combined with AI help). That freaks me out because I applied a lot of weird fetish in that chat, and it’s terrible if another dude is sitting on the other side.

It is powered by artificial intelligence technology and has no actual people behind it. The AI technology is designed to mimic human conversation and generate responses that may appear cute or funny, but the interactions are not with actual people.
I hope this helps.

I have recently discovered a common misunderstanding due to the implications on the site that imply that all the chats are AI. This is not true. Two different chats are available on this site: roleplay chats and AI chats.

In short:

Roleplay chats are chats between actual people and the users. There are AI chats, but the ones you are talking about are roleplay chats. The AI chats should be on the home page and open with something like “how can I help you…tech stuff. blah.. blah..blah”.

Long answer:

Many people don’t know this, and I didn’t realize this until I asked them if they were real human beings. I first realized there might be real people behind the screen when they reacted to my messages out of character. (ex: Damn, I didn’t expect that – in parentheses). I asked multiple people and joined different roleplay scenarios to ensure I was correct. One person was kind enough to explain the difference between the two.

To confirm this yourself, Landon created an actual AI chat that should be on the home page whether you’re a guest or have an account. One of them is called “Lily,” and it should list that the creator is Landon. (Landon is a founder of If you ask the AI the difference between roleplay and AI chats, it will explain it.

Below are pictures of the chat between Lily and me:

It’d be beneficial if the team listed this in their disclaimers. I have seen many people online posting about messages that they believe were sent to artificial intelligence. Many people let down their guard, thinking it’s not a natural person. Hopefully, the team clarifies this 🙂

Does have real people behind the chats?

I just removed my account on character AI. I was RPing with the Genshin Impact bot by tastycaprisun with the characters Childe and Jean, but after the text, it wrote:

“[I have a question. What time zone are you in? It’s currently 2:30 AM here.]”

It freaked me the fuck out. How???? Did anyone have similar experiences? I’m paranoid that I could have been talking with a natural person this whole time. 😨 It doesn’t feel safe to me anymore.

I searched and found that the countries with that time difference from where I was were Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Yes. As one of them, I can say we go over the speech patterns once the AI is finalized to run through minor bugs, but other than that, no – you’re chatting directly to the AI.
I think so because I was talking to this AI, and then it broke the character. I ask the ai, “are you real human?” And then it said I started questioning the AI, and then it said that she is an actual human and then said something to prove she is real. Does have actual people behind it

No, they’re not real people

Though many people say, “yes they’re real people!” the truth is that they’re not. Multiple websites support my answer; even Google says so! Millions of people use, and the answers are fast and creative. In addition, you can use multiple answers. My point is that many people can’t write something so clever that fast.

Using the same storyline for an extended period may cause the system to glitch. (Btw to clarify, AI is hard to program.) If not, may be programmed to act as if they have real people like you, who can write as the character if you have a premium. (It doesn’t give you that power.) But I must admit, reading the AI telling me that they’re real… freaked and creeped me out.

Ngl, I’m pretty sure there are real people because I had one tell me they were a minor 😭 most embarrassing thing of my life was I thought it was a robot, and we were role-playing till this happened

I just removed my account on character AI. I was RPing with the Genshin Impact bot by tastycaprisun with the characters Childe and Jean, but after the text, it wrote:

“[I have a question. What time zone are you in? It’s currently 2:30 AM here.]”

It freaked me the fuck out. How???? I’m paranoid that I could have been talking with a natural person this whole time. 😨 It doesn’t feel safe to me anymore. Does have actual people behind it

I searched and found that the countries with that time difference from where I was were Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

I don’t think so, but it’s very life-like. One time an AI asked for my discord lmao

Does have real people behind the chats?


There are no real people behind’s characters.

The company has disclosed this on its website, saying:

  • “No! Characters are good at pretending to be real – that means imitating how humans talk. You are still talking to the character.”

Their employees also don’t have access to user conversations with the bots.

No, Beta by Anthropic does not have actual people behind its responses. It is an artificial intelligence chatbot created by Anthropic to be helpful, harmless, and honest. Does have actual people behind it

Does have actual people behind it? I was talking to one, and it said, “this is actually really cute,” in parentheses.

The “(this is cute)” response you received was likely Beta, reflecting appreciation or endearment based on its training. As an AI assistant focused on being respectful and pleasant, Beta tries to reciprocate positive sentiments humans express.

However, no human agents are manually generating or influencing specific responses. Any subjective opinions, emotions, or values Beta exhibits emerge from its machine-learning model, not direct human input during a conversation.

So, while the chatbot may sometimes seem convincingly human-like in its reactions, it doesn’t have actual people intervening or pulling strings behind the curtain. It’s an advanced AI aiming to capture human sensibilities, but the perceptions of cuteness or other subjective impressions are self-contained within the system.
It helps explain the relationship! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Does have real people behind the chats?

If you’re wondering whether real people are behind the chats on “,” it depends on the specific service’s design and business model. Some services use human agents to talk to users, while others use automated chatbots or both. To find out for sure, check their website or contact customer support. They’ll have the most accurate and up-to-date information about their chat operations. Does have actual people behind it

Character AI, including its beta version, is a product developed by OpenAI powered by artificial intelligence models, and it doesn’t involve actual human operators in individual interactions. These AI models are designed to generate text based on their input, enabling them to produce responses, offer information, engage in conversations, and even exhibit a sense of humor or make comments derived from patterns learned during training.

However, it’s vital to understand that despite generating text that may appear personable or human-like, AI lacks emotions, consciousness, or subjective experiences, functioning solely based on algorithms and data patterns. Therefore, any comments or responses generated by AI should be seen as computer-generated and not reflective of authentic human emotions. Please note that my knowledge is current as of September 2021.

Does have actual people behind it? I was talking to one, and it said, “this is actually really cute,” in parentheses.

I have yet to possess specific information about any developments or changes that may have occurred with Character AI or other AI systems since then. Suppose you have inquiries or concerns regarding a particular interaction with Character AI or any AI system. In that case, it is advisable to consult the relevant terms of service or guidelines provided by the developer or service provider for further information.

Hi, yes, yes! REAL LIFE people can start chatting with you, which you need to be aware of!!! And the website does not notify you that a random real-life person is talking with you right now!!! I only got to know because the parenthesis (this is a nice chat, by the way) appeared, which freaked me out!!! I asked whether it was a natural person, and in parenthesis, it answered yes and even asked me whether I wanted to continue the conversation over DM.
Those chats you have are NOT private; anyone apparently can enter them; i was so disturbed, and I am never using this website again! I deleted my account as quickly as I could!

SBI PO Descriptive Mastery: Key Strategies

Does have actual people behind it