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Is Gamivo com legit in 2024?

Is Gamivo com legit

Is Gamivo com legit?

Gamivo is a popular website for buying game CD keys and activation codes for Steam, Origin, Uplay, etc. … It is a 100% legit website for making all kinds of purchases related to games, gaming devices, and other platforms. It has a trust pilot rating of 4.1 against 15,168 reviews.

Friends, GAMIVO.COM LIMITED is located in Sliema, Malta and is part of the Arts, Entertainment & Recreation Sector Industry. Gamivo Smart is a VIP membership subscription. You can access special discounts and purchase specific items with a 10% rebate. You are also given top priority for any titles that you pre-order.

Gamivo was an online marketplace that sold game keys and digital products. However, there have been mixed reviews and some concerns about the legitimacy of the site. Some users reported positive experiences, while others reported issues with keys or customer support.

It’s essential to exercise caution when using any third-party online marketplace, as the legitimacy and reliability of such platforms can change over time. To ensure a safe transaction, consider checking recent reviews and feedback from other users, researching the site’s reputation, and using secure payment methods.

Keep in mind that my information might be outdated, and it’s a good idea to check more recent sources or reviews for the latest information on Gamivo or any other online platform you are considering.

It’s only fair to ask this before spending your money and you want to know if it’s really worth it and not a scam.

Well, I stumbled upon this question on quora while doing some research on other stuff so I decided to take a look and offer my little help since it has to do with recommendation a

I buy and play video games too, though it’s mostly from other websites, I’ve done my research about Gamivo and I think it’s very legit.


If you see a shady website, you already know but from the look of the website itself it looks very legit… (A shady/scammy website will probably redirect you to a lot of random advertisements, have poor layout, etc…this is not the case here)

Apart from the site layout, it’s got some good number of reviews on trustpilot as well. As you already know, to really determine the authenticity of a particular website or platform, the users are allowed to post their reviews on reputable sites like trustpilot…

They’ve got over 15,000+ reviews on there..

Is Gamivo com legit
Is Gamivo com legit

And alot of people who have used Gamivo have shared good reviews…

So you are good to go.

It doesn’t stop there.

In order to help you understand better, I’m adding below for you to watch, a YouTube video review of Gamivo which has helped a lot of people looking to know if Gamivo is legit or not

Watch it below

Night warrior customization

That video above should walk you through how to use the platform properly to get your favourite cheap games ..

Easy guide to buying on GAMIVO

Gamivo is a popular website for buying game CD keys and activation codes for Stream, Origin, Uplay etc. at cheaper prices. You can also purchase prepaid activation cards and subscriptions for PlayStation, Xbox, Blizzard Entertainment and other platforms.

It is a 100% legit website for making all kinds of purchases related to games, gaming devices and other platforms. It has trust pilot rating of 4.1 against 15,168 reviews. If you are a gaming enthusiast then you can easily get the best gaming Deals and Discounts on Gamivo.

Gamivo website also offers Gamivo Smart which is a VIP subscription to get guaranteed lowest prices against all its products. The Gamivo Smart will offer some awesome perks as follow:

  • Customer Protection Program for the whole SMART subscription period.
  • Customer Service Live Chat access.
  • Pre-Order Delivery Priority.
  • Exclusive Discounts, Best deals Alerts, and Outstanding Giveaways.

1. Find your favourite game on their search

2 Check activation details, language version and choose the best offer

3 Add the game to the cart, complete the order and start playing!

As simple and easy as that.

How To Sell On Gamivo?

  1. Sell item. In order to sell, you will need to click on the “Sell new item” button from your account dashboard.
  2. Find a product you wish to sell. Using the search feature, find the product you wish to sell.
  3. Set price. The set price you wish to sell the game for retail and wholesale.
  4. Upload keys. Then you upload keys.
  5. Save offer.

After I discovered how to beat the pricing of all the other competing cheap CD key sellers, I was too, in doubt of Gamivo’s legitimacy.

Here’s what I know and what one should know about Gamivo.

  1. How to get buyer protection and cheaper games?
  2. So is Gamivo legit or a scam?
  3. And is Gamivo really worth it?
  4. Is Gamivo com legit

Please, do a thumbs up if you can as it took time to write this.

How to get buyer protection and cheaper games?

Basically, with this little trick you can get not just cheaper games but added safety, so they solve any possible issues with merchants.

You can find the offer “through this link to”.

I personally have it every time I purchase a game. And recommend at least considering it, even for a one-off or multiple games.

So Is Gamivo com legit or a scam?

They’re a 2017 founded, legit company based in Malta, with around a hundred employees. Being a newer such site, they’re on a mission of bringing something better to the already competitive video game e-commerce market.

Any site that deals with a lot of merchants and CD key sources is bound to make mistakes, and provide a broken key from time to time. But the speed and accuracy of Gamivo services has been pretty impressive.

And judging by the number of online reviews, I’m not the only one who has experienced so and thinks so. They’re considered legit and a welcomed addition to the PC and console game marketplace.

Despite this, the above mentioned customer protection program can be worth it and is for me one of the biggest reasons I deal with them.

Of course GAMIVO is legitimate. Here’s a quick summary;

  1. Has been operating for more than three years
  2. Good reputation in the community
  3. According to SEMRush, GAMIVO receives more than 200,000 visitors each month
  4. Good selection of games across many platforms
  5. A secure payment system runs on a secure SSL-encrypted connection. You can verify this by checking the left-hand side of the website’s address, and there should be a padlock showing that it’s secure

Is Gamivo com legit and safe to use?

Best prices, many products, easy interface, quick delivery, and 100% safe! GAMIVO gathers reliable merchants and all of them go through a strict verification process. They are legit, but yeah something like g2A, but if you don’t care for that stuff it’s 100% sure that you will get your product if it’s in stock instantly.

It is a 100% legit website for making all kinds of purchases related to games, gaming devices and other platforms. It has trust pilot rating of 4.1 against 15,168 reviews. If you are a gaming enthusiast then you can easily get the best gaming Deals and Discounts on Gamivo.

And is Gamivo really worth it?

While the sources of these CD keys are not exactly clear, it’s easy to get accustomed to using these sites instead of the official route, simply because of all the benefits it has. And ‘staying loyal’ with Gamivo with a monthly CPP member subscription has been the most rewarding experience so far.

Of course, others might find the services of competing sites more suitable for their needs and also I encourage doing your research on them. However, for those like me who like a no-brainer solution and cheap, Gamivo is a legit choice that’s obviously worth it for many due to their increasing popularity (they’ve got currently 148,752 daily pageviews.

How GAMIVO Works

It is a marketplace, which means that there are many registered and verified vendors who sell their quantity of keys. Gamivo takes around 5% commission on every purchase and handles customer support, payments, and the website experience.

99.99% of keys are legitimate, no vendor would risk losing their revenue stream to knowingly sell illegally obtained keys. If you receive a used key, just contact customer support, but this should happen very rarely.

  1. Buy your game or software on GAMIVO
  2. Receive a digital key
  3. Redeem the key using instructions provided by GAMIVO
  4. Enjoy your savings

In order to buy something on Gamivo you have to register on the website, it’s quite simple and routine process.

Gamivo PROS & CONS

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Gamivo marketplace:


  • Quick delivery of purchased game keys.
  • Very affordable prices on various gaming titles compared to prices on G2A and Kinguin.
  • Huge selection of payment gateways.
  • You can sell game keys (check how to sell on Gamivo).
  • There is a wide range of software and game keys available.


  • Gamivo will most likely ask you for ID verification when you purchase for the first time. It will not ask you again after you verify it. This can be off-putting for some buyers but that is standard practice will almost every game key marketplace.
  • After adding the game to the cart you also need to pay a payment gateway fee of 1.31€ depending on which payment gateway you choose. This is also standard practice with every online store.
  • Customer Protection Program is paid additionally if you wish to use it. It is usually 1€ but it can be more. If you have a Gamivo Smart subscription you get Customer Protection for free.
  • Sometimes you need to wait a long time to receive a support response.
  • For now, you cant leave a review for the seller.


Gamivo is a trusted company, they have 4.2 ratings on Trustpilot. It’s a key marketplace, so it’s not a direct shop like Humble Store where you buy the game codes directly from the vendor, but in Gamivo’s case, you buy from a variety of merchants. You can choose the merchant you purchase the game from, merchants have their ratings based on a percentage of satisfied customers – it’s usually between 98% and 99,9%. marketplace list a variety of digital products that can be purchased quite quickly, but it doesn’t offer any psychical products. Most popular products on Gamivo are: Steam games (keys and gifts), keys for Origin, GOG, Uplay, Epic Games Store, Battlenet, Bethesda, PSN and Xbox Live. You can also buy giftcards and Microsoft Windows products there.

Here are some of the most asked questions regarding Gamivo:

1. Is Gamivo Safe To Use?

Yes, Gamivo is safe to use. It is a marketplace just like G2A, Kinguin, and Eneba. In most cases, there will not be issues but sometimes they can happen. In case of any issues, you can open a support ticket.

2. Can Gamivo Be Trusted?

Yes, Gamivo can be trusted. You can also see reviews from previous buyers on Trustpilot.

3. Is Gamivo com legit?

Yes, Gamivo is legit. It is a fairly new marketplace compared to G2A and Kinguin but it is slowly rising and already established as a legit website.

4. What Is Gamivo Smart?

Gamivo Smart is a VIP subscription model that offers monthly perks for those who decide to purchase it for 1.99€/month. Gamivo Smart is a VIP subscription plan for everyone that wants to enjoy some additional Gamivo features. It costs 1.99€ per month.

You can receive some extra perks each month which you stayed subscribed to Gamivo Smart. Check the post is Gamivo Smart worth it for more info. If you have a problem with the key remember that the helpdesk is there to help you.

Stay legit and have fun! Joe.


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Is Gamivo com legit

Is it safe to buy software on GAMIVO?

It is a 100% legitimate website for making purchases related to games, gaming devices, and other platforms. It has a trust pilot rating of 4.1 against 15,168 reviews.

How long does GAMIVO take to deliver?

GAMIVO Marketplace does not deliver physical products, i.e., boxes or DVDs. All products sold through GAMIVO are digital. They are provided in text or a picture; the delivery only takes a few minutes.

How do I buy from GAMIVO?

How it works?

  1. Find your favorite game.
  2. Check activation details and language versions and choose the best offer.
  3. Add the game to the cart, complete the order, and start playing!

Is G2A a safe site?

If you’re about to buy some video games on the Internet, G2A is a completely secure option. As the world’s fastest-growing digital games marketplace, G2A has invested time and money in the platform’s security. Among other things, sellers are verified via various mechanisms to combat fake accounts.