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5 Ways To Catch Cheaters Online 

5 Ways To Catch Cheaters Online 

5 Ways To Catch Cheaters Online 

If you suspect your partner of cheating on the internet, there are a few ways to catch them in the act. You can catch a cheater online by doing a little snooping around their computer or phone. Here are five ways to catch a cheater online:

1. Look At The Browser History To Catch A Cheater Online

Look at the browser history on their device and see what websites they have been visiting recently. If your husband’s boss has been showing up in his history, that may be a sign that they’ve been having an affair. You might find text messages between them if you look at the texts section of the browser history too. The same goes for emails, social media accounts, chat rooms, dating sites and more. This is the best and most obvious place to catch a cheater online, but it’s also the least invasive: unless you’re looking at their phone or computer right in front of them, chances are they won’t know that you’ve seen the browser history.

2. Look At The Sent Items Folder To Catch A Cheater Online

Check out the sent items folder on their email account (and maybe even check out their trash folder). If there are messages from another woman coming from his email address, then that might be a sign that he’s having an affair. You can use any email service, whether it’s Gmail or Yahoo! Mail or However, this is easier said than done when it comes to social media.

What this means is that it might be easier to catch a cheater who uses their work email than someone who’s cheating with an old college email address (or some other service like Temporary Email Accounts).

3. Google Phone Number To Catch Cheating Spouse Online

So if they’re using social media, you’ll probably need to use a more sophisticated way to catch them, which is by using a phone number that will help you “catch” them when they’re in the act. Of course, that’s easier said than done and sometimes it doesn’t work (or we don’t know how to do this). Now what you can do is search for their email address on Google and you might find a phone number.

4. Get A Cheating Spouse’s Location With Google Maps

A married couple I know were having issues and the husband was accusing the wife of cheating on him because he discovered that she spent a lot of time away from home. What he did to try to catch her out was to use Google Maps Street View and find where she actually was. He knew her workplace and he used Street View to see what the actual building’s location was from his house.

He found out that it took her a really long time to get to work, especially when they were saying that she was never home – which is probably because she wasn’t. I hope this is some helpful, personal experience to help you with your own investigation or you can read some of the related articles on Google Maps.

5. Check Their Bank Account 

In this case, it’s probably a good idea to check their bank account. Most people have online access to their accounts these days and if you know the username and password all you have to do is log in and check their past receipts or transactions so that you can see where they have been. This might also help with any investigation as well – it should be noted that if you are doing this, make sure it is your money in the bank account and not someone else’s.

Final Thoughts 

In the end, this is a very difficult situation to be in. You have been cheated on and not only that, but your partner has been lying about it as well so you really don’t know what to believe anymore. This can be a very difficult time for you, but remember that there are resources out there that can help with any investigation.

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5 Ways To Catch Cheaters Online