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6 Safe Online Jobs Perfect for Students

6 Safe Online Jobs Perfect for Students

6 Safe Online Jobs Perfect for Students

College students have to carefully manage their finances. Getting through college takes a toll on their budget. They have to save money on books, supplies, and bills. Some of them even have to skip meals to get by. There are some who are determined to earn money while receiving an education.

Many students look for online jobs. It’s a great way to get paid without leaving the dorm room. But not every job is safe for college students. There are several activities they can get into. They are secure payment and personal safety-wise. Picking them up will ensure a level of financial independence after graduation.

Freelance Writer

Whatever your major, you’re writing many essays and papers. This experience and expertise make most students good candidates for becoming freelance writers. There’s a strong chance there are many who will buy an essay from you, especially if you have established credibility within this field of work.

One can make approximately $50 per article. Writing at least 10 small articles a week will earn you extra $500 dollars. Needless to say, grammar, spelling, and style have to be honed to perfection. If you have these skills, they can support you through college. Your articles can even get published in print and online publications.

Those choosing this career should think about creating their own blog. This way, it’s easier to find high-end clients and show your work. Upwork is another good way of finding potential employers. It’s possible to try your luck on sites like Freelance Writing Jobs and others. Make sure to have enough credible testimonials.


Students who are good at spotting mistakes in texts can work as proofreaders. The job is more high-paying than working as a freelance writer. Students can earn between $10 and $45 an hour, depending on how skilled they are. This is the final step before content is published. That’s why students must have a good eye for

  • spelling;
  • grammar;
  • punctuation.

Proofreaders don’t do the same work as editors. It’s one of the best choices college students can make. One of the first things students should do is create a freelancer profile. There are many potential clients that can be found on Freelancer, LinkedIn, and Upwork. Students can hone their proofreading skills by joining free online seminars.

Graphic Designer

This job is a great opportunity for art majors and those with creative minds. It can be used to master what they learn during lectures and make money along the way. Those working in the field can earn about $25-$300 an hour. Of course, it depends on the skillset.

Students will have to display skills with programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. But, those starting out in graphic design can use free online tools like Canva. They allow creating beautifully designed logos, social media pages, and business cards.

Once decided on this field of work, students have to look for clients. The best idea is to contact small businesses in your area. Tell them about the services you provide and how they can improve business figures. Sending examples of your work makes for a great promotion. Students can reach out to their friends and offer work on their social media images.

Product Reviewer

This work can be done by any student, regardless of their specialty. They can get paid from $2 to $10 for each product review. It’s an ideal job for people passionate about trying new products and describing the experience of using them. There are many websites that pay for reviews.

To receive payments, students have to register with platforms like InboxDollars and LifePoints. There, you have to go through short surveys. The platforms will send out products for testing and reviewing based on this information. These reviews can be shared on blogs, websites, and social media.

Signing up with these platforms is a good way of supporting yourself in college. They offer money for watching videos, taking surveys, and playing video games. There is no pressure of earning money as a product tester. This activity can be combined with others found on the list.

6 Safe Online Jobs Perfect for Students
6 Safe Online Jobs Perfect for Students


While there’s currently a strong emphasis on video content, the demand for high-quality photography is still there. There’s always a need for people who make good shots and edit them into quality photos. If your phone camera is good enough, taking shots doesn’t need any professional equipment.

On average, American photographers earn about $25 per hour. The price shifts depending on the level of skill with a camera and editing tools. Before getting started, students should take a basic course on photography. Once they’ve learned the bare minimum, it’s time to take pictures.

It’s important to create a page with your best works before approaching any clients. Many freelancers start out by making photoshoots of their friends and family. As with all careers, they take small steps towards establishing their presence.

Audio Transcriber

This is a great side gig for students with good hearing and attention to detail. While computers are getting better at the job, they’re far from perfect. That’s why many employers hire those who can turn audio into written text. This job will get paid $0.36 per minute of transcribed audio. Doing 10 hours of transcribing a week will earn $216. This turns to $864 per month.

People with higher experience get double the pay. It’s not the easiest job as some of the audio can be impossible to transcribe or requires many takes to get right. All platforms that deal with this work have users passing transcription assessment tests. The upside is that students can take on as much or as little work as they like.


There are many more jobs students can access. But they need more time and effort and can divert from their studies. These jobs can be tackled by any student who’s patient enough to handle them. Take your time and find the source of income that suits you.

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6 Safe Online Jobs Perfect for Students