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AWS Cloud – Full Information

AWS Cloud - Full Information

AWS Cloud

Processing big data requires cloud computing, and now cloud computing systems are also colorful. Today, let’s learn what AWS is. Only by understanding its concept can we further understand its purpose, function, and advantages. After all, this is a digital era. If you master the data, you can master the information of the times. Therefore, the cloud computing system is relatively important. For more information, you can turn to the website of SPOTO.

What is AWS

Amazon Web services AWS is the most comprehensive and widely used cloud platform in the world, providing more than 200 fully functional services from global data centers. Millions of customers, including the fastest-growing start-ups, the largest enterprises, and major government agencies, are using AWS to reduce costs, improve agility and accelerate innovation.

Founctions of AWS 

Auto Scaling: in the initial stage of website construction, the number of visitors and traffic are few. Just like a living room, usually, if only one person uses it, the space will be flexible; but if one day more people use the same space, the original room will be overwhelmed. If we can open up more space when the flow of people rises, we can abandon the new space when the required space returns to normal, so as to reduce the expenditure and resource consumption caused by the new space, which is really what many people want. But in reality, the house is impossible.

After all, the cost and time of occupying and spitting out new space make this operation inappropriate. However, if this concept can be applied to cloud services, everything will become appropriate. When the website set up on the server has a higher browsing volume, it can automatically generate one or more machines in the architecture to cope with the rapid growth of traffic. When the traffic decreases, the newly set up server will automatically shut down to reduce operating costs. This is the advantage of using Auto Scaling on the server.

Memcache: When processing seasonings at home, we always buy oil, salt, soy sauce, and vinegar first and then pour them into small bottles to facilitate use during cooking. Memcache is like a small bottle of seasoning placed in the kitchen. It quantifies various processing sequences on the server into small modules. On the one hand, it can improve overall computing efficiency. On the other hand, it does not need to process a large amount of data at the same time, but only needs to centrally process the corresponding schedule.

CDN: Cloud Delivery Network is a very simple concept, that is, imagine that your network world is all over the world. If your website content is uploaded on your cloud system, it is uploaded to the world. Because the concept of a cloud server is to connect different computer rooms in the world into a huge virtual computer room, which is like a big cloud. However, the data you upload will flow on the cloud. For example, your machine is in China. When the document is uploaded to CDN, foreign friends will be able to obtain information on the machine closest to the United States, rather than waiting for the domestic server.

Five advantages of AWS 

1. AWS cloud is the cloud of technology leaders

2. AWS cloud is a cloud that focuses on security and privacy

3. AWS cloud is a global cloud

4. AWS cloud is the cloud of global best business practices

5. AWS is the cloud of the Day 1 Builder industry.

Do you know what AWS is now? Do you think its cloud service is quite comprehensive? It solves the problem of large increases in browsing volume and distance. It will not cause information lag because the server is in other places, because with this cloud service, resources can be shared. To learn more about cloud computing, you can turn to the websites of SPOTO.

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