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Biggest Disadvantages of E-Learning

Biggest Disadvantages of E-Learning

Biggest Disadvantages of E-Learning

If you are thinking about moving your study into e-learning, then you definitely need to have all the information about it.

  1. Problem 1: not knowing how to manage time 

The freedom that the e-learning format offers often creates a false sense of having time. Mismanagement of time can lead to serious delays in the curriculum and cause severe stress. 

Here are some guidelines to help you manage time properly:

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  • Avoid distractions. Block social networks if you usually spend a lot of time on them.
  • Give up multitasking. You should focus on doing one task at a time, and start with the hardest one.

In addition, there are many scheduling services that will allow you to set reminders for your assignments, which will be very useful in the learning process.

Problem 2: difficulties in adapting to e-learning

During a regular lesson, students passively listen, take notes, engage in virtual discussions, and work with a personal account, and materials in different formats require action. It is difficult for some students to adapt to such changes.

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Recommendations: Ask a teacher to provide you with links to resources where you can find support and relieve emotional stress, such as a counseling hotline and sites with a variety of meditation and breathing practices. Teachers should encourage students to share tips and strategies with each other to help them adapt to e-learning.

  1. Problem 3: strong motivation required

It’s one thing when there is a teacher nearby, and it is another when there are no guardians around to help reinforce your habits. Almost all educational material is assimilated by the students themselves. This requires strong willpower. Not everyone can maintain the correct pace of learning without supervision.

Recommendation: try to choose interactive ways of learning especially if the discipline is difficult for you.

  1. Problem 4: communication is reduced

Communication with classmates or with a teacher may not be enough in e-learning. Most often this can be seen in foreign language classes. If nobody sits next to you, such as in most pair and group tasks, for example, discussions are impossible. However, this is also an advantage. Often, within one group, the levels of language proficiency differ, and stronger students become bored. It is quite simple to prevent the lack of communication in online classes.


  • Communication with the teacher can be replaced with the correspondence with the curator. In this case, even the most shy students will not be afraid to “say nonsense” and will receive answers to all questions that bother them.
  • Talk to other people. You can find a like-minded person in any part of the world. Thus, you will get more benefit from communication.
  1. Problem 5: lack of practical knowledge

In e-learning, it is difficult to study disciplines that involve a lot of hands-on exercises remotely. Recommendation: If possible, it is better to take practical exercises in an educational institution.

If you are faced with difficulties, trust that you can handle them. Focusing on your goals is a great way to stay on track and achieve what you want. Good luck!

Biggest Disadvantages of E-Learning