Breast expansion / Increase Your Bust Size

Breast expansion / Increase Your Bust Size

One look at People Magazine or any Fashion Magazine and it is obvious that a large bust size with a full cleavage and bigger breasts is very popular in today’s culture.

Many women want to increase the size of their bust by “natural” breast enhancement because they do not want to have Breast Implants.

However many of the so-called “natural” breast enhancement techniques simply do not work.

Some of the “natural” breast enlargement techniques do work but involve hormone therapy that can actually be dangerous to your health.

Below I am going to review many of the techniques and comments on effectiveness and safety.

Breast expansion
Breast expansion

Natural Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement, Enlargement or Augmentation

Hormone Therapy – estrogen, the female hormone will cause breast enlargement. Estrogen supplementation by pill or patch is effective. However, once the estrogen is stopped the breast will become smaller and revert to a smaller size.

There are dangers of estrogen supplementation in women who are not deficient in this hormone.

Some studies show that supplemental estrogen in non-deficient individuals can stimulate the growth of some forms of breast cancer cells.

I do not recommend estrogen supplementation for the purpose of enlarging the breast.

Birth Control Pills – some Birth control pills can cause engorgement and fullness of the breast. If you are taking birth control pills you will know how significant this effect is for you.

Herbal Compounds – herbs like saw palmetto and wild yam contain Phytoestrogens and are purported to increase breast size.

Documented scientifically controlled studies proving the benefit of these compounds is lacking.

Breast expansion

Breast expansion / Increase Your Bust Size

Topical Creams – these creams contain Phytoestrogens and again there is little scientific evidence that they produce significant breast enlargement of increase in bust size.

Bust Exercises – breast enlarging exercises involve strengthening and enlarging the chest muscle, the Pectoralis Muscles of the chest. While exercise can certainly enlarge the chest muscles, remember the breast lies on top of the muscle.

The breast does not contain any skeletal muscle. Therefore exercise will not enlarge the breast. Any bulking effect on the Pectoralis Muscle will be reflected as an increase in muscle size and may actually detract from breast appearance.

BRAVA Non-Surgical Breast Expansion – BRAVA Breast Expansion actually works! BRAVA is a suction device shaped like a bra that you wear.

Over time the suction on your breast actually makes the breast enlarge. However you need to wear the device at least 10 hours a day, and the best scientifically controlled study suggests that 11 months of treatment are required for the best results.

The best results are an enlargement of 150ccs (cubic centimeters) or about 5 tablespoons of enlargement. You will see the difference, but whether this is enough to increase your bust size significantly is uncertain.

Most surgical Breast Implant enlargement to increase bust size usually increases breast size by 300 or more ccs.

Breast expansion

Surgical Breast Implant Enlargement to Increase Bust Size

Breast Implants – breast implants have been used since the early 1960s to significantly enlarge the breasts and increase bust size.

They are effective and newer FDA approved breast implants are safe when placed by an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Implant sizes range from 100ccs up to 1000 ccs but average implant size for cosmetic Breast Augmentation is in the 250-350 cc range in my practice, although today women are going even bigger.

Fat Transfer – Fat transfer involves harvesting your own body fat from an area of your body that has extra fat and transferring or injecting the fat into your breast.

This is a relatively new technique and the results are very promising. Volumes are 150ccs to 200ccs which is on the low side, but many women are very happy with a 200 cc breast enlargement.

However, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has not yet recommended this technique. Concerns about obscuring mammogram detection of breast cancer have not been fully addressed.

Breast expansion
Breast expansion

What Should You Do?

The decision to take action to increase your bust size by enlarging your breasts is a very personal one. Most important I believe is seeking professional advice. Do not be misled by internet marketing.

The only nonsurgical method for getting bigger breasts that I am aware of that has been scientifically proven in published literature is the BRAVA breast expansion device.

It does work and is safe, but requires a long time and produces at best a small increase in cup size.

I do not believe that creams and exercises will increase your bust size. Hormone therapy can be dangerous.

Before you undertake any hormone-based therapy to produce bigger breasts, see an Endocrinologist for an evaluation of your hormone levels and advice on potential dangers of hormone therapy.

Breast Implants are the most reliable and proven method to increase your bust size and have bigger breasts.

Consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. To find an expert visit the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

Breast expansion / Increase Your Bust Size

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