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Can CBD Products Support Veterans with PTSD?

Can CBD Products Support Veterans with PTSD

Can CBD Products Support Veterans with PTSD?

With cannabidiols been deemed essential in various countries during the Covid-19 crisis, people have been getting various health benefits regarding body and mind. This substance is the extracts from the low hemp and cannabis plants. In addition, CBD has also been effective in treating various pain-related or mental problems on a regular and systematic dosage mechanism. 

CBD has also been known to treat patients who have PTSD, a type of mental condition that people go through due to its various effective properties. People who have served for their countries are prone to having PTSD even after they have served and retired.

PTSD – Overview 

PTSD is the abbreviated term for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which is a prolonged mental disorder developed after experiencing a traumatic event. This may lead to sleepless nights and anxiety, finally resulting in depression. Although there are various types of treatment for PTSD, the CBD-induced method has been deemed the most effective method in treating the disorder. 

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Is More Than A Bad Story

The symptoms of PTSD are devastating and are said to occur most among the military who served in times of war. Unfortunately, these symptoms are so dangerous that they prevent the veteran from getting back to life and readjusting. Certain symptoms of PTSD are listed below, some out of the lot.

  1. Avoiding the places, people, or activities that remind of that traumatic event
  2. Feeling detached and estranged from the loved ones and dear ones
  3. Re-experience vivid flashbacks of the exact moment of the traumatic event
  4. Insomnia
  5. Having difficulty in focusing

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Is there a chance to treat PTSD with CBD?

CBD reacts with the endocannabinoid system of the consumer on regularized and systematic consumption. You can buy CBD products online by clicking here and get them directly at your doorstep. Medical cannabis, as well as synthetic cannabidiol, have been found helpful in treating PTSD. 

Various studies show that the consumption of CBD as soon as a traumatic event is experienced helps prevent PTSD. This is because consuming the substance in that situation would prevent the mind from forming memories that can haunt afterwards.

The substance reacts with the endocannabinoid system makes a big difference in treating people who have PTSD. The key element of PTSD is memory and anxiety regarding the traumatic memory. The reaction of the substance with the receptors dealing with anxiety and memory reduces the symptoms of PTSD after the procedure of memory extinction. With more detailed research, consumers would know the truest potential of the substance.  

The Legal Aspect

There has been a long-lasting conclusion regarding the legal stature of cannabidiol or CBD. This has been because of conflicting regulations and laws by different regulatory bodies and Feral Legislative bodies. The everlasting controversy for the substance’s legality has prevented scientists from researching and studying the substance, and thus, the knowledge remains limited. 

However, with the regulatory board of Tokyo Olympics finally removing CBD from their list of banned substances, there has been a change in the perception about the substance. Various professional athletes and bodybuilders have attested to the benefitting factor of cannabidiol consumption and its incorporation in daily lives. Nevertheless, there still lies a vast ground that has to be covered in unveiling the truest potential of the substance.

However, there remains still the presence of conflicting Laws by different countries and states. This is still preventing scientists from researching the effectiveness and dosage of the substance and various other CBD details.

The Best form of CBD for PTSD

Can CBD Products Support Veterans with PTSD

Cannabidiols can be sourced in various forms depending on their usage and the concentration of THC in them. The basic division of CBD based on the concentration of THC, the compound that consists of psychoactive effects, are as follows:

  1. CBD ISOLATE: This is the purest form of cannabidiol, with no other compounds available on this extract.
  2. BROAD SPECTRUM CBD: This type of cannabidiol extract retains most of the naturally available compounds in the plants of hemp or cannabis. This type, however, has no traces of THC in them.
  3. FULL SPECTRUM CBD: The third type of cannabidiol extract also retains most of the chemical compound from the hemp or cannabis leaves, along with traces of THC. However, the concentration of THC is controlled within the limit of 0.3% of THC concentration in the compound.

However, there is a different type of division of the substance based on the consumption methodology. Starting with direct consumption, the methodology, with the help of technology, has evolved a lot. Starting from capsules to essential oils to even topicals and edibles induced with CBD. Due to its strict dosage mechanism, the CBD capsules have been positive in reducing the symptoms of PTSD, while CBD oil applied on the skin has resulted in decreasing anxiety and sleeping problems. You can buy CBD Gummies Online by visit here.

On the other hand, various research shows that a combination of THC and CBD can also benefit the people who have PTSD, mainly the veterans. However, there is still a need for ample research regarding the substance and its effects and reactions to determine the substance’s potentiality properly. 

Can CBD Products Support Veterans with PTSD