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Can High Blood Pressure Affect Your Mediclaim Insurance?

Can High Blood Pressure Affect Your Mediclaim Insurance

Life insurance companies consider high blood pressure as an additional risk factor since it normally indicates an underlying ailment. However, you can get life insurance even if you have high blood pressure, but the premium you pay might be higher than what a person without it would pay. Every insurer has a different policy when it comes to blood pressure. So, here’s all you need to know about how blood pressure can affect your mediclaim insurance.

How high blood pressure affects insurance premiums:

High blood pressure is an early indicator of cardiovascular diseases, such as strokes and heart attacks. Life insurance companies will look at your overall health, including lifestyle and habits, body mass index or BMI, the frequency of exercise, and of course, the specific level of your blood pressure. Most insurance companies increase the premiums to account for the risks associated with high blood pressure.

Ranges of acceptable blood pressure

There are specific blood pressure level readings that will determine what your status is as a risk for life insurance. Though each insurer will have different standards, the general guidelines are as below:
Super preferred: Blood pressure must be lower than 141/86 consistently. Some insurers allow higher readings for senior citizens who are in good health.
Preferred: If your blood pressure reading is at 145/90, you are eligible for the preferred rating.
Standard Plus: This rating requires one to have a blood pressure of not higher than 152/92
Standard: If your blood pressure is less than 161/91, then you will receive this rating.

What you can do to improve your premiums with high blood pressure?

There are certain steps that you can take to improve your chances of getting life insurance even if you have high blood pressure. Start treatment for your blood pressure. Since high blood pressure is a condition that generally produces no immediate medical problems, there is often a tendency to ignore it. A life insurance company may decline your policy as a result. Make sure you get regular check-ups and are taking any medication and an exercise regimen as required to control your blood pressure.

  • Give up bad habits: High blood pressure is typically caused by certain bad habits. Smoking excessive alcohol consumption and overeating are three common contributors to the condition.
  • Lose a few pounds: Excess weight puts a greater strain on the heart and that can increase blood pressure. Your readings may be lowered a few points if you lose some weight.
  • Exercise on regular basis: Vigorous physical activity has been shown to have beneficial effects on high blood pressure. Start a regular exercise regimen, even if only a moderate one. Walking two or three miles per day can help lower your blood pressure.
  • Watch your diet: Foods, such as salt, caffeine, and excess fats can have a negative effect on blood pressure. Avoid processed foods, and add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.
  • Learn to relax: High blood pressure is caused by stress. Even though it is impossible to completely eliminate stress from your life, there are some activities you can do to counter its effects. Meditation and other forms of relaxation can help you to calm down and gain a more balanced outlook on life.

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Can High Blood Pressure Affect Your Mediclaim Insurance?