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Are there any cheap bookstores in Dubai?

bookstores in Dubai

Are there any cheap bookstores in Dubai?

So one of the 1st things I did after moving to Dubai, or pretty much any new city, searched and mark all the bookstores in Dubai, on Google Maps. Here are some of the interesting ones.

  1. Book World Trading, Al Hudaiba Road, Satwa. My fav. Some new, lots of used books. Plenty of Terry Pratchett, for whatever reason.
  2. House of Prose, Jumeriah Plaza, Jumeirah Road
  3. House of Prose, Dubai Garden Centre, Near FGB Metro station

These are the cheap ones that sell books. There a quite a few lending libraries as well.

Are you a bibliophile in the city who is always on a book hunt? Then we have got a list of the best bookstores in Dubai you need to keep in mind when you are out on your next book hunt.

  1. Kinokuniya Dubai Mall

This Japanese global bookstore brand is enormous in Dubai. It is home to more than half a million books waiting for you to be enjoyed. What’s more, is its vast book gallery for you to browse through.

bookstores in Dubai
bookstores in Dubai

Additionally, they also stock up thousands of magazines in English, Arabic, Japanese, French, German, and Chinese. So you know if there is a book you need to find in the UAE, it’s here.

Walk into Kinokuniya in your next The Dubai Mall trip and be amazed to see how quickly time passes by over here. Moreover, they also offer online shopping.

Location: 2nd Floor, The Dubai Mall
Timings: 10AM-12AM

  1. Book World

This bookshop in Satwa hosts an extensive collection of English books, magazines, comics, and a variety of other readable. Stacked in their floor to ceiling shelves, you can browse the books with ease.

Not in a mood to buy? You can rent in the titles and get half the money back on return. Oh, and did we tell you that you can bargain too! This one is an excellent find for book lovers for affordable book stores.

Location: Shop Number 5 & 6, Al Hudaiba Road, Al Bada
Timings: Mon-Thu, Sat 10:30 AM- 9:30 PM | Friday 2 PM- 9:30 PM
Contact: 04 349 1914

Book World, Satwa

One of the city’s best-kept secrets, Book World is discreetly tucked away into one of Satwa’s by-lanes. But don’t be fooled by its location; the store is crammed with floor-to-ceiling shelves of literary wonders.

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Book World, Satwa bookstores in Dubai
bookstores in Dubai

Shelves slide across to reveal even more books, which range in condition from almost brand new to about-to-fall-apart and are priced accordingly.

You can find a book for as low as Dhs 7; books bought from and returned to the store receive a 50% refund so this is a great place to trade books.

A favorite hangout for literature lovers, this store is not the most meticulously organized with encyclopedias sharing shelf space with romance novels and tarot-reading guides, so plan on spending plenty of time if you are browsing for a particular title.

  1. Borders

With over 15 stores across the Middle East, Borders has been offering a great selection of books to readers across the city in Dubai.

bookstores in Dubai
bookstores in Dubai

As it provides competitive rates in its various stores in the city, it is becoming a fast favorite bookstore in Dubai city.

Strategically located in most of your favorite malls- from Deira City Centre to Mall of the Emirates, Borders makes buying your favorite author’s latest bestseller easier than before.

Additionally, it also offers stationaries and toys for your little ones to indulge in while you read your book.

Address: 10 Locations in Dubai including DCC and MOE
Timings: 8 AM-12 AM
Contact: Facebook page

  1. House Of Prose – Jumeirah Plaza

For some of us, hoarding books can be quite an expensive affair. That’s why second-hand bookshops are the best answer to get your personal copy for cheap rates.

House Of Prose
bookstores in Dubai

This bookstore features a massive collection of books across the genre for people to indulge in. One of our favorite features of this one is its policy of offering a 50% discount on exchanging old books with newer titles.

They also have popular book sets available for as low as AED 20 so you do not feel the pinch in your pocket after a grand book purchase. With three stores in the city, they ensure that their bookstores are easily accessible too.

Address: JBR, Times Square Centre and Dubai Garden Centre
Timings: Sat-Thurs 11 AM- 9 PM | Friday 5 PM- 9 PM
Contact: 04 344 9021

  1. Jashanmal Bookstore

They offer a wide array of books spanning across genres, including new releases and best sellers.

With a cozy and appealing environment, they have got a regular stream of bibliophiles on book trail in their store.

They take their literary love seriously! Don’t believe us? You are incredibly likely to find them in Book fairs and Middle East Film & Comic Coms frequently. So you know your books come from the best in the business.

Address: Dubai Festival City
Timings: 10 AM- 10 PM
Contact: 04 232 9023

  1. Magrudy’s, several locations

A family-run business, Magrudy’s opened its doors to Dubai in 1975 and since then has built up a customer base of loyal customers, who have shopped there for years as well as new clients who love the knowledgeable staff and the great books on offer.

bookstores in Dubai

Although children’s books, toys, and school supplies were their initial bread and butter, Magrudy’s has evolved into much more than just a bookstore, playing an active role in community life by tying up with local schools to encourage reading amongst local as well as international children and running book clubs inviting authors for book signings.

Keeping in mind the needs of the local community, their fantastic selection of books (which has evolved from children’s books to a wide array of literature) is complemented by a large selection of toys, cards, stationery, and arts and crafts supplies for all to enjoy.

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Are there any cheap bookstores in Dubai? 2023

bookstores in Dubai
bookstores in Dubai

Dubai bibliophiles have many options to choose from when it comes to satisfying their craving for good literature, be it the latest bestseller or a classic read.

From mega bookstore chains with wall-to-wall page turns to hidden thrift stores packed with unusual finds, book lovers can find each and every book they are looking for.

If the price of a new book is too high for you, there are many small second-hand stores where you can get books at considerably lower prices if you don’t mind a slightly wrinkled copy.

  1. Bookworm, Jumeirah

A treasure trove for young readers of all ages, Bookworm’s narrow aisles are lined with shelves full of story tapes, toys, and brightly colored books guaranteed to capture the fancy of even the most hesitant reader.

Thursday mornings are a special treat with storytelling in an Arabian tent complete with fairy lights.

Bookworm, Jumeirah
bookstores in Dubai

Bean bags are scattered around the tent to ensure that listeners can make themselves comfortable for the next hour.

  1. Jashanmal Book store, several locations

A part of the Jashanmal Group, Jashanmal Bookstore opened its first store in Bahrain in 1995 and has never looked back since.

You may not find that rare print you are looking for here, but these stores are easily navigable with a large ‘fiction’ section divided into sub-sections like ‘classics’, ‘romance’, and ‘sci-fi’.

Not the ideal location for that hard-to-find book, but if you are looking for the latest bestseller you are very likely to find it here.

Are there any cheap bookstores in Dubai? 2021

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