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How to get a freelance visa Dubai / in UAE

freelance visa Dubai

How to get a freelance visa Dubai

How to get a freelancer license/freelancer visa in UAE?

Do you know that there is a whole community in Dubai, just to support you?

You are a tech enthusiast or an academician, or a media worker who wants to work as a freelancer, right?

This amazing place has a crowd of tech geeks just like you. Now, this is what you want? Do you know how to be a part of it? It is to be unveiled here.

The first step to enter Dubai as a freelancer would be to obtain a freelancer visa in Dubai.

The concept of working as a freelancer has also become much easier. It’s really your dream to be your own boss, but what if your boss becomes clumsy?

don’t worry. We know to keep it on track.

Freelance Visa Launching Authorities

The Dubai Creative Cluster Authority along with TECOM Group has started a movement.

It has been announced quite for the convenience of current residents facing difficulties during the readily available options.

The annual fee for a freelance visa will be around DHS 7500.

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freelance visa Dubai
freelance visa Dubai

Currently freelance visa Dubai option

There are not many options available to become freelancers, sector-wise.

There are currently only three options for obtaining a visa as a freelance worker in Dubai.

Freelancing has initially been opened for two free zones Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP) and Dubai Media City (DMC).

Simply, you have to be from either media industry, education or technology, and its related fields.

Let’s go

The freelance visa option is more than an opportunity for trainers, journalists, tech enthusiasts, practitioners and the media around the world.

This is a great chance to enter the current center of all the world’s excitement.

It can also serve as an option for current residents working in the fields of education and media and their employment contracts are about to expire which will definitely cause a visa problem.

Getting your documents directly for a freelance visa application would certainly be a sensible option immediately.

A bird’s eye view of what and how

Ready to take a plunge right away? Ok. Let’s get started then.

If you are for media and education, the good news is, you may choose from five available options to a name a few of;

  • Photography
  • Journalism
  • Graphics Animator

For the rest of the freelancers from Tech, a comparatively better new, there are around fifty activities to opt from.

Which definitely couldn’t get any better than this.

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Walking through the aisle; the process of Freelance Visa in Dubai

A rather hassle-free process if one can summarize it. You just have to get your required documents (Business plan, passport, visa) straight and apply online on the official website.

It’s a simple three-step process that you can easily follow to apply for a license in only about DHs 7500 for UAE residents.

For all others who are coming from outside, they can add an extra DHs 3500 to get a visa.

After getting all the pre-requisite fields filled and uploading the required documents, visit the office in person for endorsement process and fee payment.

You will receive an electronic mail of your Freelance permit. A hassle-free process indeed! There may be just one little glitch, a NOC.

There is a NOC required from your sponsor father or your husband. However, that won’t be a problem, or would it?

A ‘Gig Economy’

Dubai has always been a leading trade and business hub for decades now.

However, following the directives of respected PM his highness Shiekh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, authorities have taken an initiative.

The aim is to make Dubai the biggest Hub of tech, media, and education without any defined boundaries.

Experts from these sectors will be fully facilitated not only to start their freelancing in Dubai but makes it the center of the possibilities a “Gig Economy” could offer.

Issuing Authorities of Freelance License in Dubai

A freelance work permit can be obtained from the following free zones; Dubai media city, Dubai Production City, Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai Studio City and Dubai Design District.

If you already are a resident in Dubai then you exactly know where to start from.

UAE is encouraging more and more people to work as freelancers.

The government has made it easier and 4 times cheaper (Dh7500 annual) to get Freelance Visa in Dubai.

The freelance community is increasing rapidly and there is a good gap to be filled.

Companies will be hiring more and more freelancers in the coming days.

Recently, The UAE has been voted as 4th top place in the world to freelance.

The study, which compared 57 countries, looked at cost of living, income tax, access to credit, average internet speed, transport networks, the availability of free wifi, the cost of a coffee, and the cost of starting a new business.

Steps to get a freelance visa in Dubai are simpler

  1. Go to Go Freelance
  2. Click on “Go Apply” tab
    Fill up the application forms with details and required documents, such as CV, passport and visa copy, a bank reference letter, sponsor’s NOC (if applicable).
  3. Once the application is approved, you’ll receive an email
  4. Visit one of the business centers in Dubai Media City or Dubai Knowledge Park to personally sign the documents
  5. Pay the fee – Dh7,500.
  6. You will receive a freelance permit via email soon.

You will find several Freelancing Portal to start working as freelance (you can contact me if need more on it and I’d be happy to help), along with your own contacts that you may want to work with a client.

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UAE visa status with passport number

What works under a freelancer visa in UAE?

Freelance visas are mainly applied by professionals such as photographers, accountants, designers, etc.

Freelancers in Dubai and throughout the UAE identified the entrepreneurs as a sole practitioner and enabled them to do business under the proposed brand name.

However, it is necessary to conduct activities, which mainly relate to the jurisdiction.

It is better to seek advice from someone before venturing for a freelance visa.

Because freelance visas can restrict growth for some businesses and it would be appropriate to open a full company rather than one that will cost you equal or more to a freelance license and visa.

You can apply for a freelancer visa while you are outside of UAE, you can apply through the Embassy of UAE in your home country.

Also, you can even check with registered visa/ immigration agencies, etc to get a UAE freelance visa.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for jobs in Dubai and UAE you can use Vacancies UAE for the latest jobs as per your requirements.

It is the best job site in UAE and the Middle East.

How much does a freelance visa for the UAE cost?

UAE 3 months visa

UAE has 3 type visas visit, employment, and business visa.

1 Visit visa:

14 days to 3month duration prohibit to work if they found you are doing any employment activity on visit Visa they charge you fine and may you face deportation also.

Easy to get online only 500–1500dhs you find economical hotels in Sharjah quite a good place to live in.

2. Employment Visa:

2year’s contact and once you are on employment Visa you can only work under the same company till 2year.

If they found you doing violate employment agreement they will fine 50000dhs and face lifetime deportation.

3. Business visa:

you must have to registered company in UAE or you can buy a partner visa from any existing UAE company holder.

Business partner visa will cost you 20000-25000 DHS and if you set up a company in UAE it will cost you 40000–70000Dhs include business license and business visa, office, etc.

This is the best option for freelancers. UAE has its own charm for freelancers and business-minded people.

But if you have a qualitative client from online looking a peaceful full place to work.

You live a happy life with peace then batter to buy a visa for Oman it’s a really beautiful place to live in.

Let me know further if you are willing to go there I will provide you full info for Oman visa living, lifestyle, and law.

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How to get a freelance visa Dubai – in UAE

Get a 2 year Dubai / UAE Freelance Visa in 14 years or less. All expenses included AED 30,000. For some nationalities, the price may be higher.

You will get:

  • 2 year UAE / Dubai Residence Permit Freelance Visa.
  • 2 years of full medical coverage insurance.
  • You can appear for Dubai driving license, driving license expenses are different.
  • You can operate your business from anywhere in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Emirates ID is included.

We are your safest and most reliable visa service provider in UAE with the approval of the Government of Dubai.

Please, mention a freelance visa. You can also sponsor your family under your sponsorship. A visa for 2 years for each family member will cost an additional AED 2500.

Once you receive your 2-year Freelance Dubai / UAE Visa from Regal Tours, we will receive your Visa Visa to travel to the United States, Europe, Australia, or almost any other country to visit. Will help

You can also get help to get a car loan, buy a loan once after getting your 2 years freelance UAE / Dubai visa.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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