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Dating in Adulthood: What to Know to Succeed with Women

Dating in Adulthood: What to Know to Succeed with Women

Dating in Adulthood: What to Know to Succeed with Women

Returning to the dating scene after a hiatus can cause all sorts of confusion. Things have changed from how they were a decade or so ago. As an adult, you may think it is time now to find a dating partner, but all those disastrous dates you have had in the past keep you from making a move. Do not let those emotions get better of you, and understand that now you can try online dating to find new partners in your own local area.

For so many adults, online dating is the way to go. These platforms gather like-minded people in one place, making it extremely easy to find someone for a date or a quick fling. Some still find it more like an unsolvable puzzle and think online matchmaking is not for the faint of heart, but others have success stories to share. But if you want to succeed online using a matchmaking site for adult dating, you should try not to get discouraged easily and learn to be persistent. Here are some tips to remember to help you succeed with women and enjoy adult dating, offline and online alike. 

Do Not Forget to Behave Like a Gentleman

Online or offline, understand you are not going to impress a woman unless you learn to behave like a gentleman. Online, it is so easy to get carried away and feel like there is no one watching so you can take the liberty and be a jerk. Of course, it is hard to find chivalry and courtship outside of history books, but you will get better results by bringing some dignity back to adult dating.

As an adult, know that your partner is likely to have some expectations. Just choose not to behave immaturely. When meeting in person, be cordial, give her your undivided attention, leave your phone aside, and maintain eye contact. Locking eyes with her can make everything a bit more intimate, but do not stare into her eyes without blinking. A balanced approach is important here to succeed with any woman.

Keep Your Passion Under Control

As mentioned already, not knowing your boundaries is common when you are hoping to find a dating partner online. Some dating sites may encourage flirting and naughty messaging, which often tilts towards the “sleazy” end of the conversation. Check your potential partner’s profile and know what they are looking for in a partner. Behave like an adult, and do not let your passion drive your conversation. 

It is just as important to look confident even when you are nervous. Letting your brain run away with your heart is a surefire way of losing a good chance of impressing an adult woman. Do not be hasty and tell yourself that it is fine to take some time. Let your love brew slowly because it is going to flame out soon if you let it heat up a bit too quickly. Even in offline dating, hide your nervousness and excitement. 

Being confident does not mean you should straight away ask her to join you in bed. Be naughty but always gauge her comfort level first. Learning to read women through their body language, facial expressions, and non-verbal cues is the key to successful adult dating.

Show More Emotion

Yes, it is different from “not showing your passion.” The idea is to tell your partner how you find her special, and you cannot do it without being a little emotional. You may be more interested in lovemaking, but saying that right off the bat could spoil your chances of finding a date. To connect with her on an emotional level, you need to find the right topics to strike up a conversation. Reading her profile might help if you are engaging in a conversation through dating sites.

Online, you can create an emotion by sharing nice photos. Instead of saying who you are, you can show it through your pictures. A good photo in which you are camping or simply enjoying the stunning outdoors says a lot about you as a person. Those photos can have a huge impact on a woman’s initial attitude toward you. 

Also, you need to be honest when having a conversation. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, being honest about your past relationships, pet preferences, desire for children, and religion is crucial. Use it as an opportunity to emotionally convey who you are and what your expectations are from a dating partner. Sometimes, bringing up a “deal-breaker” issue upfront can save you from a lot of trouble. Dating in Adulthood What to Know to Succeed with Women

Listen to Your Feelings Carefully

Sometimes, dating in your adulthood makes you feel as if your dating pool is a bit too small to ignore any potential mate. It is not true, though. With online dating sites available for adults, you have hundreds of potential partners ready to connect with like-minded people. While you might want to relax your criteria and preferences a little, do not settle for something that does not feel right. Listen to your instinct and never stretch out a conversation just because you fear you would not find anyone willing to talk to you again. 

Be Attentive to Little Things

To win a woman, you need to show her that you truly like what she brings to the table. Read her profile carefully without missing any little detail. But, you should also look for red flags because the last thing you want is an extended conversation with a scammer who has no intent to meet you in person. If she joins you for a conversation and then disappears for days, she is not the right partner for you. 


Pew Research Center data has shown that a large number of people now feel comfortable using the internet to meet their partners. Online dating sites have certainly made it a lot easier to find a romantic partner in no time. But, whether you try online dating or opt for offline dating, you need to be patient, behave like a gentleman, and never rush her into making a decision. Listening to what she has to say about dating is important because you cannot get anywhere without some honest and deep conversations.

Dating in Adulthood: What to Know to Succeed with Women