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Does Asda Sell Stamps In 2023? [Types, Cost + More]

Does Asda Sell Stamps In 2023? [Types, Cost + More]

You can go to Asda to purchase the pens, stationery, and envelopes you need to send a letter.

Can you, however, purchase stamps at Asda to deliver packages and letters? Here is all the information you require about purchasing stamps at Asda. Keep reading for full details

Does Asda Sell Stamps?

Asda does have a wide selection of stamps for sale. Customers can buy first-class and second-class mailing stamps at many Asda Superstores and Supermarkets and online at At Asda, the prices for stamps start at 66p.

So, where do I find stamps at Asda, and how much do they cost? Find out what I learned about getting stamps at Asda by reading on.

What Stamps Does Asda Sell?

Asda sells normal Royal Mail stamps, such as standard first-class, standard second-class, large first-class, and large second-class stamps.

You can send letters, cards, and papers within the UK with these stamps. They also sell stamps in packs of four, six, or twelve in their stores and online.

How Much Do Stamps Cost At Asda?

At Asda, the prices of single stamps are:

  • 66p for a second class stamp for a standard letter.
  • 96p for a second class stamp for a large letter.
  • 85p for a first-class stamp for a standard letter.
  • £1.29 for a first-class stamp for a large letter.

Asda will charge more if you want to buy between 4 and 12 stamps at once. For example, you can expect to pay £10.20 for a book of 12 regular first-class stamps.

Before you go to the store, you can look for “stamps” on the Asda website to find out how much the stamp bundles you want to buy cost.

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Where Can I Buy Stamps At Asda?

Stamps can be bought in most of Asda’s stores, including their Supermarkets and bigger Superstores. You can use the shop locator to find an Asda near you.

The shop’s cigarette stand, usually near the front door, is where stamps will be kept and sold.

At the booth, tell the customer service worker at the cash register what kind of stamp you want and how many you want to buy.

Can I Buy Stamps Online At Asda?

On the Asda website, you can find out how much stamps cost and order packs of stamps to be sent to your door.

Stamps cost the same online at Asda as they do in-store. Be aware, though, that based on how much you spend on your online order, as with everything, you may have to pay a delivery fee.

Asda adds a £3 basket fee to internet orders of less than £40 for delivery and less than £25 for Click & Collect.

When you place your order, the delivery time will depend on how many delivery slots Asda has open.

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If you live far from Asda, you can buy stamps at Tesco, Safeway, and CVS.

What types of Stamps are at Asda in 2023?

Standard Royal Mail Stamps can be bought at Asda. Asda sells both First and Second Class stamps for small and big letters. You can use these Postage Stamps in the UK.

Where to Find Asda Near Me?

Asda has more than 630 shops nationwide, so finding one close to you should be easy. You might be close to one or two shops. You don’t have to worry if you still have trouble finding an Asda near you.

The Asda Store Locator makes finding an Asda store in the UK easy. To find the closest Asda store, type in your city or area and click “Search.” The shop locator will show you maps of the closest stores and their addresses, phone numbers, days, and times they are open. The shop locator can also tell you whether the store is open or closed.

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What are the Opening and Closing Hours of ASDA Stores?

ASDA stores have different kinds of opening and closing times. Even though most shops are open 24 hours a day, the hours may differ on some days, like Saturday and Sunday.

  • The working hours of ASDA stores on Monday are: 8:00 AM – 12:00 AM
  • ASDA Working hours from Thursday to Friday – 24 Hours
  • ASDA Working hours for Saturday – 12:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • ASDA Working hours for Sunday – 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Customers can enjoy quiet time from Monday to Thursday or three days a week. During these quiet times, there is less noise in the ASDA shops. Most of the time, these quiet hours at ASDA stores happen from 2:00 to 3:00.


You can purchase stamps from most of Asda’s Superstores and Supermarkets, although you should remember that you cannot buy stamps from Asda Living stores.

The price for individual stamps starts at 66p for standard second class and goes up to £1.29 if you need a large first-class stamp. The cost is higher if you want to buy stamps in bundles.

It is also possible to buy stamps through the Asda website. The prices are the same on their online store, but you may have to pay an additional delivery charge.

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Does Asda Sell Stamps In 2023? [Types, Cost + More]