When you renew your license, does the Drivers license number change?

Drivers license number change

This may vary by jurisdiction but generally, no. Exceptions would be a license holder who had their license suspended or revoked.

Jurisdictions like to keep the same number if they can, so that they have a digital record of traffic and even parking offenses, former addresses, etc.

Whether you mean driver’s license or license plates, in Indiana, your number doesn’t change ordinarily.

Your DL number doesn’t ever change even if you change the type of license, for example, when you get a CDL to replace your operator license. (And it isn’t your SSN like it used to be many years ago.)

Your plate stays the same number for the same car, even when a new physical plate is issued (I believe they are issuing new physical plates every 7 years now.)

However, as other answers have explained, one can order vanity or specialty plates to use instead of your original issue plate, and as long as you continuing paying the additional fee each year, you would then keep that same plate.

No, it doesn’t. Even if your license is stolen, when they issue you a new license, you keep the same license number.

They are very reluctant to change the number, ever, even with a police report in hand, without a court order.

Drivers license number change
Drivers license number change

This is because a driver’s license isn’t really identification.

Think about it: if you have ever been required to present your license, other than at a pharmacy, where they want to run it to get your address to send you advertising, the only thing they do is record information — they don’t verify that the license is valid, with the DMV, nor do they verify the license has not been revoked, with the DMV, and so on.

There’s no protection for authentication, only for non-repudiation, which is what the DL was intended to provide: You get a ticket, the ticket counts against you.

When you renew your license, does the Drivers license number change?

No. The driver’s license number you got when you first applied will stay with you as long as you reside in the same state. When you move to a different state, they will issue you a new number.

If your driver’s license number is the same as your Social Security number, you can request to have it changed due to the risk of identity theft.

I had a situation many years ago where the Department of Driver Services mistakenly combined my driving history with someone else who had a terrible driving record.

My insurance rates went through the roof, and I requested a copy of my driving record only to discover the error.

I was issued a new license number and my records were successfully removed from the old number.

So they will make exceptions on changing your number, provided there is a valid reason.

Does legally changing your name change your social security number or driver’s license number?

Not automatically. You have to take your court documents showing that your name has been changed to both agencies to get the name on your account changed.

You’ll need to manually change your name, with your new documents, with your bank, credit cards, utilities, etc., as well.

It’s exactly the same process as a married woman who takes her husband’s name, except all she needs is her marriage certificate.

  • changing your name won’t automatically change them ON these things. For everywhere you wish to use the new name you have to go and apply for the change. It’s pretty easy but you have to go to each.
  • changing the name on these won’t change the numbers. The numbers will stay the same, the name on them will just be updated.

Drivers license number change

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