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Dubai Zip Code / Abu Dhabi Postal Code (2024)

United Arab Emirates

Dubai Zip Code / Abu Dhabi Postal Code

Dubai doesn’t use zip codes or postcodes for mail delivery. Instead, it uses a P.O. Box number. 

For Abu Dhabi, the postal code is 00000. You can use this postal code in almost all the cities of UAE. 

If you order online from a company that requires a zip code, you can try using 00000 or your mobile number. 

All Emirates of the UAE do not use a Zip Code or a Postal Code. In fact, most neighbouring GCC countries follow the same system as the UAE. Even if you reside in Sharjah or Abu Dhabi, you will have to use a 00000 Zip Code.

Zipcodes are specific to the United States, as used by their postal service. Some other countries have a similar system, such as the PIN code used in India. Dubai is a city/state in the United Arab Emirates, and the U.A.E. Does not use a ZIP / PIN code or its equivalent. Instead, the post office box number is used.

Dubai Zip Code / Abu Dhabi Postal Code (2024)

the United Arab Emirates, including cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, does not use traditional postal codes or ZIP codes as commonly used in other countries. Instead, they use a system known as P.O. Box numbers for mail delivery.

If you need to send mail or packages to specific locations in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you would typically use the P.O. Box number provided by the recipient. P.O. Box numbers are used to route mail to the correct destination in the UAE.

It’s always a good idea to confirm the specific addressing requirements and details with the recipient or the local postal service to ensure accurate and timely delivery. Keep in mind that postal systems and addressing conventions may change, so it’s advisable to check for the latest information if there have been

These do not correspond to geographic locations but numbered mailboxes to which mail is delivered and can then be collected by that person (s) / company using that post box. The postal code system does not apply to the UAE. You can use the PO box number instead.

Dubai Zip Code / Abu Dhabi Postal Code (2024)

No one in Dubai or UAE uses a zip code or postcode for mail delivery. Try 00000 if you are forced to use one. Confusion arises because all UAE mail is delivered to a PO Box, e.g. “Somebody, PO Box 12345, Dubai, UAE”.

Items provided by your company and items will be shipped to your company until you receive your personal PO box. Thus, when a zip code needs to be entered (eg requested by a payment gateway), any number will work fine.

Typically, people use PO box numbers for their work, but most anyone can locate the road. Courier companies operating in the UAE rely on a person’s mobile number to deliver goods to them.

Thus, keeping a person’s mobile number is the most important thing. Note that street addresses are not used in the UAE. Here is a sample address from the United Arab Emirates:

Jenny Cooper
P.O.Box 12345
City, UAE

If you are trying to buy something online using your UAE credit card, just type 00000 for the zip code and you should be fine.

Dubai doesn’t have a Postcode or ZIP Code; if it needs to fill out both offline and online forms, fill it with “00000”, N/A or just empty it.

What is the zip postal code in UAE?

Postcode for United Arab Emirates


Dubai – 00000 – United Arab Emirates

Fujairah – 00000 – United Arab Emirates

Ras Al Khaimah – 00000 – United Arab Emirates

Sharjah – 00000 – United Arab Emirates

How do you Apply for a P.O. Box in Abu Dhabi?

While you can use your employer’s PO Box for bank accounts or for registration with the Water & Electricity Department (WED also sends you a digital bill, if preferred), you can only receive a mailed document on a personal P.O. Box – not your street address.

You can collect items in your P.O. Box by accessing the post office assigned to your street. In order to acquire a P.O. BOX, you must follow these steps:

  1. Head to your local post office – you can locate one through Google Maps.
  2. Ask for a rental form at the P.O. Box Rental Counter.
  3. Submit a completed form, copy of your Emirates ID and AED 250 in charges.

If a P.O.Box is available, you will receive a key instantly


You can log onto & navigate to the E-services portal. Select Rent/Renew P.O. Box and make the payment with a UAE-registered credit card.

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Dubai Zip Code
Dubai Zip Code

As some of the sources replied, Dubai does not have a zipcode or zip code.

Dubai Zip Code / Abu Dhabi Postal Code

Instead, there is a PO Box Number (Post Office Box Number).

It is also relatively simple, a company or an institution has a unique PO box number.

Anything that is to be delivered or anything will be done in the respective PO box.

But don’t confuse it with something that is given after online shopping.

There, just like any other country, you can type in your address (home) and the goods will be delivered.

I stayed here for a good few months. And one of the strangest things about this nation is that it does not have a traditional zip code system.

I could send packages and letters to families and friends, but there is no way they can get to UNLESS, I rent a post box, which allocates me some kind of zip code / postal code.

Unfortunately, I was not alone enough to need one of those people, so I have no experience with how it works.

But to answer your question, the zip codes in Dubai are not clear, unless someone gives themselves a postal box (which are found in almost all districts).

The international zip code is something that you will need to check with the person mailing it or if there is one, go to the Dubai Postal website.

Each country has its own system of addresses and zip codes. Usps does not have a directory of theirs.

Some countries do not have addresses and people pick up their mail at the post office or postal carrier, just to know where they live.

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Dubai zip code (Abu Dhabi postal code) (Dubai postal code) (UAE zip code) (Ajman postal code) (Sharjah postal code)

I see lots of new signboards showing up all over the city – naming each small street; Allocating a formal name to each region.

Although building numbers are not yet a major trend, it will not be so long.

So this is coming towards the belly zip code for me as well.

MAKANI is a great concept but it has flaws that you cannot tell if you do not have a mobile device that guides you.

What is the postal code in Ajman, UAE?

One site said that it is 971+ and 6 for Ajman. Another said that Ajman, United Arab Emirates has the country code and area code 971, (0) 6.

And a third said that the UAE does not use the postal code, a letter should be addressed as follows:

Name: Jenny Cooper
P.O. Box…….
Ajman, UAE

But I will not mislead you, please go to the official site on this link.

Go to Welcome | USPS

What is the province of the United Arab Emirates?

The United Arab Emirates is not a large country in relation to region and population.

The UAE has virtually no province. It is a union territory consisting of seven states. The names of these states are as follows.

UAE has 7 states called Emirates as the name of the country (United Arab Emirates). The seven emirates are:

  1. Abu Dhabi
  2. Dubai
  3. Sharjah
  4. Ajman
  5. Fujairah
  6. Umm al Quwain
  7. Ras al Khaimah

The state of Abu Dhabi is the largest in the region, accounting for 86.7% of all the UAE.

While the other 6 states have their own royal families and are called Northern states.

If you want to cover the country, you can travel to all the Emirates in one day.

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE. Each Emirate has a separate ruler (king, the crown prince), but all are bound by the federal law of the emirate.

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Where’s the place with the best view in the country of the United Arab Emirates?

Yes, they were all impressed, and yes, it’s something to do on your checklist, but the wonder lasts for about 15–20 minutes after which, all views from tall or even the tallest structure seem almost the same.

I was lucky to visit the Twin Towers in 1987, the CN Tower in Toronto in 1988, the Eiffel Tower in 1990, the Hancock Tower during the years I lived in Boston, and so on.

They were all very touristy takes on the same concept.

The second thing that happened during my years in the UAE is getting to know the Emiratis, sometimes very closely.

They took me to their farms and private beaches.

Now, this level of comfort with locals is not very common even for many long term ex-pats in the UAE, never mind short term tourists, but what I appreciated from them was the simple beauty of the country.

If you just go a bit into the desert, the solitude and beauty will take your breath away.

The sands vary markedly by color and texture by each of the individual Emirate, and no two places are exactly the same, and each place is completely different by day and by night.

Plus if you drive from Dubai to Fujairah or RAK, you will see stunningly beautiful beaches in Fujairah, and breathtaking mountains in both.

Yes, go to the glittering malls, and towering skyscrapers and the very artificial water parks, and you can check off everything to impress your friends and relatives back home.

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There are many but here are the list of some Architectural and engineering wonders of Dubai where you can get the awesome view

  1. Burj Khalifa (World tallest building) the viewing point on the 124th floor is breathtaking
  2. Palm Islands – Manmade artificial island
  3. Jumeirah lake towers
  4. Dubai Marina – it’s home to tallest 7 out of 10 residential building in the world worth a click
  5. Cayman tower – my favorite building in Dubai, if twisting the building structure around 90 degrees from base to roof it’s an engineering masterpiece
  6. Burj al Arab hotel – the only 7-star hotel in the world
  7. Dubai mall fountain- it’s the world largest choreographed fountain
  8. Dubai miracle garden – A garden within the desert

I have purposely not uploaded the pics as it ends the curiosity But above all my favorite viewpoint in Dubai is from my balcony!!

ABOUT UNITED ARAB EMIRATES is your complete guide to make a call from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world. This page details United Arab Emirates phone code.

The United Arab Emirates country code 971 will allow you to call United Arab Emirates from another country. United Arab Emirates telephone code 971 is dialed after the IDD. United Arab Emirates international dialing 971 is followed by an area code.

The United Arab Emirates area code table below shows the various city codes for United Arab Emirates. United Arab Emirates country codes are followed by these area codes. With the complete United Arab Emirates dialing code, you can make your international call.




AL AIN+971-3

Dubai Zip Code / Abu Dhabi Postal Code

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Dubai doesn’t have a Postcode or ZIP code; if it needs to fill out both offline and online forms, fill it with “00000”, or N/A, or just empty it.

What will be the price of a 100 Rs movie ticket after GST?

GST- Goods and Services Tax

GST is an indirect tax throughout India to replace taxes levied by the central and state governments. GST will be effective on July 1, 2017. Under GST, goods and services will be taxed at the following rates, 0%, 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%.

TAX On Entertainment

Currently, the entertainment tax is levied by states, and the rates range from 0 to 110%, with an average of 30%.

  • Before GST

States generally charge entertainment tax:

  • After GST

Changes in tax rates:

Before the GST, the average tax rate was 30%. So, a Rs 100 movie ticket costs Rs 130.

GST has fixed a tax rate of 18% for cinema tickets costing Rs 100 or less. For tickets costing Rs. 100 or more, the rate is fixed at 28%.

After GST, a Rs 100 movie ticket will cost Rs 118.

If you are considering buying some food at the theater, they will charge 18%. Before GST, it was 23.5%. A big plus for popcorn lovers 🙂.

What is the postal code for Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) does not use postal codes like other countries.
Instead, it has a system called MAKANI.
However, you need a PO Box number for any post office-delivered mail in the UAE.

What is the ZIP code for the UAE?

Originally Answered: What is the zip code for the UAE?

Dubai Zip Code is the most common question because, on and off the internet, users must fill out the form where they must put the postal Code or zip code of Dubai or UAE.


In fact, UAE, including all its states, does not have a postal code or zip code because it is used in the USA and some other countries. The postal code or zip code is 00000 or N/A, where it is necessary to write it.

The United Arab Emirates and its states also use a system called Makani. Forces and armies use this system in some countries for geographical location. In the United Arab Emirates, every building, home, or office has its Makani number.

Instead of the postal Code or zip code of Dubai P.O. Box number is used, which individuals or companies can use for collecting posts.

Emirates Post Group issues these P.O. Box numbers.

Writing 00000 as Dubai’s or UAE’s zip code is correct because the postman does not consider this Code; instead, He will consider the P.O. Box number.

Why not use the zip code of Dubai?

United States of America uses Zip codes to show geographical location. Many other countries also use zip codes, but not all use zip codes to show location.

Every country has its own rule to tell about location. UAE, Dubai is one of them who don’t use any such term but P.O box number.

How do people get posted in Dubai, UAE?

People get posted in Dubai with this address format” P.O.Box number 1234, office #, Building # 01, JVC, Dubai.

UAE has many tourists, many of them come from the USA. Many investors are also from the USA who are doing their business. That’s why users are asked about Dubai or UAE zip codes in many places or platforms.

What are the Indian ZIP codes?

Indian ZIP Codes are referred to as PIN Codes.

PIN stands for Postal Index Number, a 6-digit number used to identify the post office. Each post office throughout India will be assigned a PIN Code.

  1. The first digit of the code denotes the Region in India. There are 9 regions in India. 8 zones cover the states and union territories throughout India, and the 9th is for Army purposes.
    1. 1 – Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir.
    2. 2 – Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand
    3. 3 – Rajasthan, Gujarat, Daman and Diu, Dadar and Nagar Haveli
    4. 4 – Maharastra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh
    5. 5 – Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka
    6. 6 – Tamilnadu, Kerala, Pondicherri, Lakshadweep
    7. 7 – West Bengal, Odisha, Sikkim, Andaman, and Nicobar Islands, 7 Sister states
    8. 8 – Bihar, Jharkhand
    9. 9 – Army Purposes
  2. The second digit specifies the Sub-region.
  3. The third digit is used for the district in which the post office is located.
  4. The last 3 digits denote the post office number.

The POK and Aksai Chin regions are not assigned any Sub-regional codes.

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What is the zip code here in International City Dubai?

What is the pin code of International City? The pin code number of International City in Dubai is 50819.

Dubai doesn’t have a postal code or any zip code; fill it with “00000”, N/A or leave it blank if you have to fill offline and online forms. Emirates has to deliver or receive something using a PO BOX, and you need to rent it from the nearest post office at least annually.

Dubai Zip Code / Abu Dhabi Postal Code (2024)

Dubai, located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has a well-organized postal code system that helps streamline mail and package delivery throughout the city. The postal code system, also known as the “Emirates Postal Code” system, is managed by the Emirates Postal Corporation, also known as Emirates Post.

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Each postal code in Dubai comprises five digits; the first three digits represent the main post office, while the last two digits represent the specific area or building within the district. For example, the postal code for Dubai International Financial Centre is 506500, where “506” represents the main post office for the area and “500” represents the specific building within the district.

Dubai is divided into different regions, each with its unique postal code. For example, the postal code for Deira, a historic district located in the northeastern part of Dubai, is 110000, and the postal code for Al Barsha, a residential area located in the western part of Dubai, is 430000.

Using the correct postal code when mailing anything in Dubai is essential, as it ensures that the mail or package reaches its intended destination promptly. Postal codes are also used for online shopping, as it is required to enter the postal code when placing an order so the delivery can reach the correct location.

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Another way to identify a location’s postal code in Dubai is by using the Emirates Post website. The website has a feature that allows you to find the postal code of a particular location by searching for the location’s name or address.

In addition to the postal code system, Dubai has a thorough street addressing system. Each building in Dubai has a unique address that includes the building name or number, the street name, and the district. This system makes it easy for residents and visitors to navigate the city and find their way to different locations.

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Overall, Dubai’s postal code system is an essential aspect of the city’s efficient logistics infrastructure, ensuring that all the mails, packages and orders reach the correct address, and both residents and visitors need to know and use them correctly.


It is just a tiny list. Delivering mail in Dubai or UAE with a postcode or zip code is only possible. If you have to use one, try 00000.

Because all mail from the UAE is delivered to a PO Box (e.g.” Somebody PO Box 12345 Dubai, UAE “Mail addressed to “HTM0_ Somebody”, Dubai 12345 UAE without the text “PO BOX” will still be delivered. However, it will look like there is a Dubai postcode instead of a PO Box.

Dubai and UAE Mailing Addresses

  • You will need a PO Box number for any UAE post office to deliver mail. Do not mix PO Box with zip codes or postcodes. In 2015 Sharjah introduced its first” Postal Code System”. However, they are GIS building location codes and not mail delivery codes.
  • The Universal Postal Union (UPU), UAE member page” search for a code” link leads to the EPG listing of locations with PO Box numbers. If you are not sure, don’t use a public PO Box number.
  • Mail for the UAE does not need to be addressed at a street address. It will be delivered elsewhere.

Formats for mailing addresses in the UAE

You must replace “12345” with the correct PO Box number. Use hyphens and spaces in your PO Box number. Mail will still be delivered correctly, even if they are hyphens. “123-45” or “12 345” are acceptable.

–Sponsored Link–Postal address formats to use in the UAECompanyPersonalIncorrect but

delivered okAlso incorrect,

also delivered

[Person’s name if required]

Company name

PO Box xx

Emirate or City

United Arab Emirates Person’s name

PO Box xx

Emirate or City

United Arab Emirates Person’s name


Emirate or City

United Arab Emirates Person’s name

Location X

United Arab Emirates


Mr Ahmed Al Wasl, Manager

AAW General Trading

PO Box 12345


UAE Ahmed Al Wasl

PO Box 12345


UAE Ahmed Al Wasl



UAE Ahmed Al Wasl

Dubai 12345


When sending from English-speaking countries, you can use the United Arab Emirates or UAE to name your country. If you are not English-speaking, use the abbreviation of the full name.

What do you do if you need a postcode or zip code to mail to the UAE?

Many companies require a zip code to provide a mailing or delivery address in the UAE. It includes Amazon, AliExpress and other e-commerce websites. For any location in the UAE, you can use 00000.

Below is a list of our recommendations for UAE postcodes or zip codes. This list is in no particular order (our opinion only).

  1. You can empty the postcode or zip code field or add space.
  2. We find that 00000 and 0000 work well for us. Use “zeros”, not “ohs”.
  3. A three-letter code that identifies a city or emirate (not necessarily the same as the airport codes). DXB is for Dubai, AUH is for Abu Dhabi, and RAK is for Ras Al Khaimah (not RKT, which is the airport code). You can also use UAE as the postcode and enter the United Arab Emirates to get to the country.
  4. Your UAE mobile number starts with 05, e.g. 05012345 (not a UAE mobile number). It is an excellent option because if you have a delivery or address problem, the UAE post office will often call your mobile number to attempt to deliver the item. It is more common to use parcels and packages rather than letters.
  5. You can make up something if there are any postcode or zip code restrictions. If the submission form requires a valid format and a valid postal code, you might have to verify validity online. However, this is a real possibility. If you have to use the online submission method, it’s worth questioning whether you want to deal with a company with such a confusing website interface. You should also be aware that the country selection stays the same even though it was set to UAE. Another problem with 5-digit postal codes in countries is that they can easily be misinterpreted with the UAE PO Box number, resulting in mail delivery errors. Here are some examples of countries:
  • France Code Postal: 5 Digits (numerical only).
  • Germany Postleitzahl (PLZ: 5 digits, numerical only
  • Great Britain or United Kingdom Postcode: 2 to 4 alphanumeric characters plus a space. Then, 3 alphanumeric characters, e.g. A1BC 2DE, are invalid postcodes. There are restrictions regarding the character sets that can be used in each position. This page should cover these details, as it is only about the UAE postal system and not the UK.
  • USA zip code: 2 letters + 5 numbers
  1. Delivery address: The UAE PO Box. Although it will appear twice on your address label, you will only receive one copy of the letter or package.
  2. The Makani number is used in Dubai to identify your physical location. A label should be placed on the fence or building if you can find it. You will not receive your mail from the post office in Dubai. However, you will need a PO Box to deliver it. The sender won’t know this.


  • Aramex, FedEx, and FedEx couriers will require a physical address to deliver your items. They won’t accept a postcode. You must provide a physical address (e.g. Building name, number, and street name. If the courier cannot find your company name or GIS locator (e.g. Makani, Onwani) if the courier uses this service.
  • Provide a minimum mobile number for the courier to call you and provide directions.

This list contains the postcodes and zip codes not used in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and other UAE locations.


  • There are occasional references to the UAE Postcode Project and UAE Post Code Project. However, something official needs to be found from EPG or UPU.
  • These could be references to GIS address mapping projects. Or something else that was proposed but has yet to be implemented, suspended, abandoned or abandoned.
  • The UPU” State and Structures Of Postal Entities 2018 Report for UAE does not mention a postal code project or any other related to it.
  • THE Sharjah GIS Address Project is the Sharjah Postal Code System (SPC) or PCS.


  • Geographical Information System (GIS) reference location numbers for individual buildings differ from zip codes or post codes for areas.

Makani GIS system Dubai & Northern Emirates

  • Signboards with 10-digit numbers are placed at the entrance of every building in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.
  • See for details.
  • It is proposed for Ajman, Fujairah RAK, and UAQ emirates. Not yet available at as of Mar 2019, but it may be on the Makani app (Android or Apple).
  • In RAK, there is a Makani Restaurant that serves Indian food.

Onwani GIS system in Abu Dhabi for the emirate

  • It includes Abu Dhabi island, Abu Dhabi region, Al Ain region, and Al Gharbiya (Western Region).
  • Abu Dhabi Street Address Geonames Signage System (ADAGS), Project = Onwani (means “My Address” in English).

Sharjah Postal Code System (PCS) for GIS

In 2015, the Sharjah Urban Planning Council (UPC) SUPC introduced a location address system called the “Sharjah Postal Code System” (PCS). This system is similar to the Makani 10-digit address locator system introduced in Dubai and Onwani, Abu Dhabi. These systems can be used to deliver mail, but they differ from general postcodes or zip codes used in other countries. GIS reference numbers are unique to each building.

The UAE postal service will not offer free mail service delivery to the general public for some time (paid mail delivery is possible). The Sharjah Postal Code does not apply to your address if you reside in Sharjah. You will still require a PO box as of 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and beyond. Except when using a paid delivery service (courier, post office), the Postal Code may be used.

  • 2017/04/02 (press release). The SUPC announced the completion of the Postal Code System (PCS) pilot phase, and the full implementation of approximately 102,000 Sharjah postal code signboards (102,076 signs) would begin. The 5-digit numbers used to identify locators are the most likely.
  • 2015 April 18 (WAM). Sharjah Urban Planning Council, SHJ-UPC, announced the introduction of postal codes in Sharjah. Each building will have its postal code. It is to allow for faster access to emergency services, mail delivery, and GIS reference. An app for mobile access to postal codes was also revealed.

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  • GIS = Geographic Information System
  • Letter Box or Letterbox
  • Mail Bag or Mailbag
  • Mail Box or Mailbox
  • Makani
  • Onwani
  • PO Box (Post Office Box)
  • Post Code or Postcode
  • Postal Code
  • Sharjah Postal Code
  • UPU = Universal Postal Union, joining date for the UAE was March 30 1973.
  • Zip Code


What is Dubai Postal Code or Dubai Zip Code? This article contains all the information regarding the Dubai Postal Code or Dubai Zip code. Dubai’s postal code is “00000”, and Dubai’s Zip Code is also “00000”, and the fact behind this number is the same. Now you can answer if anybody wants to know about the Postal code of Dubai UAE or Dubai Zip Code. You’ll advise him to write down five zeros as a symbolic effect.


After explaining the Facts behind Dubai postal and zip codes, no rocket Science left behind the Dubai Zip Code or postcode Dubai UAE. Only the critical thing to understand is to” confirm that you have written the correct Makani Number while entering your postal address”.

Guys, you may also use the Dubai Central zip code 337-1500, Mumtaz Speed zip code 337-1243, and Jumeirah zip code 337-1500 rather than Dubai Postal Code and Zip code accordingly.



You want to understand the Dubai zip code to use it during a postal address or legal instrument. Well, what will your response be if we ask you to write down “00000” because of the Dubai zip code? Of course, it’s an astonishing indisputable fact that there’s no postal or postcode for any State of UAE.


Emirates Post Boxes

–Sponsored Link–As per UAE postal system, Every building in Dubai has its own unique “Makani Number” rather than the city or state’s zip code. This number must be written down with every address, either used for postal delivery or other purposes. If you write Makani’s number on any packet, it must be delivered to a specific building.


So, as a result of this fact, Dubai central post office advises writing the zip code of Dubai as “00000”, where it’s essential.

  • Bur Dubai postal code: 00000
  • Bur Dubai zip code: 00000
  • Deira Dubai postal code: 00000
  • Deira Dubai zip code: 00000
  • Deira postal code: 00000
  • Abu hail postal code: 125212 (Pin code)
  • Al Nahda postal code: 98623
  • Al Nahda zip code: 98623


The New Onwani System In Abu Dhabi

The government of Abu Dhabi has recently implemented a new addressing system named Onwani, including Postal codes for all areas in Abu Dhabi Emirate.

Onwani System aims to name streets and identify facilities and buildings within Abu Dhabi to ease access to any location inside the Emirate. The system is evolving and aligns with international best practices and systems addressing spatial direction. Street names draw attention to the critical local heritage and culture that strengthen the national identity and connect the younger generation to the UAE’s lengthy history. All private and governmental companies in Abu Dhabi will use the address details.


The address of Abu Dhabi, the Emirate Of Abu Dhabi, consists of the following elements:

  • Building Number
  • Street Name
  • City Name
  • Postal Code
  • Area

–Sponsored Link–Anyone can use the QR code on the sign of the building to get the exact address on the map, the direction it is heading towards, and the possibility of sharing the information.

Dubai Zip Code / Abu Dhabi Postal Code (2024)