Salary Transfer Letter (STL) Format for 2023

Salary Transfer Letter Format for 2023

salary transfer letter is basically a letter issued by an employee’s company, where the employer in a company addresses a letter on the company’s letterhead, mentioning that salary of the employee mentioned in the letter would be credited only to the bank, which will approve the loan.

In a work setting, be it for public or private purposes, it is inevitable that the position and status of employees also change.

An example of change is the transfer of employees from one station to another. In this case, such transfer may change the compensation, benefits, and responsibilities of the said employee.

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What is the Salary Transfer Letter (STL)?

This is a letter that your employer will address to the CBD. STL is a commitment by your employer to CBD that your salary will be deposited in your designated account with CBD until you have fully paid the CBD personal loan.

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The letter will also include other conditions as agreed between your employer and the CBD. This letter should be prepared on your employer’s letterhead.

In a format that is approved by the CBD and specified by your employer and notified to the CBD will be duly signed by the authorized signatories.

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It is a letter issued by a company of employees, in which the employer mentions in a letter with a company’s letterhead that an employee’s salary will be deposited in a certain bank.

The status and designation of an employee are likely to change over the years where he is working in a private job or in the public sector.

Following are the banks that list ‘STL’ as one of their requirements while giving a loan:

  • Arab Bank: While availing of a personal loan from Arab Bank, the bank will ask you to submit a salary transfer letter.
  • CBI: CBI will ask you to submit a salary transfer letter while availing of a personal loan from their bank.
  • Noor Bank: Noor bank also joins the list of banks to list ‘salary transfer letter’ as one of their minimum requirements to avail a personal loan.
  • HSBC UAE: HSBC UAE also asks you to provide a salary transfer letter with them to avail a personal loan.
  • First Abu Dhabi Bank: FAB also asks you to provide salary transfer letter for their loans like a personal loan and Buyout loan
  • Emirates NBD: Emirates NBD also asks to provide a salary transfer letter for all the salaried employees, while availing a loan.
  • CBD: There is a requirement for a salary transfer letter in CBD.
  • RAK Bank: RAK Bank also follows the norm of asking for a salary transfer letter.

When do you require a salary transfer letter?

A salary transfer letter is like a commitment or a promise on the part of an employer to your bank, that the salary of the employee would be credited to the bank until the loan is completely repaid.

The letter will also contain some terms and conditions agreed upon between your employer and the bank.

Salary transfer letters are one of the most documents when an employee is applying for a salary transfer loan or a Personal loan in UAE.

When you avail of a salary transfer loan, you need to take the entire amount that you earn and place it in the bank where you have taken the loan, which has to be done in the salary transfer letter format.

You need to have an agreed amount placed into the bank, every time you receive payment. You need to mention the entire amount of your salary in the salary transfer letter.

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Difference between transfer letter and transfer request

Whenever an employee of a company or organization is being transferred to another department or branch, a transfer letter is made.

It is part and parcel of the transition process, especially while assuring that changes in the salary of the employee are also taken into consideration. But a transfer letter is not synonymous with a transfer request. Here are some of its differences:

A letter of transfer is only considered as a petition in favor of an employee accepting his request to transfer to a different department, office, or branch.

On the other hand, the pay transfer letter is an official notice indicating a relevant change in the office where the employee is working and working.

In terms of formality, the structure and format of the payment transfer letter should be professional and official than requested.

It should be brief and concise. In addition, all relevant records and files of the employee must also be processed and transferred.


A transfer letter refers that the one that is issued to employees when they are transferred to other branches or departments of the same organization. The main reasons are:

  1. Complete the organization’s written procedures
  2. Record the personal files transferred from one branch/department to another.
  3. To ensure that individuals who have been transferred their payroll accounts also indicate changes.
  4. Reduce the total number of one department and increase the total number of other departments.

The transfer letter is a formal letter, but it can be decided by the organization or by the agreement reached between the employees and the organization.

When most organizations receive an offer confirmation letter from their employees, they also include a clause that stipulates that employees can accept the idea of transferring it to any branch or department of the organization when necessary.

Transfer letters should be brief and simple. Because this is an internal letter, it does not need to be very detailed. Basically, the name of the person to be transferred, the departure department, the effective date of the transfer, and the name of the person to be reported after the transfer should be given.

Format for 2020 A salary transfer letter

A salary transfer letter is sent to a bank by the finance department or manager of a company addressing that the salary of an employee would be deposited in that particular bank.

We support you and your HR or Finance department by providing this Employee Salary Transfer Letter, which will help you to create a perfect overview of employees, their bank account numbers, the amounts of salaries, etc, and send to the bank on a monthly basis. This will save you or your HR department time, cost, and efforts and help you to smoothen operations.

After the letter is received, the bank will deposit it to any other bank or any other account unless this bank provides a clearance certificate. This Employee Salary Transfer Letter is created by HR professionals. It is intelligently structured and easy-to-navigate.

This template will perfectly suit your needs! And after downloading you can craft and customize every detail of its appearance very quickly.

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