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Aviator Glasses that have stayed the storm of time

Glasses that have stayed the storm of time

Aviator Glasses that have stayed the storm of time

Only a few glasses have survived the passage of time. Could we claim that almost a century is a thing? That’s exactly what these glasses have been through since they first noticed a difference, and it’s all been for the better. However, aviator glasses have been popular for a long time and will continue to be popular in the coming years.

But it’s important to remember that these glasses didn’t magically appear on the evolutionary pedestal.

They were the vehicle for a revolutionary change and a conflict, and it is precisely what brought these glasses to their current location. We don’t believe that wearing a piece of clothes or accessories had any importance in the past. However, there are undiscovered stories hidden beneath the wheel of time. Aviator glasses are the same way.

We’ll spend a lot of time here talking about the past, the fascinating history of these glasses, and how they came to be. So let’s get this party started.

Aviator sunglasses 

These spectacles have seen more than we could ever imagine, and we’ll learn about them in this article. A pressing requirement for an hour prompted the creation of a workable solution. Hundreds of pilots all over the world profited from this solution.

These sunnies were created in response to challenges experienced by pilots at high altitudes during World War II and served as excellent eye protection for them. These sunnies were designed to guard against the hard wind and high glare from the sun.

These sunglasses had a teardrop shape that provided wider eye protection. These sunglasses were created in a shade of green to successfully protect the eyes from the sun.

Following the war, these spectacles became a trend, with many celebrities wearing and using them. Because of the images and shots of the conflict that were published in newspapers, these glasses have become extremely popular. People liked the high-hunk look these glasses provided; they were different from the glasses that were previously available.

Ray-Ban aviators were a fashion statement in and of itself; they were ultra, sleek, and the thin metal frames made them much easier to carry around. The pilots specifically requested that the bulky equipment they must wear be replaced for this reason.

Role of Hollywood 

Hollywood’s appeal has never waned, and that is the best part about it. From pilots to civilians to celebrities, these spectacles have retained their influence in one form or another. When we saw Tom Cruise in those black aviators in Top Gun, we all wanted at least one pair to look like him. And that’s the thing with aviators: they’re actually pretty difficult to break, and they’re used to being matched with a variety of circumstances and events.

We bet that each one of you would definitely have a pair of aviator sunglasses in their wardrobe and in no way they will be missing a chance to miss on the glasses that speak absolute style. 

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There are several other sunglasses that have withstood the storm of time and are here to be donned by us in this current decade. So let us give a look at some of those.

Round sunglasses 

The shape of the glasses was actually the earliest when it comes to the glasses realm. The shape of the glasses has been there for over a century and they are still much adorned and in trend and will hold the same status in the future as well that is the specialty of these glasses. 

The soft curve and the circular shape is well fitted for the one with angular features as it provides much-required balance to the features. Apart from that the shape looks extremely sophisticated and well maintained as the one with the features may actually want to try these glasses. 

Looking for a pair to be adorned by the geek soul you have been? Just make sure to get sunnies and evoke the inner geek you have been. 

One can now even get aviator glasses for men and women, as they serve the equal fashion purpose for both. 

Wayfarer sunglasses

From the set of Audrey Hepburn’s movies these glasses have come a long way, if aviators are called denim of the glasses world then, these glasses are the all-time look of the glasses world. That is how often one uses these sunnies, for every time and anytime use, these are extremely in trend now and for the coming years as well. Wayfarers are super sharp and angular making it a much-adorned piece for the one with soft facial features. These provide a much-required angle, a sharpness that has been missing from the curved face shape. Doesn’t matter if they are winters or summers, one can actually get these glasses for every season. 

Cat-eye sunglasses

Cat-eye is another shape that went through the long tale of revolutionization. These glasses were created in the late 1920s when society was largely male-dominated, and the glasses faced a difficult period.

Several optical businesses turned Altina down because of her distinctive style, which she created specifically for women. These glasses were an instant style boost, a flawlessly feminine and beautiful choice that would quickly improve one’s appearance.

She found a business that not only accepted but also sold her designs to a few high-profile women. Since then, these glasses have gained traction and become well-known throughout the world, as well as gaining the allure of Hollywood.

Yes, these were often featured in films, particularly when our ever-glamorous Marilyn Monroe was shown wearing these lovely glasses, which looked just wonderful on her. People began to wear these spectacles more frequently, and many advertisements featuring these glasses were shown, giving them a feminine touch.

Aviator Glasses that have stayed the storm of time