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Hit easy firing range targets

hit easy firing range targets

Hit easy firing range targets: Here we are at the very end of the tenth season of Fortnite.

This week’s challenges are part of the Bullseye Mission Pack and include plenty of precision-themed challenges, which is appropriate given that Epic Games has just implemented a set of Aim Assist and Targeting. other in-game control changes.

One of those Bullseye challenges tasks players with hitting an easy target at a shooting range. Its Prestige counterpart requires you to hit a hard target within shooting distance.

Easy and hard targets appear at all shooting ranges in the game, but you will have to complete each mission in different matches, as Prestige challenges only activate when you have completed all normal challenges.

Fortnite’s Bullseye missions have arrived and they’ve got their sights set on accuracy. One of the missions asks players to go to a firing range and shoot one easy target.

These firing ranges are in a few different places around the island, so we made a map to help you figure out which one is easiest to get to.

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Here are all the firing range locations currently in the game:

Hit easy firing range targets
Hit easy firing range targets

The locations are:

  • North of Snobby Shores near the coast.
  • On the southern, lower portion of the snowy hill south of Polar Peaks.
  • On the hill just north of Lucky Landing.

Simply climb onto the platform near the shooting panel and a target will appear. The closest targets are “easy” and other targets are “hard”. The aim, shoot, win. It is that simple.

Keep in mind that once you’ve completed all of the normal missions, you need to manually activate the Prestige missions. Good luck, young Padawans. There are only two weeks left until season 11.

There are three firing range locations on the map currently, and just like every other challenge of this ilk in the past, the hard part is that you’ll need to collect adequate weaponry viable at varied ranges to make things either. Some kind of rifle is ideal.

I have seen a lot of success with the shooting range north of Snobby Shores and south of Haunted Hills on the northwest coast. If you see the large wooden building that looks like it was built by a player, you’ll find the shooting range starting point just north of it.

You’ll either want to land on this wooden structure or on the dilapidated house to the north. You can also land at Snobby Shores or Haunted Hills to collect gear and then migrate.

Whether you choose this location or another, the same principles apply: first, collect your weapons, then walk on the plate with foot symbols on them pointing in the same direction.

Targets will appear in front of you. You will need to hit the easy targets before you emerge the more difficult ones. If you have the time and no one is around, you would do well to spot the area and find the targets first so you know what to expect.

The basic version of this challenge is easier than similar variations in the past. You only need to hit one to get credit for completing the challenge.

Hit easy firing range targets

Hit easy firing range targets – Fortnite in 2021

To complete this challenge, the first thing you will need is a gun. Each of the shooting ranges has a building with a possible weapon nearby, but they’re not as close as you might expect.

The easiest way to complete this challenge is to land on a nearby loot location, find a gun, and then return to the shooting range once you’re safe and armed.

When you get to the beach, you just need to step on the pressure plate and the target closest to you will appear. Shoot the target and you should have completed this mission.

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For this part of the challenge, you’ll have to return to one of the shooting ranges – with a gun in your hand, of course. Once you’re there, shoot the easy target first, then the hard target will appear, and you can shoot that one and complete this mission.

hit easy firing range targets
hit easy firing range targets

Fortnite: Hit an easy and hard firing range target

For this Fortnite challenge, you head to the shooting range to practice your aim and earn Battle Stars.

You need to find two shooting range locations to complete both the Normal and Prestige versions of this challenge.

It would be wise to look for an assault rifle or sniper before heading to the Prestige location, as you’ll need a weapon with a bit of range.

You can also complete this as a member of a team so that one of you can shoot the targets and the rest can take out any opponents that are hiding.

The easy shooting range is on a hill just north of Lucky Landing. Stand on the plate and face the direction the toes point. Two red and white targets will appear, so shoot them both before they fall flat again.

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Hitting a hard shot target

Once you’ve done that, you can move on to the Prestige challenge. This next shooting range is on a hill north of Snobby Shores.

Again, stand on the board and look for the two targets, which are much further away. Once you take down both targets the challenge is over and you will get your Battle Stars.


If you’re trying to hit the easy shooting target in Fortnite, then it helps to know where you’re going – and that’s why we’re here to show you the Fortnite shooting range locations.

There are three in total, and for the first set of Fortnite Bullseye challenges, you need to hit the easy fire target that’s closest to you.

If you go for Prestige and unlock the extra set of missions in Fortnite, you will need to hit the hard fire target which you guessed is furthest from you.

To get started on a Fortnite shooting range, approach it and stand on the groundsheet marked with a pair of feet. This will cause the two targets in front of you to come out of the ground, ready for you to take some shots and knock them down again.

You only need to hit a target for each of these challenges, so it shouldn’t be too hard to beat once you’ve found a Fortnite shooting range location.

You can use three different Fortnite shooting ranges to complete this challenge, which we have marked on the map above. Remember, you don’t have to visit them all, as all you need to do is complete one goal each to tick off regular and prestigious challenges.

Consider visiting a Fortnite shooting range furthest from the battle bus route over the island to reduce the risk of being interrupted while trying to hit your target, or if you have any difficulty. , wait until the initial rush is gone before you go yourself.

Hit easy firing range targets