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Instagram for Business: Create a Page That Attracts More Customers

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Instagram has over 1 billion active users, so it’s a no-brainer for businesses to expand their marketing strategy to this fantastic platform. If you think using Instagram would be an excellent use for your business, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ll walk you through some of the most important answers, ways, and tricks so you can create an attractive business page on Instagram that will bring you more customers. Alternatively, some businesses buy Instagram followers instead to build their customer base quickly. 

Setting up the proper account

  • Is your goal to build brand awareness?
  • Generate visibility and leads?
  • Enhance visibility and generate leads?
  • Generate user-centered content ideas?
  • Share your ideas and articles?
  • Get instant reports about the latest industry topics and trends?

Whatever the case is, you will need to form an appropriate marketing strategy and what type of information to use.

Setup the proper account

  • Are you using a personal Instagram page or a business page?
  • Set up a professional Instagram Page instead of a personal profile.
  • Upload the correct contact information on your business page. Always include businesses’ email, physical location, phone number, and link to your pages on other social media platforms.
  • Link your Instagram to your Facebook business page.

Fill out your Instagram bio

  • Include a link to your website in your Instagram Bio.
  • Don’t forget to include a description of your brand and what exactly you are offering as a business.
  • Add reviews, achievements, and highlights. They will attract the audience.

Filling out your Instagram Bio with relevant information would help Instagram get the right audience for you. Also, it will be easier for everyone to figure out what your brand is selling. Try to make it easier for your IG Followers to understand your brand activities.

Create a memorable username

  • Create a username that connects with your company, brand, or business.
  • Make sure to name it so that it can be easy to remember.
  • The name should be unique so it can rank quickly on Google searches.

Just know that this username will be the name your audience will remember and recognize you by. So make sure it’s easy to speak, place, and relevant to your business practices.

Post relevant images and videos

  • Always use the correct dimensions for your photos.
  • The profile picture should be relevant and professional
  • For your Instagram Stories feed
  • Post on your Instagram stories and feed only relevant content.

As we know, Instagram is the platform for visual content, so make sure to use the correct dimensions in your Instagram posts. In addition, this professional act will draw your customers’ attention to the business.

Optimize your post structure

  • Do your research and find the best keywords to ensure your Instagram page ranks in searches.
  • Use captions that are emotionally close to your audience.
  • Please don’t make your captions too short and too long; add the art of storytelling to them.
  • Are you encouraging followers to like and comment on your content in a non-spammy way?
  • Post something that encourages your audience to comment and like your posts, and participate in the conversation.
  • Don’t forget to tag influencers and brands relevant to your niche for boosting the post’s engagement rate.
  • Add a link to your landing page in Instagram Bio.

It is more than one layer within Instagram. You have to dig deep. Make sure your text and images are grabbing your customer’s attention and encouraging them to buy from you.

Define your content

  • Don’t force sell by your content. Keep it light and proportional.
  • Don’t push too hard to make a sale on Instagram; target your customers emotionally.
  • Make sure your customer trusts you, don’t post lousy content.

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Advance Instagram Tips

  • Don’t forget to make an influencer marketing strategy for your business on Instagram.
  • Connect with influencers in the same industry as your business. They are a viable source to bring you more loyal customers.
  • Tag relevant brands and influencers and encourage them to engage within your Instagram posts.
  • Buy Instagram followers for your new business page to grow it more early. To get a list of some best sites to buy, click here.

The key here is quality content! If you promote good content, there is a very high chance that people will support and promote your business.

It’s A Wrap!

The key to your business success on Instagram is creating quality content and interacting with like-minded people. With lousy content, no one would like to interact and promote you. With no interaction, your Instagram business will not grow. Follow the steps mentioned above and get ready to skyrocket your business on Instagram.