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Marijuana 101: Cannabis Fact Vs. Fiction

Marijuana 101: Cannabis Fact Vs. Fiction

Ever since cannabis or marijuana has moved towards legalization, people from all around the world have adopted it. While it is still illegal in many countries, there is no doubt that it has gained quite a prominence in the industry. 

If you are to see, marijuana is quite prevalent in everything, be it recreational usage or medical. A lot of doctors prescribe the medical use of marijuana to treat anxiety, sleep disorders, and more. 

Now that the use is becoming so common, a lot of talks happen in the town surrounding it. While some are facts about CBDfx THC vape, others are no less than fictional work. Let’s discuss some facts and some fiction related to marijuana usage. 

Fictions and Facts About Cannabis

A lot of fiction surrounding cannabis revolves around the fact related to its legalization and even usage. Some of the Fictions also revolve around the effect that marijuana has on the body. So, here are some fictions and facts about cannabis that you should surely look into:

Fiction 1: Marijuana is Legal in Holland and Portugal

Fact: This has to be one of the biggest fictions revolving around the THC or CBD industry. The Dutch government had never legalized the use of marijuana. Although they are allowed to possess marijuana in small amounts, growing, distributing and selling marijuana in the Netherlands is still a crime. 

Fiction 2: Marijuana Causes Cancer

Fact: If you’ve been smoking marijuana, you would often find people coming and telling you that it would cause cancer. Well, smoking CBD, THC or any other cannabis compound is not cancerous, or the same as tobacco smoking. Using marijuana in any form wouldn’t cause the risk of lung cancer. Instead of that, it would cause some protective effects that would help in overall healing. 

Fiction 3: Marijuana Causes Addiction

Fact: A lot of people refrain from using marijuana in the fear that it can be addictive. In fact, a lot of people still believe that using marijuana will make them dependent on it. Although this belief cannot be completely ruled out, dependence and addiction do happen, but only for a few people. A handful of people become addicted or dependent on marijuana as compared to cocaine and heroin users. 

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Fiction 4: Pot Smokers are Heavy Smokers

Fact: Just because you’re smoking pot doesn’t mean you have to be a heavy smoker. A lot of people who smoke marijuana use it occasionally rather than completely. Moreover, they also do not use it on a daily basis. Although there’s no denying that they consume marijuana, it does not mean that they’re overdoing or overdosing on it. 

Fiction 5: Marijuana is the “Gateway” Drug

Fact: You would often find people saying that youngsters who start using marijuana from a young age often move to another drug. Thus, most of them call marijuana to be the gateway drug. However, marijuana usage has nothing to do with using or starting other drugs. Studies suggest that there is no link between the use of marijuana and other drugs. 

Fiction 6: Marijuana is Completely Harmless

Fact: Too much of anything can be harmful, even marijuana. Contrary to the popular belief that CBD, THC, and marijuana usage have no side effects, it does. If you’ve been using marijuana in heavy amounts, it may pave the way to many respiratory illnesses. However, if you’re not smoking, then you’re also at risk of developing grave symptoms especially in terms of oral consumption. 


With legalization and rapid adoption, a lot of myths, fictions and misconceptions surrounding marijuana usage are breaking.

However, a few of them still stand to be prominent among the users. If you’re one of the marijuana users, make sure to be familiar with the facts and fiction so that you can avoid getting confused and major problems in the long run.