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PDFBear: The Best Tool to Convert Files This Online-Learning Setup

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PDFBear: The Best Tool to Convert Files This Online-Learning Setup!

Conversion tools have been the new necessity in this online learning setup. Since Portable Document Format or PDF has been regarded as the most useful today because of its ability to retain layout and format, it has also been widely used to transfer files electronically. Thus, the need to convert any file format into PDF increases. Students and even professors always want to convert their files into PDF before sharing it to others, especially that PDFs are also the most student-friendly file format since it is accessible through the use of cellphones only.

However, the only common file format conversions are either Word to PDF or vice versa. You might miss other conversions like PowerPoint to PDF, PDF to JPG, and Excel to PDF. In this post, we will focus on sharing the ways that you may convert your Excel files to PDF format. This is also important as some of the large-scale numbers, data, and statistics were inputted in an Excel file, and this file when shared online has the chance to mess up. So, before sharing an excel file, we suggest that you convert it first to PDF. Today, we will show you how!

Get to know PDFBear

Since you have to choose a trusted and high-quality conversion tool to do your XLS to PDF conversion, the most reliable website that we suggest is the PDFBear. It is because aside from offering the most high-quality conversions, they also have a secure platform where your privacy will not be invaded. Aside from that, they are user-friendly, Cloud-friendly, and of course, student-friendly. Why? If you are a student, you probably do not want to pay for subscriptions. With PDFBear, you are in the right place! The wide variety of tools that they offer are all for free. No unnecessary subscriptions, extensions, or downloads! If you are already curious about how to use this website to transform your Excel file to PDF, keep on reading!

PDFBear’s Excel to PDF Conversion tool

If you had trouble converting your excel file to PDF before, you will no longer experience that issue if you stick with PDFBear’s XLS to PDF tool. It is an extremely easy tool to use that any student or professor will be able to comprehend in an instant. You do not worry that your work will be plagiarized by others because this server promises to delete any uploaded files after an hour that it has been generated for download. A new file that will be generated by PDFBear will look exactly like your Excel file. In an instant, your Excel will be ready for sharing. You may also download it on your Cloud storage. Follow this guide for an easy Excel to PDF conversion using PDFBear: 

  1. Just make sure that the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet you plan to convert to PDF is already polished and edited. It is because you do not want to convert if it is still subjected to the last revisions. If you already have the final file, then you would like to upload it to their server. You can use the drag and drop feature, or you may upload it from your device storage or Google Drive or Dropbox.
  2. Opt for the available option and click convert.
  3. Just wait until the newly converted file pops up. Sounds easy, right? PDFBear will do all the conversion process for you! It will only take a minute or two!
  4. If there is already a new PDF file, you may save it in your device storage, or you may save it on your cloud storage. You may also use the link that they have generated for sharing options in case that you are in a hurry and need to share the file urgently. Just copy the link and paste it on your professor’s emails, on your group chats, and anywhere you will like, even on social media platforms.

Why convert Excel to PDF?

There are lots of benefits that PDF files can offer. As to why convert Excel files to PDF, the benefits are the same with Word to PDF conversions. Like Word to PDF conversions, it is also done to preserve the layout and format of the file. If you are a student and will need to pass an excel file to your professor, you would also want it to look presentable. It goes the same way if you are the professor and want to share an Excel file with your students electronically. Since excel files are created for data to become more organized and comprehensible, you do not want it to look the other way around when viewed by your professor or your student. Also, since Excel files can easily be corrupted compared to PDF, we suggest that you avoid those unwanted instances because when you share a file electronically, there is a high risk of your file being subjected to virus or malware attacks. Online learning setup has already given you lots of duties and tasks, so be wise and choose to convert all your Excel files to PDF before submitting them electronically! It will lessen your miscellaneous work in the long run!

In a Nutshell

Since the online learning setup can be extremely daunting, we need to be extra wise in submitting our assignments. If we recognize the need to convert any file formats like Word and PowerPoint to PDF, the same way goes for Excel files! Excel files also need to be layout preserving when viewed by your professors! 

So go ahead and choose the best online conversion tool to do the conversion process for you! As of this case, PDFBear is the best tool that you may use as they offer the highest quality in terms of Excel to PDF conversions. You will also be amused with their privacy policy and accessibility features! If you want to know more about PDFBear’s tools that are available for free, visit their website and explore more of what they can offer!

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