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Preparing for Emergencies? Try These 9 Water Storage Containers!

Water Storage Containers

Preparing for Emergencies? Try These 9 Water Storage Containers! 

Uncontrollable disasters may happen, and most of the time, we are not prepared. We tend to panic, forgetting all the necessary steps we need to do. Survival is vital for us to live. One of the things we need for survival is having water. The US Department of Homeland Security suggests that each household must maintain at least 1 gallon per person of emergency water supply per day. That amount of water must be for three days and used for drinking, personal hygiene, and cooking. 

Are you prepared when water gets short? Did you stock some of it to last for days until help arrives? With all these questions about water, you must have proper containers to store them. Of course, they must be of good quality to hold water for a long time. Without further ado, let us give you some ideas about the best water storage containers you can use.

Things to remember about Water Storage Containers

We have here some suggestions if you’re preparing to store water for future use. After all, being ready is always an advantage.

  1. Water can last 3-5 years in the right bottle, with the proper water supply and storage. However, it is better to replace them every two to three years.
  2. Always look for the recycle symbol inside the number of the water container to ensure it is safe for water storage. Plastics number 2, 4, 5 are good while 1,3.6,7 aren’t. 
  3. Do not store water containers on cement surfaces or others as plastics easily absorb chemicals. 
  4. The enemies of clean water storage are heat, light, and bacteria.
  5. If you are going to use milk jugs or soda bottles, ensure you clean them thoroughly, but it is best not to recycle them.
  6. Fill your containers with 85% water if you put it in the freezer as the water expands to 10% inside it.

What must you look for in a suitable water storage container?

If you think about it, it’s easy to store water. However, the key to keeping the stored water safe and clean depends on the containers you will use. What are the features you must look for in water storage? 

  • BPA free. Its name stands for Bisphenol A, a chemical used in producing plastics and resins. It is toxic and is said to be harmful to our health. Always look for the ones with a “BPA Free” seal.
  • PVC free. PVC consists of chemicals such as lead which is harmful to our health. Look at the label before purchasing water containers.
  • Durable. Should you look for water storage containers, always ensure you have the tough one to withstand changing temperatures and situations. 

Great Buy Water Storage Containers

We have here some samples of water containers you might opt to buy. Most of them are easy to carry for your comfort.

  1. Collapsible water storage bag

It is lightweight and compact, making it ideal for emergencies. It can withstand extreme temperatures allowing you to freeze and thaw your water as required. Most water filter threads are compatible with it (up to 40mm) and have BPA and PVC-free properties. The warranty is lifetime, so it’s very convenient. Available in three different sizes: 2-liter, 3-liter, and 4-liter, it’s one of the most effective accessible emergency water holders available.

  1. Water Pouch

Although this one is tiny, its capacity says otherwise. The less room it takes up, the more water you can keep in the long run. These light sachets are affordable and can be purchased in bulk.  It’s a good option for those looking for a low-cost alternative.  When you’ve got an emergency, you can take it with you anywhere in a flash. 

  1. Plastic beverage dispenser

It is a BPA-free, FDA-approved, food-grade plastic to ensure your safety. The bottle closes tightly, keeping toxins out of your drinking water. Each container also has easy-grip handles that make transporting it easy. The container’s material is very durable and can withstand enormous forces. It has a spigot for fast dispensing and measures 15.625′′ x 6.5′′ x 9′′.

  1. Holding tanks

This storage tank has a capacity of seven gallons. It’s unique because it’s stackable, letting you save more space for fast storage. This model comes with a screw-in vent that keeps spills at bay. It is one of the top ten choices as it incurs a large number of ratings. The fact that it comes with a five-year warranty makes it a good buy. 

  1. Barrels

If you like to have just one water storage unit at a time, then this is for you. Large water storage tanks, such as barrels, will suffice. Barrels can carry 55 gallons of water that will keep you supplied. It is made of EPA-approved food-grade polyethylene plastic, perfect for long-time water storage!

  1. Gallon stackables

These stackable four containers will supply you with drinking water for 40 days.  Each one is 11 x 14 x 10 inches in size, so they don’t take up much space. Since these are stackable, you can easily position them on top of one another. These may not be portable, but they are long-lasting, BPA-free, polyethylene. There are no plastic aftertastes, hazardous substances, and heavy odors.

  1. Collapsible carrier

If you’re looking for a multipurpose water holding tank, well, this collapsible carrier is the perfect solution. Lightweight and simple to pack, it measures 12.0′′x4.0′′x16.0′′ and weighs 0.65 lbs. Furthermore, it comes in a transparent jar, making pollutants easy to spot. It surpasses any other water storage tank as it’s simple to refill, reuse, and store.

  1. Stainless steel water dispenser

Stainless steel water dispensers are ideal not only for emergencies but also for storing other liquids. It is rust and corrosion resistant and prevents spillage through its gasket and an airtight lid. The material is of high-quality Italian stainless steel for long-term reliability. It is NSF certified, ensuring that they meet health requirements.

  1. Water container with a spout

This water storage container is compact and easy to carry.  Though it is not the same size as a plastic water tank, this 6-gallon water tank is ideal for transporting and carrying water from one location to another. Furthermore, it is lightweight, weighing just 2.2 pounds and just 14 x 8 x 21 inches in size. It has a spout for pouring a quick flow of water.

Final Thoughts

There may be a lot of options for water storage containers in the market. You need to consider the pros and cons and how accessible they could be in case of emergencies. Visit to find the one that suits your preference!

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