Credit card in UAE on 4000 AED salary in 2021

credit card in UAE on 4000 AED salary

A credit card in UAE on 4000 AED salary

Currently, there is no financial institution in the UAE that offers credit cards to people earning a minimum salary of AED 4000.

The minimum salary required for a credit card is AED 5000 for most financial institutions.

If you earn below AED 5000, you will need two things to apply for a credit card.

First, you will need to have a saving of AED 3000. Please note that after you have applied for the credit card, you can’t clear the savings for a few days.

Second, you should have a good credit score. You can apply for the credit card when you have the above two requirements.

My suggestion would be not to have any credit card for a salary below AED 4000 in UAE.

Moreover, if you have a credit card your spending habits will be difficult hence it is not advisable to have credit cards.

In UAE, a credit card is not a must unlike in European and North American countries.

If you are really willing to move around with less cash, the best option will be Debit Card and it is acceptable in almost all places in UAE provided if it is issued by VISA / Master Card.

credit card in UAE on 4000 AED salary
a credit card in UAE on 4000 AED salary

A credit card in UAE on 4000 AED salary in 2021

For most of us Dubai ex-pats, owning a credit card is a common situation and a seeming impossibility especially.

If you earn below AED 5,000, the minimum required a salary to apply for a credit card in most, if not all, U.A.E. banks.

There are credit cards offered by Dubai Islamic Bank Al Islami Internet Credit Card and Arab Bank Internet Shopping.

As the name suggests they are both internet shopping cards.

For credit cards with more facilities, the minimum salary required is AED 5000.

Now, what if I told you that I, a below-5,000-salary-earner, was able to apply – and was recently granted – a credit card with a credit limit more than triple my monthly salary?

Before anything else, we advise everyone not to think of a credit card as ‘extra money’ to spend.

Remember that when you have a credit card, you are borrowing money from the bank which means you are obliged to pay it (including other transaction fees).

What are some of the best credit card offers in the UAE?

Find, Apply and compare for the best credit card in Dubai and UAE.

Compare credit cards from UAE Banks, Compare Best Features, Best offers, Compare all the banks.

Credit Cards offers, Rak Bank Credit Cards, ADCB Credit Card and more, Visa Card offers, Master Cards offer.

The Best credit cards in UAE – Top 5 Cards of 2021

  1. Emirates Islamic Cashback Plus Credit Card. – BEST FOR CASHBACK REWARDS – Earn up to 10% cashback on Supermarkets, Education, Dining, and Telecom
  2. HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card – BEST FOR BALANCE TRANSFER – For the first 6 months enjoy 0% interest on the balance you transfer, 6,12 & 24 months tenor is available with nominal fees
  3. ADIB The largest selection of hotels, homes, and vacation rentals Signature Card – BEST FOR TOURISM– 10% discount on hotels- 7% discount on car rentals through cashback on flight- 4% cashback on fuel spends & much more
  4. Najm Platinum Credit Card – BEST FOR MOVIE TICKETS – Buy 1 Get 1 Free at VOX Cinemas- 3% Cashback every Tuesday at Carrefour- 1.5% Cashback everyday at Carrefour. Save up to AED 200 every month – 0.5% Cashback everywhere Visa is accepted
  5. FAB Etihad Guest Credit Card – BEST FOR AIR TRAVEL -75% Etihad Guest Miles discount voucher- Receive 110,000 Etihad Guest Miles as a welcome bonus-over 900+ airport lounges access -Airport Pick Up and Drop Off Service & more

A credit card in UAE on 4000 AED salary

Credit cards are a way of life for many people here in the UAE and can either prove to be very handy for the wise spender or debt trap for those who are not careful with their spending.

The lure of a credit card particularly gives deals in UAE, is very high as many ex-pats who move here are tempted by the flashy lifestyle and its accompanying trappings.

Fancy cars, expensive clothes, and eating out can exact a heavy toll on your wallet, but unfortunately are so common that many ex-pats opt for the credit card route in order to live the lavish lifestyle, little realizing that everything spent will ultimately need to be paid back.

Most banks and other financial institutions offer credit cards with spending limits that are two or three times that of your monthly salary, which is very attractive to many people.

However, this means that to pay back the credit card dues, you would need to work for two or three months without spending any money on anything else.

Instead, opt for a sensible limit on your card so that expenses are manageable and can be paid off in a month’s time if required.

Remember that all debts and loans in the country have to be paid off before you can relocate elsewhere.

So being able to pay off your credit card bills in the future is extremely important.

What to look for in a credit card

Having said this, credit cards (if used sensibly) can be very effective in managing finances, earning rewards on everyday expenses, and maintaining your cash flow.

There are several criteria that should be considered before opting for a particular credit card:

  1. Interest rates: These should be carefully considered and may vary based on monthly salary and place of employment.
  2. Salary requirements: Most credit cards have a minimum salary requirement, so make sure that you are eligible for a particular card.
  3. Foreign currency rate: If you are a frequent traveler, consider how much extra you will be paying for transactions conducted in a foreign currency. Most credit cards will charge a fee that is a percentage of money spent on overseas transactions.
  4. Annual fee: Read the fine print. Many cards advertise “No Annual Fee” for the first year, but these do apply from the second year onwards.
  5. Other fees and charges: Look for these hidden fees such as late payment fees.
  6. Benefits offered: Consider the benefits offered such as air miles, access to airport lounges, cashback, and discounts in partner companies.

How to Get a Credit Card In Dubai (UAE)?

Get a Credit Card In Dubai
Get a Credit Card In Dubai
Get a Credit Card In Dubai
Get a Credit Card In Dubai

Get a Credit Card In Dubai

Get a Credit Card In Dubai
Get a Credit Card In Dubai

A credit card in UAE on 4000 AED salary

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A credit card in UAE on 4000 AED salary