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Text Chemistry Use Texts to Make him Want You

Use Texts to Make him Want You

Text Chemistry: Use Texts To Make Men Love You

These days, texting/chatting is a VITAL part of relationships. And yes, it is doable.

Now, the limit of texts is that you can’t expect it to go straight to “Love” but you can spark interest!


Text like you’re talking to her upfront. The good thing about texts is that you can open up without the fear you get when talking upfront. And when you make mistakes, correcting them is easy, unlike spoken words.

Be a gentleman/be nice.

Talk about that person unless he/she asks something about you. Try to keep her chatting by letting her talk about herself. Ask questions. Normal questions.

If you run out of things to say, spice it up with a random vibe. If she has a favorite song, start texting a very short line (Usually the start of the chorus) (Better with music emojis).

If not, start talking about hobbies, interests, etc. If you already know some, ask about them and relate to them as much as possible.

Sooner or later, you’re gonna have to talk to her upfront or start calling her. Why?

Because if you keep texting for too long, you’re gonna lose. But at least you’ll know her well enough when you finally talk. 😉

By the way, Text Chemistry isn’t difficult to understand and apply… so you won’t be spending hours on end trying to figure out how to use this system.

It’s so strangely easy to use that all you have to do is sit back… send the messages… and watch as a man’s mind, body, and soul reaches a point of complete obsession for you… forever and always.

Here’s a short preview of what you’ll learn…

Use Texts to Make him Want You
Use Texts to Make him Want You

Do men ignore your messages?

Learn how you can use my crazily effective technique that will make him text you back instantly and always… no matter what. You’ll never have to feel ignored or rejected again.

You’ll learn about my patented “E-Glow Text”

…Once you send a man these words, you’ll prevent his mind from ever wandering too far away from you… his brain will be hardwired to love you and adore you no matter the hardships you will face. (pg. 30)

Do you want your ex back?

Use my “Satellite Text” to instantly make him regret the breakup… and force him to fight for a second chance at love with you. You’ll be surprised at how quickly he becomes enamored by the thought of a second chance! (pg. 21)

Do you feel like your relationship has become stale and boring?

Use my “Game On” and “Supernova” text messages to fill his body with the kind of nervous excitement that he felt when he first saw you… and the best part about these texts? That feeling of excitement will NEVER leave his body too! (pg. 23)

Do you want to have the power to infuse your man’s mind…

…with passionate thoughts about you whenever you want? Use my “Tantalizing Seduction” text messages to incite the kind of ravenous desire that you only see in movies like 50 Shades of Grey… within no time, he’ll be staring deeply into your eyes, holding your hips close to his, and fantasizing about what he’s going to do to you…tonight.

I’ll give you my simple ‘cheat sheet’…

…that will give you the ability to analyze his text messages and interpret a man’s true feelings to figure out what he REALLY means. You’ll never have to guess what he’s trying to say ever again.

Are you worried that your boyfriend won’t ever propose to you?

Use my “Crystal Ball” text messages to send subliminal messages that will cause him to crave marriage, family, and lifelong commitment. Don’t believe me? Then you clearly have never tried to send these powerful texts! (pg. 20)

Not seeing him for a while?

I’ll teach you how you can harness your text messages to make him feel a burst of excitement and lust … and he’ll be counting down the days until he gets to feel you in his arms again.

secret obsession
Use Texts to Make him Want You

You’ll learn when to send what I call “love potion” photos…

…and no, I don’t mean sexting him cute photos of you in your underwear! I’ll give you a number of silly little images that you can send to make him feel even more lust towards you.

Use my “Big Bang” text message to make his body tingle with desire for you…

To the point where he will be blowing up your phone just to hear the sound of your voice… and he’ll be making up silly excuses to see you as soon as he can! (pg. 31)

You’ll learn a way to talk to a man on the phone…

That will make the hairs on the back of his headstand… he’ll be so eager to please you and do anything he has to just to put a smile on your face.

And once you use messages like my “Shooting for The Stars” text…

He will be absolutely blind to every other woman in his life… so if you’re worried that he’ll leave you for another woman, or worse, cheat on you, then using text messages like this will create an environment of monogamous love… where every moment that he gets to spend with you will be his happiest, forever and always.

Text Chemistry Use Texts to Make him Want You

The key to making a man fall and STAY in love is his ATTENTION.

When you truly capture a man’s attention, he can’t stop thinking about you… That means when you’re with him, his mind is practically glued to you…When he looks at you, he will feel like he is bathing in warm sunlight.

And when you’re apart…He’s constantly thinking about where you are, what you’re doing, and what you’re thinking.

I’m SURE you’ve experienced something similar when you’re in love with a man. When you’re in a room with him, no matter how many other people are around…

Your brain is constantly tracking where he is and who he’s talking to. When you’re not with him, you begin wondering where he is and what he’s doing… and you’re secretly hoping that he’s thinking of you too.

Now – most people think that our brains become fixated on a person because we’re infatuated with them. But the OPPOSITE is also true…

The more you THINK about someone…The more ATTENTION you pay to them…And the more “in love” and infatuated you become with them.

So once you learn how to occupy a man’s attention and get him to think about you uncontrollably, you will have complete control over him in a way you never thought possible.

How do you know your man’s secret obsession?

Use Texts to Make him Want You

There are certain PSYCHOLOGICAL TRIGGERS which GRAB a man’s attention…

For example… things like curiosity, cliffhangers, and incomplete information are tools that make a man crave to know more…

These are the same triggers Hollywood screenwriters use to draw an audience into their movies and force them to pay attention for hours at a time.

These psychological triggers, which I call ATTENTION HOOKS are extremely powerful… Because they tap directly into the focus system of a man’s brain…

And force him to wonder about you… to think about you… and to pay attention to you… whether you’re right in front of him… or you’re miles away.

(And here’s a hint: I’ve even embedded several of these “ATTENTION HOOKS” into this very article to keep you reading)… all this leads me to…

Text Chemistry: Use Texts To Make Men Love You