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Tips on How to Choose LGBT- Friendly Trip

Tips on How to Choose LGBT- Friendly Trip

Tips on How to Choose LGBT- Friendly Trip

Traveling is possible again, and millions of LBGT members worldwide are planning trips. Some will stay in their home countries. Others will go to some exotic places. It all depends on personal desires, but choosing a safe destination should be a priority too. We’ll list some of the most popular safe destinations for LGBT singles and couples below. Together with some seemingly simple (but crucial) tips for having a relaxing vacation abroad.

Top Popular Destinations Among LGBT Communities

Traveling alone is great, but traveling with a partner is much better because someone is always by your side. Not just to give an additional feeling of safety but also to share their impressions with you. We all take in info from the environment differently, so hearing what your date has to say about something can widen your views and make the whole trip more memorable.

Because of that, many users of reviewed LGBT sites list traveling as one of their favorite hobbies. Traveling is the favorite way of spending free time for LGBT singles on both casual and serious dating services experts on the site review. That means anyone can find a travel buddy who’ll be more than a friend if they look at the site that suits their needs. When they find a partner and get to know each other, LGBT couples travel to different places. However, some destinations are more popular among LGBT couples and singles. Those places provide safety, amenities, and stunning nature. Let’s check them out.

1. Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a city that can never be explored completely because of its rich history. The cultural center of Austria and arguably Europe attracts LGBT members with its stunning architecture, museums, bars, and beautiful streets. Some of the attractions most LGBT tourists visit are:

  • St. Stephen’s Cathedral – this Gothic beauty attracts visitors regardless of their religion. Some are satisfied by admiring its beauty from the ground level. Those who don’t mind climbing 343 steps to the Steffl’s Watch Room are rewarded with spectacular views of Vienna.
  • Belvedere Palace – this Baroque palace is two separate buildings that are the background of many social media photos. Its Marble Hall is a cherry on top because of numerous paintings, sculptures, and frescoes.

2. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is a welcoming city with many interesting museums and diverse food cultures. Best restaurants there will satisfy even the pickiest of gourmets. If you’re lucky to be in Melbourne on February 2, you can take part in Midsumma Pride March and meet thousands of LGBT members while you’re there. Many LGBT travelers choose Melbourne just because of their Pride March and open-mindedness.

Bangkok, Thailand

Another open-minded city relatively close to Melbourne is Bangkok in Thailand. Instead of fine-dining, LGBT singles and couples enjoy street food while in Bangkok. Depending on where they are coming from, some people don’t dare to try everything Bangkok offers. Still, most visitors enrich their visit by trying as many local dishes as possible. Just be careful not to mix too many if you aren’t used to that kind of food, or you may not be able to do any sightseeing. 


Kenya is the least friendly toward the LGBT community of all destinations on this list, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be a victim in any manner if you visit that beautiful African country. Most people visit it to fulfill their childhood dreams of going on safari. Masai Mara National Reserve makes visitors feel almost like they’re David Attenborough. Romantic souls always pick hot air balloon safari to enjoy the views from the other perspective.

Osaka, Japan

Osaka is another big city with famous gay pride. It’s called The Osaka Kansai Rainbow Pride, and it’s held in October. If you visit it in any other month, you’re still in for a treat because Osaka has a diverse LGBT scene with numerous bars, clubs, and drag performances. Visiting Osaka Castle should be high on your list of priorities too.

Hvar island, Croatia

Hvar is one of the best islands in Europe because of its stunning beaches, UNESCO-protected diet, and relaxed way of living. It’s popular among the younger LGBT population because everybody wants to swim in the crystal clear sea on Pakleni Islands after clubbing the night before. Most visitors are very attractive, so you may want to check out some fat-burner foods before visiting the sunniest place in Croatia.

Learn the Political Situation in the Region You’re Visiting

We listed places where you won’t feel any negativity because you’re part of the LGBT community. Of course, those are just five places so that you may have some others on your to-visit list. We encourage you to visit all of your favorite countries. But before doing so, learn about the political situation there. That’s even more important in less developed countries that aren’t known as tourist destinations. Exploring a region where none of your friends have been before being exciting because you’ll come back with many fun stories, but don’t risk more than you have to.

Research the Local Social Mentality

The local mentality has a big role in shaping the traveling experience for LGBT people. If a country is still close-minded or even hostile toward LGBT members, it may be better to avoid it until that changes. Most famous destinations are perfectly safe. Still, research everything before visiting some less-known regions.

Write Down Important Phone Numbers

People rely on their phones too much while traveling. It’s understandable because they are like pocket traveling guides. However, people forget that phones need to have batteries charged, and they need Wi-Fi for many functions. When travelers can’t charge their phones or lose them, not knowing any phone numbers can mean they have no way of contacting friends or family. Write down all important phone numbers on paper to prevent that from happening. Write numbers of hotels and apartments as well.

Traveling is one of the most popular hobbies for LGBT people. Some destinations are more popular than others. Regardless of the destination, everyone should follow tips for safe traveling from this article. 

Tips on How to Choose LGBT- Friendly Trip