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Tips To Become Business Analyst Without Prior Experience

Tips To Become Business Analyst

Tips To Become Business Analyst Without Prior Experience

Here’s an article to help you understand and get to know the top tips to become a Business Analyst without prior experience. This article will help you get a better idea of how to become a Business Analyst without prior experience. But before that, let’s start by understanding the role of a Business Analyst. 

What is Business Analyst? And what are the responsibilities of a Business Analyst?

A Business Analyst is a professional who is proficient in extracting insights from large data sets and presenting them in the best way to the management to help make efficient business decisions. They make use of various tools and techniques in converting raw data to insights.

There are various skills that one needs to acquire to become a successful Business Analyst, and they are; Good communication and interpersonal skills, time management, problem-solving, analytical and curious mindset, along with many more skills. If your aim is to become a Business Analyst, then check out Business Analyst certification course. 

Responsibilities of a Business Analyst include: 

A Business Analyst responsibilities include: 

  • Creating a detailed outline of problems, opportunities, and solutions for easy understanding.
  • They have to prepare a budget and forecasts.
  • They have to do proper reporting and quote pricing.
  • Maintain both stakeholders and management on the same page by clearly defining all requirements. 

Top tips to become a Business Analyst without prior experience

Learn Business Process

Learning business processes is essential in becoming a Business Analyst. Since you might be working in a specific module in a project, you won’t know about the entire end-to-end process. So, in that case, you must reach out to team members from different teams with a set of questions to understand better. 

For this task, you can use the tools like Microsoft Visio or any other software your organization uses. When you draw the entire process onto the paper, you will start to realize the important steps in detail. This practice of outlining steps of the process helps you in the interview process for the Business Analyst job. 

Get sufficient Domain Knowledge. 

Getting sufficient domain knowledge is significant in getting up to speed in Business Analysis. Business Analysts must know the domain the business is operating on in an end-to-end manner. You must get these done very early to be successful in your career. Check out these Business Analyst interview questions to help you crack interviews. 

Learn and get to know enough of key software

Business Analysts use a lot of software to manage their work. They require software for project planning, wire-framing, preparing use-cases, creating and managing user stories, and many more. For reference, I am sharing here a few software that will help you in enhancing your skills. Microsoft Vision for generating diagrams, workflows, use cases, etc. JIRA for generating user stories in agile projects, and Projects from Microsoft for creating project plans. 

However, it’s at the discretion of the individual company on which software to use. For starters, you can check out the trial version of the software and ask your manager which software the company is using to get a better hands-on experience. 

Learn Data Analysis

Data Analysis is one of the prominent skills that an aspiring Business Analyst must have in their basket. This skill could be put to use in almost every phase of the project starting from project start, analysis phase, to even completion, and monitoring. As an aspiring Business Analyst, you must focus on Data Analysis as early as possible in your journey. 

To help you get started, start learning Microsoft Excel, practice with data sets, and implement data visualization techniques like bar charts, pivots, etc. The key is practice. The more you practice, the better you become. For starters, check out old sheets, data sets, or completed projects with the help of your manager, and try to understand them and learn new ways to represent them more effectively. 

Improve communication skills

Communication skills rank high in the list of top skills for a Business Analyst. You cannot become a good Business Analyst if you don’t possess good communication skills. You must inculcate good communication skills along with attention to detail within you. To improve your average communication skills you must keep asking questions on a regular basis with your stakeholders, to better understand their requirements. 

Even written skills are important in your job profile. A proper Business Analyst must be able to clearly express their ideas and thoughts in a simple and clear way through messages, and presentations. Try to interact rather than take orders from your managers or stakeholders. 

Improve your documentation skills 

Documentation is a very important skill needed for you to help you become a Business Analyst. It’s a big part of your job description, that you must be able to properly analyze and understand each of these documents in a clear manner. I will outline the process around documentation here for your reference: 

  • Initially, a draft document version is created. 
  • Next, it goes for peer-reviewing. 
  • Then it goes for review and approval with business users and stakeholders. 
  • Finally, if everyone is satisfied with all the points, and there is no change left to be done with, then it is considered as the baseline. 


There are the soft and hard skills that every professional who wishes to become a Business Analyst must ensure that they have these in their kitty. Keep reaching out to professional and experienced ones for guidance. 

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Tips To Become Business Analyst Without Prior Experience