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Top 10 Reliable Home Weather Stations

Top 10 Reliable Home Weather Stations

Top 10 Reliable Home Weather Stations

In the age of smartphones with the weather forecast and connected homes, the weather station is the kind of accessory that allows you to focus on the present, on your home, and not put your hand on your phone all the time.

Whether it’s lighting the fireplace or the fan, watering the best day, or choosing how to dress, there are many reasons behind purchasing a weather station. Likewise, many products have different functionality, and it is not necessarily easy to know which one to buy.

It is why we offer you a selection of the best and most reliable weather stations in 2021, including our favorite reference, the Bresser weather station 7002510.

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Why is our weather station reviews reliable?

We offer many buying guides always with the same objective: to find the best product, regardless of the manufacturer (possible approach thanks to our independence presented here). On the other hand, since everyone must be able to equip themselves, we take the time to look for the best model in different price brackets.

So whether we study kerosene stoves or weather stations, we use the same careful approach. We take the time to list the best sellers, which are easy to obtain on various online sales sites. Then we look to see if consumers or professionals have awarded certain products a prize.

We then establish a list of criteria, and we narrow our selection gradually. User reviews even consult to assess the ease of handling and durability of the device. Finally, when possible we try to test the different products ourselves.

▷ Weather station comparison table

ModelAvg PriceBase dimensionsColor displayNo. of sensorsWind speed and directionAtmospheric pressureConnected
Bresser 700251080 €12x19x2 cmX1X
La Crosse Technology WS683560 €16x25x2 cm1XXX
La Crosse Technology 328110 €15x12x4 cm3XXX
Bresser 7002580120 €17x14x2 cm1
Netatmo NWS01-EC165 €Aucune baseNon pertinent2X
La Crosse Technology V40A-PRO-INT 150 €20x14x4 cm1
La Crosse Technology S82950$82.828.98 x 1 x 5.43 inches

What are the best weather stations in 2023?

We don’t just want to list the best weather devices, and that’s why we offer you a critical description for each model. It lets you know the available data, strengths, and possible weaknesses of each device.

Our TOP 3

1. Bresser 7002510: the best cheap


  • 5-in-1 sensor
  • Good screen readability
  • Moon phase display
  • Alarm clock function
  • Time setting by radio


✓ Batteries not included

The Bresser 7002510 weather station is a device that offers excellent value for money. Indeed in this box, we receive a display screen of 5.5 inches and an ultra complete external sensor. No battery includes under this reference, but it is still possible to buy the same product with batteries under another authority.

The 5-in-1 outdoor sensor is a device that works with 6 AA batteries. A fixing system provides whether to install it on a post or a wall. This sensor makes it possible to measure the temperature, the atmospheric pressure, the speed and the direction of the wind (display of the Beaufort index), and even the rainfall. The memory includes being able to display the data collected over the last hours. So when we get up, we can check the data recorded during the night.

The screen is black and white. The data is well distributed for good visibility all the time. We even have indoor temperature and humidity. The other functions included are an alarm clock, a warning in the event of a risk of frost/ice, a radio setting of the time and date (so there is no need to do this).

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The display of phases of the moon, and finally the weather forecast for the next 12 hours. If the readability is not good, a button allows the lighting to switch on temporarily. It’s ridiculous, but it will enable you to install it in your room without being embarrassed.

2. La Crosse Technology WS6835: the inexpensive alternative


  • Sensor transmission at 90 m
  • Phases of the moon
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Display with symbols
  • Beautiful object


✓ Permanent backlight

Here is a nice weather station that you can easily integrate into your living room. It measures 16x25x2 cm, it has a black frame, and above all, the display is in color with some symbols. The screen is continuously backlit. It allows you to have a look at it at any time. The downside is that it is better to avoid installing it in a bedroom.

This weather station needs to connect to the mains, and it is advisable to place three AAA LR3 batteries which are there to compensate in the event of a power cut. You can position the base on a flat surface or hang it on the wall.

The outdoor sensor works with 2 AA LR6 batteries. It must be positioned less than 90 m from the base. To be sure of having set it correctly, the screen displays the transmission force of the sensor. It is not waterproof and must therefore protect from the rain. Outdoors measures temperature and humidity. Other data displayed are indoor temperature and humidity, weather forecast, dew point, heat index, atmospheric pressure (last 24 hours), and trend.

Other functions provide the display of the 12 phases of the moon, the time, the date, and an alarm. You can also choose the language used from seven European languages. It is also possible to program alerts on the interior temperature (proper to know when to light the fireplace, for example).

3. Bresser 7002580: the mid-range alternative


  • 5-in-1 sensor
  • WiFi connection
  • Color
  • 5.7 ″ screen
  • Straightforward installation


✓ Provide 3 AA batteries not included

The Bresser 7002580 weather station is a model with a colorful and easily readable screen. This one measures 5.7 inches. It is fixed to the wall or place in table ways on a piece of furniture. It measures 17x14x2 cm. The screen illumination has three levels: high light, low light, no light. It is practical because it allows you to turn it off at night if necessary.

The supplied sensor is a 5-in-1 device. It measures the speed and direction of the wind, rainfall, temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. A fixing system allows it to install on a post, above a base or a wall, or against a wall. You have to place it optimally while not forgetting to reserve access for its maintenance and the change of the batteries. Indeed, it works with three AA batteries (which incidentally does not supply with the new device).

Other data is also available with this weather station. Thus we have an alarm function, a warning in case of risk of frost, the phase of the current moon, the heat index, the dew point index, the Windchill factor, and the weather forecast for the next 12 hours.

It is also a weather station connected via WiFi. First of all, WiFi allows you to synchronize the device and perform updates. And if you create an account on a site dedicated to the weather, you can also share your data and consult it online. It’s convenient and fun to use.

4. Netatmo NWS01-EC: the best high end


  • Two elegant sensors
  • Waterproof outdoor sensor
  • WiFi connected
  • Alexa and Siri compatible
  • Sound level measurement


✓ No screen

This Netatmo box is a weather station slightly different from all the other products presented in this guide. Indeed, the package includes only two sensors and no display screen. It is a weather station connected via WiFi, and the data can therefore only views on your phone or tablet after installing the free application. In addition, it is also possible to combine these sensors with Alexa and Siri (for this, you must first have an Amazon Echo or Apple Homekit).

Concretely, these are two bright and pretty discreet sensors. The indoor sensor works by being connected to the mains. It measures temperature, humidity, CO2 level, and sound level. The outdoor sensor works with two AAA batteries (included) and is entirely waterproof. A wall clip allows it to position more quickly. It measures temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. Measurements make every 5 minutes, and the sensors must position within 100 m of each other.

Via the application, we have access to the readings, history, and weather forecast for the next seven days. It is also possible to set up alerts that work via notifications. The device is started up very simply via the router. The data is then easily readable. You can even consult the statements with graphs to help analyze the information.

5. La Crosse Technology V40A-PRO-INT Wi-Fi Professional Weather Center, Silver: the high-end alternative


  • Colorful
  • LED backlight
  • 5-in-1 sensor
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Easy installation


✓ No battery included

The reference WS1651-BLA is a weather station with a backlit color display and a 5-in-1 outdoor sensor. The whole installation is relatively easy because the included instructions are clear and detailed step by step. On the other hand, must provide batteries from the start (3 AAA LR3 batteries for the base and 3 AA LR6 batteries for the outdoor sensor). The connection between the ground and the sensor is wireless, and the distance can be 150 m in the free field. However, do not forget that the thickness of your walls will significantly reduce this distance.

In the end, a lot of different data displays. The organization in other spaces and different colors allows good readability. We first have the basic and classic information such as the time and date (which are radio-controlled), the indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, and of course, the forecast. The outdoor sensor also measures precipitation, average wind speed, wind direction, and atmospheric pressure.

The other information available is the frost alert, the setting of a temperature alert, the comfort level indicator, the dew point, the heat index, and the current moon phase. One can also include an alarm clock. Several studies can set the language, time display (in 12 or 24 hours), the temperature in ° C or ° F, etc.

The base needs to connect to the mains in addition to the presence of batteries. Indeed there is no permanent recording of the data. And so if we can consult the history over a few hours, particularly for the rainfall, in the event of a power cut, we lose everything. The batteries allow this data to save while the electricity restores. Nothing more.

And why not

Here are a few more weather stations in different price ranges. It should allow you to find your future device, including during sales or Black Friday. In addition, this could give you the option of choosing an oil bath radiator without a thermometer included, for example.

6. La Crosse Technology S82950

This La Crosse weather station is an easy product to use and, above all, the display is easy to read. Indeed, it works with a colored LCD screen displaying the weather forecasts and on each side the data collected by the sensors.

When getting started, we can adjust several things. So we choose a time display on a 12-hour or 24-hour cycle, the language (French or six other European languages), the intensity of the lighting, and the temperature in ° C or ° F.

Three sensors were provided. They work with AA batteries (not included). It allows you to measure indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, indoor and outdoor humidity, mold risk, dew point, and heat index. There is also a calendar display and an alarm.

The minimum and maximum temperatures can automatically record each day and can program alerts.

It is a weather station that works by being plugged into the mains. It is also possible to insert backup batteries because there will be no data recording in the event of a power cut.

7. La Crosse Technology WS9130

Here is a small weather station, straightforward, gray, and inexpensive. It is 15 cm high and 8 cm wide for a weight of 180 grams, and can be placed on a piece of furniture or fixed to the wall. It works with two AA ALR3 batteries and an indicator signals when it’s time to change them. This station is especially very interesting for measuring indoor temperature because the outdoor sensor has about one year.

The display is essential but of excellent quality. From top to bottom, you can read the time (on a 12 or 24-hour cycle), the indoor temperature, the weather forecast (the forecast) as a symbol, and finally, the outdoor temperature. There is also a display of the minimum and maximum temperatures recorded.

The outdoor sensor is a reasonably discreet housing, battery-operated (2 AA LR6), and not waterproof. You must place it at a distance of fewer than 100 meters from the central unit to transmit data.

8. Bresser 7002520CM3000

Very complete, this Bresser weather station makes it possible to monitor external data as accurately as possible. The 5.7-inch screen (totaling a 14 × 17 cm device) organize into five different areas. The display is in color, knowing that the color can be fixed or change according to the temperature.

Indoors, the device displays temperature and humidity. The outdoors shows temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed and direction, and rainfall. A history even makes it possible to consult this data on the previous hours. Overall it works well, but it does not design for high winds. As a result, either it will show almost no wind in a storm, or it will not exceed 50 km / h.

The other functions available are the presence of an alarm clock, the warning in the event of frost/ice, the automatic adjustment (via radio) of the time and date, the heat index, and finally, the weather forecast. for the next 12 hours.

9. Oregon Scientific OS March

In the end, a reasonably simple model with detailed descriptions makes for a pleasant and colorful display. This Oregon Scientific weather station is a small product. It is 16 cm high and 9 cm wide, and can be fixed to the wall or placed (standing) on ​​a piece of furniture. It needs to connect to the mains, and the batteries are mainly used in the event of a power failure or to temporarily move the device. Only one sensor provides. It is a thermometer and hygrometer probe.

The display lets you know the indoor and outdoor temperature, indoor humidity, time, and weather forecast for the next 12 hours. There is also a freeze alert which is a simple light at the very bottom of the device. The set is practical because all the adjustment buttons position on the front of the weather station.

The time is set by radio, and thus the device always indicates the correct time.

Buying guide: all you need to know about weather stations

Discover the technical specificities of weather stations, that is to say, the elements that allow them to compares very concretely. It will enable you to choose the weather station that suits you best according to your needs and budget.

What is a weather station?

The weather station is a sensor + screen assembly. The device is responsible for collecting data through a sensor or a probe and transmitting it to a screen (and through an application on certain products). The best-known example is the thermometer function, i.e., access to the exact temperature of a specific location. However, the devices are improved, and it is now possible to have data concerning humidity, the sunshine, wind, etc.

How to choose your weather station?

Although it is a small device to know which weather station to buy, there are different features to consider and compare. Of course, the comparison will not take you as long as comparing air purifiers, but you should not try to go too fast and rely only on design and price.

⇨ Indoor / outdoor sensors

In general, the weather station incorporates the first sensor to display the data collected where it locates. But it can work with other sensors positioned remotely. It makes it possible to display the indoor and outdoor temperature in the same place via wireless sending of information.

⇨ Data collected

The basis is the display of time and temperature. But there can also be a reading of humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind direction, etc.

⇨ Connectivity

More and more weather stations integrate a Bluetooth or WiFi connection. For the installation, the use is fundamental. It is just a question of being able to consult the data on his smartphone. But we can hope that gradually we can connect the weather station to other connected devices in the house to, for example, start the dehumidifier.

⇨ Forecast

Most often, weather stations include forecasts for the next 12 or 24 hours. Reliability is, of course, variable, and that relates to where the sensor locates. A good, well-adjusted hygrometer can, in any case, give reliable information on the risk of rain.

⇨ Margin of error

It is the possible margin of error between reality and display. A margin of error of 1 ° C is quite acceptable, but some inexpensive models advertise larger margins, even if it means losing all interest in the device.

⇨ Options

Some additional functions can be provided, such as an illuminated clock or not, an alarm clock, a frost or heatwave alert, etc.

⇨ Installation

It is a question of where to put the weather station. Whether it has to be positioned upright on a piece of furniture or a hook to hang it on the wall, in any case, avoid placing it next to an electric heater or even a mobile air conditioner.

⇨ Design

It concerns the shape of the device as well as its color and display. The weather station must be able to integrate into your decoration while taking place in a suitable location.

⇨ Price

More than the displayed price, the recommended retail price gives an idea of ​​the overall quality. Is the manufacturer positioned on the entry-level or the high end? On the other hand, do not forget to check the age of the product. A high-end weather station ten years ago is not necessarily worth much today.

⇨ Brand

We advise you to turn to brands that specialize in weather data and this type of device. It is the case, for example, with Oregon Scientific and La Crosse Technology, which create high precision devices in different sectors.

Why buy a weather station?

The weather station is a unique accessory appreciated by gardeners and those who like to organize their day. Should we take an umbrella? Is it possible to plan a walk in the forest this afternoon? Is it better to close the shutters before leaving to prevent the heat from entering the house?

And the more geeks appreciate linking their weather station to other elements such as automatic watering, for example.

Finally, it allows you to take stock of the air quality inside your home and measure the relevance of a humidifier or the efficiency of its equipment.

Which brand of a weather station to choose?

Discover the most popular brands and the most severe companies to equip yourself with a good weather station.

▷ Netatmo

Netatmo is a French company specializing in connected devices. It offers many different objects around four themes: safety, energy, weather, and air quality.

It explains why Netatmo weather stations are interested in indoor and outdoor air quality and provide accurate information directly to the smartphone. You will thus be able to know if you need a device for the treatment of the air, for example.

▷ La Crosse Technology

Reviews of La Crosse Technology weather stations are all very positive, and customer ratings are excellent. This American company primarily offers devices related to the weather, the heart of its mission.

It aims to create and sell products that are easy to use, accessible and precise. La Crosse Technology also offers a wide range of sensors.

▷ Oregon Scientific

The American company Oregon Scientific distributes worldwide. The two ranges around which the company builts weather stations and alarm clocks. But it also creates and sells devices for sports and telecommunications. In all cases, connected devices have pride of place.

▷ Ohio

Ohio specializes in home automation, that is to say, in installing devices to have a connected home. Its catalog includes several weather stations. One of the interests of this brand is that it offers models with a unique or even original design.

▷ Excelvan

The Excelvan company offers many devices for the home, such as video projectors, tablets, coffee makers, etc. This brand specializes in low prices. It is, therefore, possible to buy a weather station for around twenty euros.

▷ Bresser

Initially, Bresser is a German company specializing in optics, but today its catalog is more comprehensive. Its weather stations are medium or even high-end, and there are many positive opinions about it.

▷ Davis Instruments

Davis Instruments is an American company created about fifty years ago and offers professional or high-end equipment. It targets a clientele linked to the world of agriculture or science education. It is, therefore, necessary to plan a larger budget than for the other brands in this selection.

▷ Inovalley

Inovalley equips serious amateurs in their approach. You have to plan a budget of around 40 to 120 €. It almost always offers a large screen for optimal readability.

The different types of weather stations

Here are the principal terms used to describe, name, or classify weather stations for sale.

⇨ Wireless weather station

It is a product that works with batteries and WiFi. Today it is an efficient and manageable solution, and they are the most requested and sold weather stations.

⇨ Radio-controlled weather station

Behind this term hides only one option: time is radio-controlled. It means that it is not necessary to set the time on the device yourself.

⇨ Connected weather station

By connected, we are not talking about WiFi only, but the possibility of linking the station with an assistant such as Alexa or at least manipulating the information remotely with a smartphone. If it’s more and more offers, the handling is not always the same.

⇨ WiFi weather station

You can use WiFi at different levels: to connect the probe to the screen or the investigation to an application and the smartphone or tablet. Therefore, you should read the description carefully to find out more and get an accurate idea of ​​the use of the weather station concerned.

⇨ Color weather station

The more functionality the device contains, the larger the screen. Classically it is gray with black text. However, we may prefer a color weather station, i.e., with a color screen.

⇨ Weather station Pro

Pro, like professional, that is to say, both precise and complete. These are products sold for several hundred euros and the results of which have a vital role in the professional life of the buyer (often a farmer, but not only).

⇨ Anemometer Rain gauge Hygrometer

These are the precise scientific terms for the various features included. The anemometer measures wind speed and pressure and are often associated with a weather vane. The rain gauge measures the amount of rain that has fallen while the hygrometer calculates the humidity in the air.

⇨ Weather station three probes

We call probe or sensor the element which is in the open air and which allows the measurements. A single sensor gives you an idea of ​​the weather, but you get much more severe and reliable results with three probes. It is equipment offered mainly on professional equipment.

⇨ Large screen weather station

A large screen makes the data collected by the weather station easy to read. Remember to check the screen size in centimeters to be sure it will suit you.

⇨ Mini weather station

This term refers to the size of the screen, which will be very small. Be careful that the size does not influence the options too much. Indeed, in general, small screens give less information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best brand of weather station?

There are several excellent quality products from various brands, as you can see in our file. However, if needed only one brand to consult its entire catalog, we would recommend La Crosse Technology, specializing in precision devices to display the time, weather, and other data captured in time. Real. It is a company founded in the United States in 1985, it has premises and therefore direct contacts in Alsace and many other regions of the world.

Should you take your weather station with or without a sensor?

The answer depends on what you expect from the device. If the goal is to have accurate data on the inside of your home, it is not necessary to have an additional sensor. On the other hand, if you want to know the weather forecast and, therefore, the weather outside or even the forecast for the next few hours, then the presence of a sensor is essential. This sensor often works with batteries and is connected to the weather station wirelessly via radio waves.

Where to buy a radio station?

There are always a few models sold all year round in appliance stores like Darty or Boulanger. The choice increases with the approach of Father’s Day and Christmas. If not to buy one at any time of the year and have a natural choice in terms of performance and price, the easiest way is to buy online at Fnac, Amazon, Cdiscount, etc. It even allows you to find a promo outside of the sales.

Where to place the outdoor sensor of a weather station?

First of all, you must check your device’s instructions for the possible distance between the weather station and its sensor. Then there are some minor rules to know to do the best. It is best to place it on a north-facing facade. It should be about 2 meters from the ground. All the elements that directly modify the temperature must avoid direct sunlight, air vents, and ventilation of houses and windows. Finally, check that it is securely attached and that the wind cannot cause it to fall.

Conclusion: which weather station to choose in our opinion?

It is not often the case, but we had no difficulty choosing our favorite device for this guide. It is the Bresser 7002510 weather station which offers excellent value for money. The data collected are numerous and varied, and this model costs less than 100 EUR.

Otherwise, for a prettier display, we recommend the La Crosse Technology WS6825-BLA weather station. It measures less different data, but it comes with three sensors.

The other excellent alternative is for those who want to develop a connected home. The Netatmo NWS01-EC weather station manages with Siri, Alexa, and a free application.