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Website Design Principles

Website Design Principles

Website design in Toms River is the design of the website that your business will display on the internet.  It is what is used to bring in new customers to try or use your services, buy your products, or find information that they are seeking.  Many think that when designing a website, that it just needs an aesthetically pleasing appearance but there is more to it than that.  

There are many elements that go into a website that not only has a pleasing appearance but will draw new customers to your business, keep older customers returning, offer a great product and/or service, present it where the customer has to have it or use it and more.

Here are some of the basic principles of a good website design in Wall.

  • Simplicity rules—many websites have too many elements, making them over-designed.  The less the better is the general rule.  If it is over-designed, then it is going to take away from the purpose of the website.  You want to have a fresh, clean design so it is easy for those visiting the site to navigate.  You want them to find the product and service you off easily because if they have to click on this and that to find what they are looking for, they could become frustrated and leave.
  • Not too distracting—a good website design company will know how to effectively use the white, or empty, space between the images, graphics, and text.  You want that space to be appealing, not distracting.  You want to guide the visitors to your website to where they want to go.  When you have a simple, clean design that is surrounded by empty space it can be more effective than a page that appears busy with noisy ads or other distracting features.
  • Appeals to the right user—when you do website design in Toms River, you want to be sure that you are reaching your targeted market.  The design has to be specifically done to appeal to them because they will be the ones that will be interested in your product and/or service.  The targeted market will be the ones that buy and become repeat customers.
  • Functionality and usability—these two are what must drive your website design.  You want to make sure that your company’s website is clear and easy to use.  You need to make sure that every link used on the website functions fast.  Every call to action and button has to be correctly positioned.  You want your visitor to be able to navigate your website with as little effort as possible so they can quickly move from step by step to purchase your product.
  • Easy to understand—not all visitors to your website will be computer savvy so they will need to be able to understand every word and headline on the website.  They will need to be able to get from looking at the product information to buying it without confusion.


These are just some of the basic elements your website design in Wall should have to bring in more customers and be a success.