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What is a Ricer Car In 2021: All You Need To Know

Ricer Car

What is a Ricer Car In 2021: All You Need To Know

The phrase “ricer car” is used in the hobbyist car tuning community, where people make modifications to cars to either improve their efficiency or make them look more impressive. Put simply, when people talk about a “ricer car” they are talking about a car that has been extensively modified.

A richer car means cosmetic improvements inspired by racing. It is one of the most modified car concepts that are heavily modified. A ricer comes with unnecessary cosmetic enhancements to make them look faster and stand out from the crowd.

Usually, most bald cars are powered by low specification engines which are just modified for cosmetic reasons. The simpler term was borrowed from Japanese automotive culture where car enthusiasts used to customize their cars out of the box.

Obviously, you can’t expect jaw-dropping performance from these cars. Although, with loud noise and racing fenders, a faster car will be able to catch eyeballs. Also, you can enjoy the ride with the half window down, pop music, and feel the feel of it.

Basically, a car that is all show and no go. Examples of ricer modifications include but aren’t limited to

  1. “ performance exhaust “ which serves no purpose but makes the car sound like someone farting in a coffee can ( aka fart can ). Most ricer exhausts are VERY loud.
  2. Stickers. Most are from parts that are not even on the car but that the owner thinks look cool and supposedly in their minds adds 5–10 hp.
  3. Clear tailights ( mainly from alteeza)
  4. Ridiculously sized rear spoiler. Which is stupid for a FWD car because the drive wheels are in the front. Not the back.
  5. Huge ridiculous body kits. This makes the car appear lower
  6. Modified( incorrectly ) suspension. You see some ricers with cars so low they scrape the ground , and some that have RIDICULOUS camber on the tires. ( which actually makes the car unstable and unsafe )
  7. Huge expensive rims mounted on tires that are practically non existent.

Common ricer models include old Honda civics, accords, etc. The civic is popular because it has a 4 banger that is NOT fast. but the owners are ashamed to admit that their car is slower than a golf cart.

Why do people hate “ricers”?

Thank you for the A2A.

This is a ricer. It is a kitchen device for compressing boiled potatoes, or any other cooked non-fibrous vegetable, into little rice sized grains.

I am not aware of anyone who hates them. There’s no real substitute for what they do.

Is the 2017 Honda Civic Type R a ricer?

the top definition of RICE defined in Urban Dictionary is: “Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements. (R.I.C.E.)Parts put on cars to make them look fast when they have no internal tuning and are actually slow as hell.” Type R is fast. Not the fastest but it’s fast. Since it’s fast and the wild body serves a purpose, I wouldn’t consider it rice.

You can tastefully modify the looks of a car by adding touches that work with the body of a car. A good lip, nice well made exhaust and good wheels would be good.

Once you start adding triple lips, extensions on the skrrt skrrts, large fuck off can, 20″ ghetto wheels, sponsor stickers, big gay wing, non functioning vents and add-ons that serve no purposes then you need to rethink something.

To be fair, some people only care about the looks of a car and not the performance. This is fine though to add a large carbon wing on a Prius serves no functional purpose hence it’s a “race-inspired cosmetic enhancement”. A Prius with some wider wheels & good tires adds the benefit of extra grip which is not race-inspired. It’s a deadly game and it is easy to mistake what is RICE or not and get carried away.

What does a stock car mean?

Unless you’re talking about the racing series called NASCAR, a stock car is one that has not been modified, and all the parts come from the normal stock (inventory) used to build the cars like the ones you see on the showroom floor. So if your car has had extensive after-market mods, that cannot be quickly and easily reversed, it can’t really be called stock. When a car has absolutely zero aftermarket mods it is sometimes referred to as “box stock.”

Of course, the S in NASCAR refers to stock cars, and early on, racecars made for NASCAR races were indeed based on showroom stock cars, although heavily modified, mostly by things being removed to reduce weight, and bigger tires to improve traction. But that’s no longer the case. A “modern” NASCAR racer begins life as a purpose-built racecar, with never a chance of being street legal. It never had a vehicle identification number.

From a practical standpoint, there’s not enough room here to describe all the things that are different between what NASCAR drivers drive, and what a stock production vehicle really is. There is virtually nothing on a NASCAR stock car that you could buy from the parts department’s (stock) of the car dealer selling that brand.

What is a Ricer Car In 2023 All You Need To Know

To be specific on the major differences, you could start with the fact that production (stock) cars use fuel injection, and generally don’t use carburetors (ala NASCAR) anymore.

Stock (production) cars are built on a unibody which is a set of interior and exterior sheet metal parts welded together to provide not only the exterior surfaces but also the overall structural integrity, as opposed to the old days when cars were built more typically with a body mounted on a frame.

NASCAR stock cars are frankly more of a throwback to the body on the frame, where the external sheet metal is less important to the overall structural rigidity of the vehicle. Technically you could drive a NASCAR without the external sheet-metal parts, whereas on a unibody car, those external sheet-metal parts or integral to the structure.

NASCAR cars have a tubular steel roll cage and points for mounting external metal panels that reflect the general shape of the production car. but minimally involved in the car’s overall structural dynamics. The sheet metal that is mounted to the tubular roll cage is measured with templates to ensure that the car has a proper (within rules) external shape that generally conforms to the production cars’ profile. You might notice that headlights and taillights and are painted on.

What is a Ricer Car In 2023: All You Need To Know

The front and rear bumper areas of a NASCAR are not like a production car where you have the large plastic parts that can be replaced separately from the sheet-metal parts. NASCAR engines are specification control, especially with regard to displacement, but are custom built by shops around the country,. They are not built in the factories of the automobile manufacturers. For a stark example, there is no such thing as a production V8 Camry,

NASCAR’s custom engines employ component designs that would not be used in production vehicles for things like crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, cylinder heads, intake manifolds, exhaust headers, , etc. NASCAR wheels and tires wouldn’t even fit on any of the production cars they represent.

Of course for safety reasons, there are other things in NASCAR stock cars like head restraints and special fuel tanks, but generally speaking, even these parts have not been certified for use in production vehicles.

The bottom line is that the S and NASCAR need to go. It is misleading. The only thing stock about those cars is that they are painted and shaped to look like production cars – Kinda. Back in the day a driver like Richard Petty could buy a Ford Galaxie right off the showroom floor and start modifying it for the Daytona race. That would be impossible today.

They used to say “race on Sunday and sell cars on Monday”, but today it’s simply a branding showcase that has almost nothing to do with any efforts put forth by the major car manufacturers to write checks to have their brand represented on those racecars.

What is the difference between a ricercar and a JDM car?

R- a race I- inspired C- cosmetic E- enhancement

What this means is that a car that has cheap unwanted cosmetic upgrades which don’t contribute to becoming fast is called a Ricercar. JDM actually stands for the Japanese domestic market.

Generally, iconic Japanese cars are said to be JDM cars by car guys. They differ from a ricer in many ways. They don’t have those cheap eBay body kits which don’t contribute anything to making the car go fast. They do upgrades which actually makes the car go fast. They can also be called tuners.

Which one is better: Audi or BMW?

Audi is the better brand and here are some reasons why:

  1. BMW was once the iconic, pinnacle of luxury vehicles but that mantle has since been taken by Mercedes and Audi.
  2. Audi SUVs are superior to BMW. The rare 6.0 litre Q7 offers slight competition to the more dominant X6, but other BMW SUVs pale in comparison to Audi. Other Q7 variants sell much more than the X5, and are superior as drivers cars, as well as other features such as bootspace and engine efficiency, while the X3 and X1 are barely seen (unlike the Q5). The SQ5 (sporty Q5) and the RSQ3 – a 367 hp bomb that does 0–100 in 3 seconds are another variants that Audi offers that BMW does not compete in.
  3. Audi makes drivers cars. Drivers enjoy Audi more than BMW, citing better response, handling, and smoothness as some reasons. Driving is an important aspect to consider when evaluating cars, so this is definitely a plus point for Audi. The quattro all wheel drive system (standard on most cars) by Audi has also been preferred by many drivers over BMWs approach.
  4. Some BMWs are overpriced. This is not a flaw of the product itself, but the brand, which seems to place an excessive value on their product. Audi, Lexus, and Jaguar all make similar and better cars for lower prices than BMW.
  5. In sport categories, there isn’t even a comparison to be made. The TT trumps the Z4, although neither have a large demand. BMW recently launched the i8, their sole true competitor in the sports market. However, Audi has multiple sports series – the S series (a mix of sport and luxury), and the RS series (comfortable cars with ridiculous sport packages). Finally, the icing on the cake – the R8, which BMW do not really have a competitor for.
  6. Audis basic models are better. While some argue that the 7 series is better than the Audi A8 (I am not one of those people), little can be said for BMWs more basic models. The A3 – A7 range (3–6 series for BMW) definitely belongs to Audi, who have a greater market share and have made the cars more luxurious than their BMW counterparts. In response to the success of the Audi A7, BMW launched the 6 series, which has flopped dramatically, since it is merely a confused hybrid of sport and luxury, a hunk of junk.

These are just some reasons why Audi is better than BMW.

How do car manufacturers decide upon names for new cars?

Some throw darts to see what sticks while other manufacturers do use some reasoning behind the nomenclature.

There are too many cars to list so I’ll mention some popular makes.

BMW keeps it simple. Very simple. They’re all numbers. The higher the designation, the bigger, more expensive the model. A 1 series is small. A 7 series is YUGE. The odd numbers are typically sedans while the even ones are coupes or sportier versions of their counterpart. The X models are reserved for SUVs/SAVs/Crossovers

Lexus’ car designation is clean and makes most sense. They’re easy to figure out once you get the hang of it;

  • SC = Sports Coupe
  • CT = Compact/Creative Touring
  • IS = Intelligent Sports
  • ES = Executive Sedan
  • GS = Grand Sedan
  • LS = Luxury Sedan
  • RX = Radiant/Recreational Crossover
  • NX = Nimble Crossover
  • GX = Grand Crossover
  • LX = Luxury Crossover
  • RC = Radical Coupe

Infiniti recently changed all their car names and simplified it down to two models; Q’s are coupes and sedans while the QXs are the Crossover/SUVs.

Audi is similar to BMW- the higher the designation, the bigger, more expensive the car. All A series’ are sedans and coupes, the S versions are ridiculously faster and the Q versions are SUVs.

Hondas are easy to keep track of. They make an LX, EX and EX-L models. LX is the base model with L representing Luxury, E stands for Executive and L stands for Leather.

Then we have Tesla where the CEO has the humor of a 12 year old and thought S E X Y is just too hilariously cool to pass up. Too bad he had to settle for S 3 X Y though.

Is a Honda Civic a ricer?

The “ricer” attempts to make their car “performance” by adding the modifications listed above. These ricers are not confined to any one ethnic group or color, however different ethnic groups are known for certain styles. Honda Civics with big spoilers and 4″ exhaust tips are considered to be ricers.

What is the meaning of ricer?

RICER is an acronym, it stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, and Referral. It’s essential to follow the RICER method during the acute stage of the injury – the first 24 to 48 hours. The sooner you treat a soft tissue injury, the greater the chance of a complete recovery.

Ricer Car
Ricer Car

Is Subaru a ricer?

No, Subaru owners are not ricers. Owning a Subaru does not make you a ricer. Just like owning a Honda (the most commonly ‘riced’ brand) doesn’t automatically make you a ricer. … Under that definition, the brand Subaru did rice their cars.

What is a GTA ricer?

ricer(Ricer: from the Latin word Ricarius meaning to suck at everything you attempt) A person who makes unnecessary modifications to their most often import car (hence the term “rice”) to make it (mostly make it look) faster. Ricers are generally the exact opposite. Body kits, spoilers, wheels, sound systems, JDM parts (on some applications), and a bunch of other parts that make these .. I always saw “ricers” as scene kids. A ricer could be someone with a low trim level honda with a fart can, or a low rider pickup with stuff from auto zone stuck all …What is a ‘ricer’ car or a ‘ricer’ mod? … The term ‘ricer’ was first used in North America’s car underground (illegal) modification scene. Ricer refers ..

Why are Hondas called Ricers?

A ricer stands for Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements. But in the street, they also called boy racer or all show no go. First, it started to be called on Japanese cars, but now all cars can be considered ricercar when they are full of bad cosmetic mods.

What’s the difference between a ricer and a tuner?

Let’s get things straightened out here. Urban Dictionary defines the term ricer as a person who makes unnecessary modifications to their most often import car (hence the term “rice”) to make it (mostly make it look) faster. … Urban dictionary defines a tuner as A person who tunes ANY type of vehicle.

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