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10 Best Textsheet com Alternative- Solutions Home Work, Chegg 2024

Textsheet com alternative

10 Best Textsheet com Alternative- Solutions Home Work, Chegg 2024 was a website that provided answers and solutions to textbook questions by using Chegg API. However, it’s important to note that using websites or services to access solutions without proper authorization may violate terms of service and may be considered unethical.

It’s recommended to use legitimate resources for academic purposes, such as official textbooks, online study platforms, or consulting with teachers and peers. If you need help with homework or studying, consider the following alternatives:

  1. Chegg:
    • Chegg itself is a legitimate platform that offers a variety of study resources, including textbook solutions, study guides, and tutoring services.
  2. Khan Academy:
    • Khan Academy provides free educational resources, including video lessons and practice exercises, covering a wide range of subjects.
  3. Quizlet:
    • Quizlet is a platform where users can create and share flashcards, study guides, and quizzes for various subjects.
  4. Slader:
    • Slader is a platform where users can find textbook solutions and answers. It’s community-driven and allows users to contribute.
  5. Course Hero:
    • Course Hero is a platform that provides study resources, including textbook solutions, study guides, and course-specific materials.
  6. SparkNotes:
    • SparkNotes offers study guides and summaries for literature, science, math, and other subjects.
  7. Wolfram Alpha:
    • Wolfram Alpha is a computational engine that can help with solving mathematical problems and answering questions in various subjects.
  8. StudyBlue:
    • StudyBlue allows users to create and share study materials, including flashcards and notes.
  9. Google Scholar:
    • Google Scholar is a freely accessible search engine that indexes scholarly articles and academic resources.
  10. Library Resources:
    • Utilize your school or local library resources, including textbooks, reference materials, and academic journals.

10 Best Textsheet com Alternative- Solutions Home Work, Chegg 2024

Always prioritize ethical and legal means of obtaining study materials. If you have questions about specific resources or need help with your studies, consider reaching out to your teachers, professors, or classmates for assistance. was an online repository of textbook answers, homework solutions, and other help for students. Its users loved its simplicity and ease-of-use, and as the website offered its solutions for free, it quickly grew in popularity to become one of the most visited academic answer sites on the web.

The site operated more like a search engine than a collection in its own right and used the APIs of other answer databases to collate and collect solutions for users to search through. Though, as with a lot of services that take the ‘search engine’ approach, it faced heaps of legal troubles throughout the site’s lifetime.

This culminated in a DMCA copyright takedown notice from American education company Chegg as included thousands of answers from Chegg in its search results, and was subsequently taken down.

There exist many alternatives that offer a similar service to Textsheet. If you’re a student looking for homework help or academic answers, this list will run through your best options for a alternative.

This has alerted many similar sites. Most of the study-help sites plagiarise their matter (copy answers and solutions from other sites). It is an equal loss for students as well because students rely on certain sites for their academic help.

10 Best Textsheet Alternative- Solutions Home Work, Chegg 2024

When the site that they are accustomed to gets banned or is unavailable, they struggle with their academics. It is not easy to find a reliable study resource in a short span of time.

Websites like CFS, Course hero, are reliable and don’t copy answers from elsewhere. So if you are a student who faced the consequences of the Textsheet shutdown, you can check out these websites.

In fact, CFS has free textbook solutions as well which means you won’t have to pay to get study-help from them.

The Textsheet was a site for accessing study help. It faced a shutdown by the DMCA as it was reproducing Chegg answers.

On the off chance that you are searching for the best destinations like Textsheet? At that point, it is for you.

You can discover numerous alternatives accessible on the web. A ton of decisions is accessible other than Textsheet.

The vast majority of the comparative site is liberated from cost. Here you can find or discover your solutions for their schoolwork and assignments free on their foundation (Textsheet Alternatives).

If you’re a student looking for homework help or academic answers, this list will run through your best options for a alternative.

With these alternatives websites similar to Textsheet, you don’t have to worry about how you are going to do your homework. Upon contemplating various factors, we have come up with this list of the best substitutes for Textsheet. So without any further ado, let’s jump on it.

10 Best Textsheet Alternative For Students 2024
text sheet.
course hero.
Crazy for study.

Course Hero is also the most suited alternative to Textsheet and, the best platform for studying and downloading study material. It guarantees that it has more than 25 Million of course-specific study material. The site is well organized to discover a course, notes, and answers quickly.

Is Chegg is a good alternative for

I love Chegg. I never had a problem with Chegg. They fix all my issues!! You ppl have to learn and understand Its only certain things customer service reps can do.

They fix all my problems to the best they can, and I am okay with that. I had a Chegg study membership That I forgot to cancel and the young lady mention they do not issue refunds and I am okay with that.

She placed me on hold and came back with great news, She refunded me for 3 months that I did not use the stated that was the max she could do and her supervisor approved it, which is understandable. ! so I think Chegg is a good alternative for Textsheet.

Chegg is now a no 1 education technology company in America Since it provides a huge variety of questions to its aspirants for their future success.

However, the questions are much tough everybody now looking for Free Chegg Answers in 2020 to unblur the same.

You can use Chegg Answers Finder by iStaunch to get a free solution.

Steps to Find Free Solutions on Chegg

  • First, go to iStaunch . com & search for “Free Chegg Answers” using the search box.
  • After you find the Chegg Answer Finder by iStaunch, enter the Chegg question URL and tap on the submit option.
  • That’s it, in the next screen, you will see Chegg answers for free.

Is Paperhelp is a good alternative for

As the name of the site speaks itself, PaperHelp is the best site for either you want to study or write research papers. PaperHelp offers almost all types of research papers.

It could the best choice for those who are looking for research papers or want to write their own.

If you want to write your research paper no matter you are in High School or doing Ph.D., It is very useful for writing research papers.

This website offers a variety of research papers too if you don’t want to write your own.

Paperhelp also respects your Privacy and detail you submit on it, will be confidential and will not be disclosed to others.

Even none will know which research paper you buy from it. Ordered Research Papers also get delivered at your doorsteps very soon. I would say it could be the best alternative to Textsheet com.

PaperHelp is not a similar website or application like Textsheet, but it’s a custom paper writing services provider.

While in school or college, we waste a lot of time writing papers, so if you are on the same boat and thinking that doing this doesn’t worth your time, PaperHelp has got your back.

Whether you are in high school, college, university, or even doing a Ph.D., there’s a solution for everything.

Using PaperHelp, you can avail of any essay services or other writing services. And for calculating the price for your order, you can enter the asked details, and you’ll have it instantly.

The best thing – they do have a money-back guarantee, so if in case you don’t get satisfied with the quality or encounter any issue, you know what to do.

With 24/7 customer support, you can ring PaperHelp anytime if you have a query you are skeptical about. Lastly, for knowing detailed pricing on the different orders, you should visit their official page.

PaperHelp is a website that provides help to resolve any academic or business paper. It is an excellent platform for writers and those who want to write their essay because a writer can earn money, and the client gets his writing from trusted hands.

Textsheet Alternative – 10 Sites Like Textsheet For Students {2024 Working}

The process on the PaperHelp is straightforward. Go and place an order. Select your topic and choose the length of paper or number of words and place your order. Remember it is not a free platform they charge for their services.

Other offers include essay writing services, proofreading, do my homework, assignment help, and so on.

It is an excellent and legit website compare to Texsheet com. Having a professional team on PaperHelp your money worth it and if you do not like their services, you can get your money back.

Text sheet alternative is emerging these days to help students solve the assignments. In the present competitive world, there are never-ending questions.

10 Best Textsheet com Alternative- Solutions Home Work, Chegg 2024

Whether it’s in the career or academic arena, the online Textsheet alternative is booming to help kids. They assist in solving assignments and homework. Each of these sites plays a significant role in controlling wastage of time. They also help to solve the questions.

Text sheet alternative is emerging these days to help students solve the assignments. In the present competitive world, there are never-ending questions.

Whether it’s in the career or academic arena, the online Textsheet alternative is booming to help kids. They assist in solving assignments and homework. Each of these sites plays a significant role in controlling wastage of time. They also help to solve the questions.

What is

Text sheet was a popular website popular among students for finding answers. The site experienced massive popularity in a short span. The website provided solutions for free. The guide was available with API technology.

Students always want to solve their assignments without making any effort. In this context, Textsheet achieved a massive success than another online portal.

Key features: textsheet com

Text sheet has been very useful for students for a long time to look for relevant answers online but if we talk about alternates then with no doubt, I’ll choose Course Hero.

It’s like an educational site just like others which helps students with book renting and questionnaires. On the other hand, Chegg can also be considered as the second-best choice to help with academics.

  • Guarantee of privacy
  • Before order, you can see free samples
  • Free inquiry
  • Money-back guarantee

Textsheet com alternative

If you haven’t been able to find the popular educational platform Textsheet online, well, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. If you are a college student, or a high school student, you’ll probably find yourself relatively familiar with this online learning tool. 

Is Textsheet Working Today?

Unfortunately, Textsheet is NO LONGER WORKING!

The Textsheet website was quickly brought down, and an ensuing case of Copyright infringement was slapped on the internet learning platform by Chegg.

Essentially what Textsheet would do is copy student answers from other paid sites like Chegg for free. 

The fact that it used Chegg’s API to locate answers and present them to students, made it highly resourceful and increasingly convenient for students. Most students using Textsheet were oblivious to the fact that this whole operation was underway behind the scenes. 

Best Textsheet Alternatives For Students

For students left out on the lurch, there is still a silver lining at the end of this sudden shutdown. 

Thanks to every growing reach of online education providers on the internet, there are multiple alternatives that students can turn to. 

This article will look at 10 best Textsheet alternatives that can be found online; what you should be looking out for in your search; and possible landmines that most paid learning platforms are prone to.

What happened to Textsheet?

Textsheet was a site that allowed users to get answers to homework problems through Chegg API just from links to Chegg and it was taken down for copyright infringement. … Textsheet was closed in 2019 due to DMCA notice filed by Chegg.

Is Textsheet safe? text sheet com

Due to DMCA copyright infringement asserted by Chegg has enforced text sheet to shut down its website from the internet. The shutdown of the text sheet has a significant impact on users of the text sheet. There are numerous educational websites are available on the internet

Is there a way to see Chegg answers for free?

Search Online For Your Question And Get The Chegg Solutions

This simplest way is direct web search, using Google, Bing,, or using any other search engine. … So, search online and find the people who are familiar with your questions or who have already answered your question.

What is Textsheet?

Text sheet was an online learning/educational platform that helped students get answers to pertinent questions posed in their course material. All students had to do to gain access to answers was to enter the URL for a particular course, or search their questions through the search option.

Do you have a school or college assignment due in 24 hours? Do you wish TextSheet was still around to help you complete it in a jiffy? Are you looking for a viable TextSheet alternative?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. I will walk you through the top 10 TextSheet alternative sites that will provide you homework solutions while taking a deep dive into the pros and cons of each site.

First, a bit about TextSheet. TextSheet was an open-source online site that provided answers to questions across subjects like English, Sciences, and advanced math. Millions of students across the world used it to complete their homework and assignments. 

The site was shut down in 2019 in response to a copyright violation complaint filed by Chegg. Apparently, TextSheet was using the Chegg database to answer the student’s questions.

 The good news is that there are plenty of good alternatives to TextSheet out there. Let’s take a deep dive. However, let’s start with what you should look for in a TextSheet alternative.

However, let’s start with what you should look for in a TextSheet alternative.

Essential Features of a TextSheet Alternative

Your choice of the TextSheet alternative will eventually come down to your needs and how much you’re willing to spend to get those needs met. However, some essential features like access to mobile apps, its resource library, and features like live tutorial access.

1. Mobile Ready

You want to choose a site that has a fully functional and integrated mobile app. After all, you need to be able to complete your assignments while on the go. Make sure that the app gives you access to all functions of the site.

Some sites offer apps that have limited functionalities and integration with other software like Word, Google Docs, and so on. It’s a good idea to down the app and check its features and functionalities before paying for a subscription.

2. Resource Library

Before you subscribe or register, check out the number of resources and solutions the site has on your subject of interest. Look for resources like solutions to questions in your school textbook and notes explaining topics in depth. 

Look for additional teaching resources like puzzles, quizzes, and sample papers to help prepare you for tests. The more varied the resources the better library. You will need to do some research here. 

3. Teaching or Solving

What is the focus of the website? Is it just geared towards proving solutions to textbook questions, or is it aimed at solving problems and teaching you to understand topics? For efficient learning, the latter is always preferred.

Also, look for tools that allow you to submit unique questions and get suitable answers. These are all nice to have extras to further your learning process.

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