What is the ZIP Code of London

What is the ZIP Code of London?

The Royal Mail does not use zip codes. They have a much more sophisticated system called Post Codes.

The code is a mixture of letters and numbers where the first one or two characters are letters and indicate the “post town” followed by one or two numbers indicating a subdivision of that post town delivery area (and in more rural areas that subdivision can be quite a long way from the post town).

Then you get a space and a number and two more letters. That section after space can be used to identify a group of houses (rarely more than 30) or even a department in a company.

It’s quite possible to address something using no more than the house number and postcode (I’ve tried it!).

The UK does not have “Zip codes”. It has “Postcodes”. These operate at a very local level, each postcode covering typically a few dozen private addresses or a handful of commercial ones.

The postcode is in three segments, the first being alphabetic signifying a town city or London area, the second a numeric sub-area, and the third segment a discrete alphanumeric local area signifier for the most granular level.

So, for example, completely at random,

E17 8EG refers to East London sub-area 17 local signifier 8EG for odd-numbered houses in Harris street.

NW1 3SX refers to North West London sub-area 1 local signifier for a number of Flats in Richmond House Park Village East.

You can search addresses and related postcodes in the Royal Mail Postcode Finder on the internet.

A postcode used in a SatNav typically takes you within 50 yards of your intended destination in urban areas.

What is the ZIP Code of London?

Zipcodes are an American postal system. The UK uses postcodes. A postcode typically refers to about 15 properties.

London has many postcodes but they typically fall into E (East), EC (East Central), W (West), WC (West Central), N (North), NW (North West), SE (South East), SW (South West).

In addition to these postcodes, Greater London contains other postcodes that were originally part of the home counties prior to the expansion of London.

Friends, the postcodes for Downing Street is SW1A 2AA.

The postcode for Buckingham Palace is SW1A 1AA. The postcode for the Tower of London is EC3N 4AB.

What is the ZIP Code of London
What is the ZIP Code of London

No such thing as a London wide code.

London has the following postal regions which are further divided into local postcodes.

  1. S – South
  2. Ñ – North
  3. E – East
  4. W – West
  • WC – West Central for inner London.
  • EC – East Central for inner London but pretty much the old City of London
  • NW – Northwest London
  • SW – South West includes some inner west London but mainly south west London
  • SE – South East.

In addition, due to the massive area of Greater London, some of it is covered by postcodes for areas that were always outside the London postal districts so, EN, UB, RM, and a few others I’ve forgotten.

There is even a tiny bit of a London postcode in the E4 area, I believe, that is outside the M25, the London Orbital Motorway, which many views as a de facto London boundary

If you care to look/search there are plenty of questions and answers, here on the internet, about London postcodes their history and stuff like that.


There are no zip codes in London. There are around 2 million addresses. A single postcode consists of around 30 addresses in close proximity. Like a 100 yard stretch of a road. Or even just a single house.

If postcode starts with, and there is a number at the place of *

then it’s London

For example, the postcode for 10 Downing Street is SW1A 2AA

The Buckingham palace is SW1A 1AA

London doesn’t have zip codes … exactly. We have postal codes and each one is different depending on where you live, north, southeast or west. And sometimes even how far down a street you live.

The good thing about it is that you can give someone a house number and the street code and end up at their door with no more information than that.

Codes are made up of 2 letters and either 1 or 2 letters space and then a number followed by 2 letters: example: NW6 5BQ… I have no idea if that exists.. but NW6 does (Northwest London)

Then you have towns, Camden, Ealing, Islington, Greenwich, etc. It’s easier when you’re used to it, a nightmare if you’re trying to figure it out! I hope that helps!

ZIP Code Wall Map of New London

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